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Thursday, December 14, 2006

QPR's Year - March 2006

MARCH 2006

March saw QPR play five games, drawing four and losing one. There were various news stories about whether Waddock would be getting the job permanently. Ian Holloway's perspective about what had happened was quoted in the press. QPR's AGM was held with Dunga returning for that.

In March, QPR played five games: drawing 4 and losing 1: QPR 0 Wolves 0 WOLVES REPORT...Sheffield Wednesday 1 QPR 1 WEDNESDAY REPORT QPR 1 Brighton 1...BRIGHTON REPORT Cardiff 0 QPR 0..>CARDIFF REPORT and QPR 1 Stoke 2...STOKE REPORT

In March, QPR were fined by the FA - OFFICIAL SITE "FA FINE"

At a disciplinary commission hearing today, QPR were fined £5,000 and warned as to their future conduct.
The club admitted a charge of failing to ensure that their players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion.
The charge related to an incident during QPR's match against Stoke City on 3 December 2005 after Simon Royce was attacked by a fan in his goalmouth. Fine

Tommy Doherty went on loan to Yeovil.


Gianni Paladini has issued the following statement following recent inaccurate reporting.
Once again this club has been subjected to a barrage of pitifully inaccurate reporting in the London Evening Standard - and once again I am left with no option but to set the record straight in order that you, our true supporters, know exactly how QPR's finances stand.
The article in last Friday's edition should be seen in the light of the previous negative and misleading articles by the same author for which they had to print an apology and pay our solicitor's costs.
The total value of the debt in the 2005 accounts (ie the sum of the current liabilities and the long term liabilities) is £18m.The total value of the same debt in the 2004 accounts was £18m.In other words no change, but this is definitely not the impression conveyed by the headline.
As most fans know the biggest item in the total debt is the £10m loan from the ABC Corporation which was entered into in 2002 several years before the current regime took over.
Current liabilities fell in 2005 as the debts to the Customs & Revenue were reduced and short-term loans to shareholders were repaid.
You should also be aware that £2.8m of the total "debts" is for income for the 2005/06 season that was banked before the 31st May 2005 and, in accordance with standard accounting practice, is included in current liabilities as deferred income.The bulk of this deferred income is for season ticket receipts, which is being released in the 2005/06 financial year.
This means that the high value of the early bird season ticket sales for both the 2004 and 2005 seasons have increased the "debt" at the club's financial year end.So rather perversely the increase in deferred income is a positive sign and not an indication of "misery" as heralded by the Evening Standard.
The Standard did state that losses for the year were £2.5m but neglected to mention that was an improvement of £1.8m on the two previous years.This improvement was all the more impressive as it was achieved despite losing the revenue from Fulham ground sharing deal. Running costs have been reduced and supply contracts have been renegotiated.
I know these figures are wrong because I am so intimately involved in both the day-to-day running of the club, and its financial strategy and support. Along with my trusted friend and chairman of QPR Holdings, Antonio Caliendo, we have dug into our own pockets to pay off the debts we inherited when we took over - debts that, quite frankly, would have forced the club into liquidation if they had not been paid.
I need to say a few more words about Antonio at this point because the Standard has also intimated there is something dark and mysterious about his presence at the club. Antonio is chairman of our holding company, and I am chairman of the football club.
There is nothing murky or sinister about this two-man structure - it's exactly the same format that existed before we took over. We have no hidden agendas - if we did, we wouldn't have stuck around for so long, working so hard to get QPR's finances back on the straight and narrow.
The accounts for 2005 show a vast improvement on the previous years' results and the current projections for 2006 show that there will be another sizeable reduction in the clubs' net losses.However the Evening Standard states that the projected losses for the current season "could be as much as £4m" and will not be revealed until March 2007.
As the club has had no contact with the writer of this article we are left to ponder as to the both the source of his inaccurate statements and the motives behind them.
The club is currently working on its projections for next season and the board of directors are looking for further revenue opportunities and further cost savings as the club works towards a break-even situation.A more detailed update will be given to shareholders at the forthcoming AGM and a summary will then published on the QPR website. QPR

