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Monday, October 14, 2013

#QPR Snippets: Chris Wright's Memoirs...Carlisle & Rehman Birthdays...John Kerry Praises Tony Fernandes...Pellicori Exits: 2 YrsFlashback

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- Shoutout for QPR's Chairman Tony Fernandes from US Secretary of State, John Kerry

- Birthdays Today: Clarke Carlisle and Zesh Rehman

- Two Years ago today: Alessandro Pellicori Released by QPR


- 10 Years ago Today: QPR Played (and Beat) Kidderminster Harriers

- Who was at QPR 13 Years ago: Youth and Staff

- Marking Five Years of QPR Report Messageboard

- Ex-QPR Martin Allen Axed


From The Publishers/Amazon - Chris Wright - One Way or Another: My Life in Music, Sport & Entertainment Hardcover – October 14, 2013

One Way Or Another is multi-millionaire rock, media and sport mogul Chris Wright's explosive autobiography. In it, Wright lifts the veil on the wheeling and dealing that propelled his company Chrysalis to the forefront of the pop industry - and how the fortune he made from rock enabled him to buy Queens Park Rangers FC, Wasps Rugby Club and a fistful of radio stations and TV production companies. Chris Wright signed bands like Jethro Tull and Ten Years After who were at the forefront of the British rock invasion of America that took place in the late sixties and early seventies, then went on to embrace punk with Blondie and Billy Idol, New Romantics with Ultravox and Spandau Ballet, 2-Tone stars The Specials and many more.

In a life story that reads like a Who's Who of the rock business, Wright spares no blushes in telling tales of sex, drugs and financial blowouts that made some rich and left others by the wayside. Ever the entrepreneur, Wright remained at the heart of the unfolding story that has become the contemporary entertainment industry, subsequently taking the Chrysalis brand into TV and radio. But his story goes beyond success in media and entertainment. In later years, Wright went on to own premiership football club Queens Park Rangers and rugby giants Wasps. Interwoven with a personal narrative that has all the twists and turns of a best-selling novel, One Way Or Another is a remarkable, truly gripping story of life at the top. Amazon

- Flashback: Chris Wright and QPR

- Two Years ago, QPRNet had a fascinating INterview with the former QPR Chairman

QPR Official Site - March 2001


In response to todays press speculation the board of Loftus Road makes the following statement:

"It is true that we are in very early stage discussions with Wimbledon Football Club about a possible merger. It is not helpful that the news has leaked as we were intent on exploring the opportunity in a sensible and controlled manner which included sending a letter to all season ticket holders, club members, and shareholders asking them of their opinion and whether the proposal is worth pursuing. Should these discussions continue the questionnaires will be distributed in the near future and we welcome honest and constructive feedback. The talks with Wimbledon will only continue if there is general approval from our supporter base.

Our initial view is that in the current financial environment for football outside the Premier League the idea could have merit and maybe worth exploring further but we must emphasise it is still very early days and no firm agreement whatsoever has been reached. Any merger will clearly be subject to the approval of the Football League, however the nature of the talks have included the possibility of the new Club playing in Division One at Loftus Rd, with the name and colours reflecting elements of both Clubs.

At this time there is little more that can be said until the views of our supporters have been canvassed and a decision is made as to whether to take discussions further or not"

QPR Official Site - April 2, 2001


The Board of Loftus Road PLC regrets to inform shareholders and supporters that after consultation with its advisors it has decided that the best course of action to help ensure the Group's longer term survival, is to put the holding company, Loftus Road PLC, and its wholly owned subsidiary The Queens Park Rangers Football and Athletic Club Ltd (QPR), into administration.

This decision has not been taken lightly and is a direct result of the losses incurred by the Group, currently running at £570,000 per month, over a sustained period of time.

The main objective of the Board is not only to ensure the continued operation of QPR and Wasps as professional sports teams in the short term, but to maximise their opportunity for a more prosperous future.

Chris Wright will be honouring his prior commitment to the Group and providing whatever financial support is necessary to ensure the continued running of the Clubs until a long term successor can be found or, initially, until at least the end of October 2001.

Chris Wright said :"It is a very sad day for everyone involved in Loftus Road. The last six months have been a real struggle financially and although my intention was to secure a sale to the right buyer before having to take this decision, it has not been forthcoming. I will continue to fund the day to day running of the Group until the end of the season and help to find a purchaser for QPR and Wasps.

Hopefully the day to day impact on the operation of QPR and Wasps as professional sports teams will be negligible, at least in the short term, and will in fact make the longer term more viable. My support for both Clubs remains undiminished and my greatest wish would be for the right individual with ready funds, energy and ideas to step in and secure their future as soon as possible."

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