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Monday, December 11, 2006

Note to Club Update Website to Reflect When Players are Out on Loan

QPR have a (sizable)first team squad. The members of that first team squad have squad numbers. Four members of that first team squad (at least as far as is known) are out on loan. One of those players out on loan is #35 Jonathan Munday. Munday has been out on loan at non-league Hendon for the last month, playing in their last four game. But you wouldn't know he's been out on loan by looking at the QPR Official Site. Because not one word on the site. And he he's still listed as being at QPR #35.

This failure to reflect Munday's status is absolutely not a consequential matter (except perhaps of course to the player and his family). But at the same time it is not something that has just slipped by anyone's attention: The fact that Munday was noted last week on several messageboards. It was noted on this blog last week. The club's website has yet to make this minor change to reflect the status of that player (let alone make any announcement). Just another item.

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