QPR would like to confirm that all issues relating to winding up petitions heard at court today had been resolved in advance of the hearing.
Despite the prior resolution of these matters, a QPR representative had to appear in court to finalise the paperwork. QPR

Vice captain Dan Shittu has issued the following statement in the wake of Wednesday night's 2-1 defeat to Stoke City.
Shittu was skipper on the night and approached the Press Office on behalf of the players and asked to issue the following few words:
"As a collective group, we - the players - must take full responsibility for last night's 2-1 defeat to Stoke.
"In no way whatsoever should any blame be attached to Gary Waddock and his coaching staff, who, since taking over from Ian Holloway, have given the whole place a huge lift.
"We let the entire coaching staff, the fans and ultimately ourselves down last night, and we can only apologise for such a poor display.
"In general, we feel we've underachieved in recent weeks and should definitely have recorded much better results. However, that is entirely down to the players' performances and not Gary Waddock and his staff.
"It's been a pleasure for us all to work with the new-look coaching team in recent weeks and we would all be delighted if they were given the role on a full-time basis once the situation regarding Ian Holloway is sorted out.
"It's a privilege to play for Wads and Macca and, as a squad, we're thoroughly enjoying the new style of football they've introduced and everything that comes with it.
"I can promise you - the fans - that we will be doing everything we can between now and Saturday afternoon to ensure the wrongs of Wednesday's performance are put to right against Crewe Alexandra this weekend.
"Your support will again be valued and we are determined to get three points and end the season on a high.'' QPR

QPR would like to confirm that the situation surrounding the manager's role at the club is completely unchanged.
Gianni Paladini has stated that he is very happy with how things are progressing under the stewardship of caretaker manager Gary Waddock, but he will not be sitting down to discuss the future with him until the situation surrounding Ian Holloway has been resolved.
Gary Waddock remains as caretaker manager with Ian Holloway on gardening leave.
When this situation changes, or when any news occurs that is official and more importantly factual, it will be announced here first.
In a week where Loftus Road is hosting two games, the focus is on preparing for the fixtures both on and off the pitch and we would ask that fans understand that the priorities are the usual day to day running of the club.
QPR understands that the supporters want to be kept up to date with any breaking news, but it is simply impossible to issue a denial to every incorrect news story that surfaces.
Gary Waddock will be speaking to QPR World later today on his role and informing fans that absolutely nothing has changed.

GARY WADDOCK has accepted a two-year deal to become QPR's permanent manager.
The Rangers caretaker boss has proved a hit since taking over from Ian Holloway last month. He has led the side to two wins in three games, including a stunning 3-2 victory at Sheffield United last week.
QPR will announce the appointment as soon as they have agreed a settlement with Holloway, who earns a basic salary of £180,000-a-year.
But Waddock's appointment will prompt accusations that he has been brought in on the cheap.
Rangers revealed losses of £2.5m up to the end of last season, meaning they are now more than £18m in debt.
Waddock, 42, came through the ranks as a player at Loftus Road and played in the 1982 FA Cup final. Injury looked to have finished his career in 1987 but he made a comeback with Millwall two years later, and almost made Republic of Ireland's 1990 World Cup squad. Mirror

"....Waddock was also keen to set the record straight with regards to some incorrect reporting that he has agreed a two year deal as the club's new manager.
"I was as surprised to find that out in the newspapers as anyone! I'm still here on a game to game basis. I wouldn't turn the job down if it came my way of course, but nothing has even been spoken about yet." http://www.qpr.premiumtv.co.uk/page/Match/ManagersComments/0,,10373~797779,00.html

