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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#QPR Report Snippets: Five Year Flashback: Amit Bhatia Open Letter...Refs for #Burnley and #Wigan Games...Mark Falco Birthday (53)


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- Refs for Burnley and Millwall Games

Ref for Saturday's Burnley vs QPR Game is SIMON HOOPER

Ref for the following Wednesday game Wigan Vs QPR (Oct 30) is


- Birthday for Mark Falco (53) Falco scoring Against Chelsea 

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Posted on: Wed 22 Oct 2008

Dear Supporters,

In recent days and weeks, I have had the chance to interact and speak with many of you - at home, in and around our stadium and also at our away fixtures.

Many of you have expressed excitement at the current and future prospects of the Club. Many of you feel the Club is on the right, forward moving track. Many of you have greeted us warmly and welcomed us into the QPR family. Firstly, allow me to thank you for all your support.

In much of the conversations we have had, and encouragement that you have given me, some of you have also expressed your unhappiness at the increase in ticket prices for category A matches. It is something that we have listened to intently as a Board and as shareholders - we have discussed this issue seriously and considered it deeply.

We live in tough economic times and many of you don't need the added burden of higher ticket prices at select fixtures. Your despair was warranted and justified. So, please be assured that with immediate effect and until the end of the season, we will have NO category A or B fixtures and tickets for all home fixtures at Loftus Road will be category C.

We appreciate that when you did express yourselves, the protests were done silently and peacefully, through letters and conversations. Point made and point taken!

Let's now get back to what's truly important and dedicate our energies to supporting the team on a matchday. Starting with the visit of Birmingham City to W12 on Tuesday night, let's sing loud and proud and be the formidable 12th man that we all know can make such a difference, especially at Loftus Road.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and thanks for the kind words and support that many of you have given us.

We stand corrected on the ticket price increases.

Come on you R's - onwards and upwards....

Yours sincerely,

Amit Bhatia

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