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Sunday, October 20, 2013

#QPR Sunday Snippets...On This Day: Wegerle Wonder Goal...Bowles Destroys Wolves at Molineux...Home Loss to Northampton

- From Bushman's QPRArchives for 1901

 QPR History in Photos: From the 1880s to the 21st Century - The Bushman QPR Photo Archives_


Too depressing to post Millwall Match Report!

- Photos from Millwall vs QPR

VIDEO: 40 Years ago Today: QPR win at Molineux....

23 Years ago: Roy Wegerle Wonder Goal 

- More re QPR at Leeds and Steyskl Debut....Six Years ago: QPR Hit Championship Bottom

- 12 Years Ago: First Home Defeat of the Season - Versus Northampton!
QPR: Day, Perry, Rose, Palmer, Warren, Burgess, Bignot, Bonnot, Bruce, Thomson, Griffiths.
Subs: Bull, Connolly, McEwen, Paquette, Dodou.

- Ex-QPR Chairman Gianni Paladini's Efforts to Buy Birmingham Thread


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