BBC - McDonald stays alongside QPR boss
Alan McDonald is staying on as Gary Waddock's right-hand man at QPR.
McDonald, who spent 17 years as a player at Loftus Road, returned when Waddock was placed in charge after Ian Holloway was put on 'gardening leave.'
The former centre-back recently sold his Wiltshire home to move back to Northern Ireland and initially agreed to help Waddock on a short-term basis.
But McDonald will stay until at least the end of the season, when the futures of both men are likely to be resolved.
Waddock said: "It's good news. I'd like the job full-time and I definitely want to have him alongside me.
"Originally he agreed to help out until March, but we sat down and talked about it and he'll be staying longer."
The Rangers board want to install Waddock on a permanent basis but must first agree a pay-off with Holloway, who was axed after poor results and a series of behind-the-scenes problems.
"If I'm offered the job I certainly won't turn it down," Waddock admitted.
"But what happens in the longer term depends on the situation with Ian Holloway. He is still the manager of this football club.
"Until that changes, I'm working on a game-to-game basis and I'm pleased with the way things are going."
BBC Claim - Waddock Named as New QPR Manager
QPR chairman Gianni Paladini has appointed caretaker boss Gary Waddock as manager on a permanent basis, according to reports. ...
"Gary has got the job and he will be in charge next season," said Paladini. "That was always the intention..."http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/teams/q/qpr/4863544.stm

BBC - Waddock 'has not got QPR job yet'
Queens Park Rangers have denied reports that Garry Waddock has been appointed as manager on a full-time basis.
A club spokesperson told BBC London that Ian Holloway remains on gardening leave but is still the manager.
Waddock will continue as caretaker boss until Holloway's situation is resolved, the Rangers spokesperson added.
Chairman Gianni Paladini was quoted in the Daily Express as saying "Gary has got the job" but QPR now say he merely "looks forward" to holding talks

Winning run can clinch it for Waddock
Ben Kosky/Kilburn Times - 08 March 2006

KEVIN Gallen has urged his QPR team-mates to end the season on a high - and clinch the manager's job for Gary Waddock.Gallen, who has just returned to the Rangers side after a three-month injury lay-off, is convinced that a good run of form in the last 10 games will see Waddock confirmed as Ian Holloway's replacement.
And the QPR captain hopes his former team-mate Alan McDonald - who is currently assisting Waddock with coaching duties - can be persuaded to stay at Loftus Road on a permanent basis.
Realistically, the Rs will not be involved in either the play-off picture or the relegation issue this year and Gallen observed: "The play-offs would be nice, but I think that's too far away."But hopefully we can play some good football, get results and get Waddo the job. I think it's pretty likely that'll happen if we finish the season well."We're behind Waddo and I'm delighted he got his chance because he's a QPR man and I hope it goes really well for him."Hopefully then Macca will stay and he can buy some new clothes - he's still wearing the same ones he had when he was a player, so he could do with a few win bonuses!"
Gallen made his comeback with an hour's run-out in Saturday's 0-0 draw at home to Wolves, his first taste of competitive action since picking up a hamstring injury against Hull in late November.A nerve problem then developed in the striker's lower back and left him frustrated by his inability to help influence the team's fortunes during a difficult period."
Saturdays were bad enough, but what really got to me was every day, watching the lads train while I was sitting on my bike in the gym," Gallen recalled."The more time you're out, the harder it is to regain your fitness, so I was delighted to put on the kit and get back into the old routine."I couldn't have spent another Saturday shopping with the missus - she said, 'any chance of you getting fit and going back to playing football?'
"Of course I'm disappointed that I didn't get the chance to play those last games for Ian Holloway. Maybe I could have made a difference, who knows?"Ollie was good to me - he brought me back to the club and got me playing well again. But people come and go and it's a case of 'the king is dead, long live the king'. Kilburn Times

BBC Gossip/Daily Mirror - QPR Leaving Loftus Road?...And Caliendo Expects QPR in Premiership in 2007/2008
BBC Gossip "QPR are planning to leave Loftus Road and move to a new stadium
half-a-mile down the road, opposite the BBC at White City. (Daily Mirror)

QPR are secretly plotting to desert Loftus Road and move to a new stadium half-a-mile down the road.
QPR director Antonio Caliendo has revealed the club has targeted a site opposite the BBC headquarters at nearby White City which would be part of one of the biggest shopping and leisure developments in Europe.
Italian-born Caliendo, the former agent of ex-World Cup superstar Roberto Baggio, has now set a two-year target for manager Gary Waddock to get the club back into the Premiership.
Caliendo, 61, said: "It would be good one day to play in the Premier League in our new home despite the fact we love playing in Loftus Road.
"We are here to achieve that. I believe that in 2007-2008 QPR will play again in the Premier League, which is what our fantastic fans deserve."


HOLLOWAY SPEAKS - Holloway Speaks (His SkySports comments as reported by TeamTalk)

Former QPR manager Ian Holloway has spoken for the first time of his life on 'gardening leave'. Holloway was removed from his position as QPR boss last month after speculation over the possibility of him taking over at Championship rivals Leicester. His contract still has over two years to run.
He told Sky Sports: "If I'd have known this was going to happen I'd have bought a bigger garden." You get mixed emotions. I've been doing it for 10 years now and all of sudden nothing. I'm not allowed to go in, talk to players or anything. Just cheerio. But I don't want to cause any trouble with them. I'm delighted for the club and what has happened over the past five years."So it feels like a mini bereavement. Football management's like being bitten by a vampire - it's in your blood. You just want to manage."I'm waiting at home, watching the phone... And watching... And watching. 'Is that the phone ringing?' No, I've imagined it... Again." TEAMTALK

Holloway Talks About His (Non) Job, his Past & His Future
Bristol Evening Post on Holloway

Ian Holloway has been involved in football all his life. From the moment he first kicked a ball with his late father Bill, the Bristolian was absorbed by the game. Signed by Bristol Rovers in his teens, Holloway embarked on a professional career that also took in spells with Wimbledon, Brentford and, most notably, in the Premiership with QPR.In 1996 he moved into management with the Pirates before succeeding Gerry Francis at Rangers.Holloway has always been fiercely committed to the sport and the club he represents.Yet now, for the first time in almost 30 years, the 43-year-old has been frozen out of the game he loves - and it hurts.
Holloway was relieved of his duties as QPR manager last month, told to stay away from the club and placed on 'gardening leave.'Holloway has taken the advice literally and spent the last few weeks doing gardening and DIY at his house in St Albans - but he admits it hurts."Frustrating isn't the word, it's like part of you is missing," said Holloway. "It's a bereavement, me without football."
But I've had some time to reflect, had some time to get back to what's important."Sometimes you can get the balance wrong between what is really vital, which is your family, your wife and your kids."What I have learnt is that no matter how hard you try, football is not what you think it is."I'm not even allowed to go there (QPR) any more. I'm not allowed to ring any of my players."When I get into a relationship, I am committed, that's it. And unfortunately, the way I earn my money, it kicks you every now and again."
This is the second time it's happened and I'm looking forward to the start of the third venture, whatever that is."I'll always give it 100 per cent and if that isn't good enough, then I won't apologise. I'll just pick up my bags and start again somewhere else. That's all you can do."
The first time Holloway was forced to relinquish a management role came in January 2001, when he was sacked as Rovers boss.Having taken the Pirates to the brink of promotion to what is now the Championship in the 1999-2000 season, the fiery boss saw star strikers Jason Roberts and Jamie Cureton sold during the close season.Inevitably the side struggled the following season, ultimately being relegated to the Football League's basement division.It was a tough time for Holloway, who, despite linking up with Rangers soon after, took a while to get over the disappointing end to his Rovers love affair."I've been away from Bristol for a long time now and there were things that happened at the end (in 2001) that were in danger of souring my whole experience," he said."
I'm Bristol born and bred and I've always been proud of that."All I ever did was wear my heart on my sleeve and if that offended some people then I apologise."I probably learnt over the years and I was out of order sometimes when I first started."Some of the things at the end hurt, like some of the Gasheads singing 'You don't know what you're doing' - how they were that astute and knew, I don't know!"Holloway makes a rare return to his home city tomorrow when he links up with rugby celebrity Gareth Chilcott for a Sporting Dinner at Jury's Hotel.The show was sold out weeks ago, highlighting how popular 'Olly' remains throughout Bristol."I'm looking forward to coming back," he said. "
You never forget your roots."At the moment the show is a breath of fresh air for me because my situation is not very nice."It's part of my occupation but to come back to Bristol and see some friendly faces will be great."Hopefully the night will be different. I've seen a lot of after dinner speaking where there's not enough inter-action. We want people to join in, which is vital."With his obvious Rovers loyalties, Holloway is bracing himself for the presence of City fans at tomorrow's show.But he also realises how important the inter-city rivalry is."All I've learnt since I've been outside of Bristol is how much it means to me," added Holloway."The sporting rivalry between Rovers and City is so important. The clubs need each other, that healthy competition is essential."Maybe it's not healthy enough. I'm blue, I always have been, but without the reds, I wouldn't be the same. That's what it's all about."Holloway's enforced absence from football over recent weeks has also led to a period of self-examination."I'm 43 now and I'm learning all the time," said Holloway."
You adapt and change through life and I'm looking forward to whatever happens next."It's a new chapter in my life for me. My daughters are growing up and my son's passed his driving test."If you'd have told me that my little 'un is now driving a car, it's scary and I wouldn't have believed it."My whole life is changing. My daughters are going to go to college in Exeter, my boy is driving now and we've only got one child to get through school."I've been at it solidly for 10 years, thrown in the deep end at Rovers, and at times I needed armbands because it's not easy being a football manager, particularly without all your badges and your education."I'm having to catch up on that and I'm enjoying it as well."I've got a plan of action, as far as I can, because my future is in someone else's hands. But watch this space."Watch this space we most certainly will, because with Ian Holloway there is never a dull moment.Big personalities:Happier times:Kicking his heels:


BBC - Dunga will face QPR shareholders
Carlos Dunga will face shareholders at Queens Park Rangers' Annual General Meeting on Friday.The former Brazil captain became a QPR director in 2004 as part of a Monaco-based group that later staged a boardroom coup at Loftus Road. Dunga did not attend board meetings prior to using his vote to help Gianni Paladini oust Bill Power as chairman. "I take my role as a director of QPR seriously and look forward to appearing in front of shareholders," said Dunga. "Myself and the other directors have put money into the club to help it survive and will continue to do so."
Paladini has faced scepticism from some fans since Power and chief executive Mark Devlin were removed following a series of boardroom disagreements. Rangers are heavily in debt and several behind-the-scenes changes have been made since Paladini took control along with Antonio Caliendo. Both men are former agents.
Italian businessman Franco Zanotti has also bought a major stake and Paladini has defended their running of the club.
Paladini said: "Can anyone say QPR aren't in a better position than when I came in two years ago? "The losses are reduced and we are in a position to move forward. Everything is settled and we just want to get on with running the club. "This board have invested over £8m. Yes, some of that has been used to buy shares, but that is how much has been paid and that shows commitment." BBC


AGM Report -QPR's AGM Held - Detailed Report by QPR1st's Tracy Stent - From QPR1st QPR Holdings Ltd -AGM Report
"March 19, 2006
Tracy Stent represented the interests of the Supporters Trust at the Annual General Meeting of QPR Holdings Ltd.
It was a fairly lively affair and Tracy has produced a report of the meeting which can be viewed/downloaded via the link below. The document is in MS Word format.After the AGM, QPR 1st received details of the loan agreement between Ross Jones and QPR holdings plc (from 2004) mentioned in the report,which he has given us permission to reproduce. ... Read AGM Report HERE - AGM

[Also brief AGM report in the Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror 18 March 2006 RANGERS 'STAY PUT' By Aidan Magee
QPR chairman Gianni Paladini has assured supporters the club will stay at Loftus Road. Paladini (pictured below), thought to have been considering a switch to a site at White City, made the pledge as he and Brazil World Cup legend Carlos Dunga - a club director - faced angry fans at QPR's annual meeting.
They were upset by price-hikes, boss Ian Holloway's sacking, debts of £18m and director Antonio Caliendo's suggestion of a move from Shepherds Bush.
But Paladini said: "Antonio Caliendo doesn't speak English. If you asked him what he thought White City was, he would reply: 'Que?' We won't be moving and that's final."

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