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Thursday, December 21, 2006

QPR's Year in Review - August 2006


Return from Italy...Training Ground Closure assertion by some fans vigorously denied.
The Season begins...And QPR were rated by various football prognosticators as being one of the favourites for relegation. Shittu looked set for WBA before joining Watford on the eve of the new season. Blackstock from Southampton and Rehman from Fulham joined QPR. Ian Evatt joined Blackpool on a six months loan. And the new season begins at Burnley. Ex-QPR Garry Penrice set to link up with Ian Holloway at Plymouth. And ex-Chairman Bill Power now involved at Swindon says no QPR return. Then Bill Power and Ex-QPR CEO, Mark Devlin, along with Devlin's son and the pilot were involved in a small plane crash. They survived albeit with serious injuries
QPR appoint Graham Mackrell as Chief Operating Officer. Stefan Moore joined Port Vale on a months loan. Nick Ward in the Australia squad. Report that the Chairman has to wear a bullet-proof vest.

QPR opened at Burnley - Losing 0-2 - REPORT
Team: QPR: P Jones, Bignot, Stewart, Rose, Milanese, Ainsworth, Rowlands, Lomas, Ward, Cook, Czerkas. - Subs: Cole, Kanyuka, Donnelly, Bircham, R Jones.
Home Game versus Leeds United - Draw 2-2 - REPORT QPR's team vs Leeds
QPR Paul Jones, Bignot (Baidoo 77), Rose, Stewart, Milanese,Ainsworth, Rowlands (Bircham 87), Lomas, Ward, Cook,Czerkas (Ray Jones 55).
Subs Not Used: Cole, Kanyuka.
QPR Win 2-0 versus Southend (first win since February) Rowlands and WardQPR QPR draw 1-1 at Preston - REPORT
In the Carling Cup, QPR beat Northampton 3-2 REPORT
Back in the League, QPR lose 3-1 at home to Ipswich - REPORT


QPR are delighted to announce the appointment of Graham Mackrell, as Chief Operating Officer.
A qualified accountant, Mackrell will offer assistance to the board, with the focus on improving the Club's off-the-field activities.
"I'm really looking forward to the challenge ahead,'' Mackrell told qpr.co.uk.
"QPR is a club with fantastic tradition and I'm excited about the prospect of working with the strong team we already have in place here.
"I'm here to add professionalism and my aim is to ensure the Club's off-the-field ambitions match those on it.''
Mackrell has worked in professional football for 25 years, including spells at Sheffield Wednesday, Luton Town, AFC Bournemouth and West Ham United.
He is also a Venue Director for UEFA.
Chairman Gianni Paladini is delighted to have Mackrell on board, commenting: "Graham will raise our profile within football thanks to his extensive work with UEFA and the League Managers Association.
"He is extremely well-known and respected within the game and also benefits from being a qualified accountant.
"I would like to wish Graham all the best and welcome him to QPR.'' QPR

QPR OFFICIAL SITE - QPR Chairman, Paladini Denies "Locked Out of Training Ground" Rumours-
July 31, there were assertions on QPR Fan Messageboards that players had been locked out of the club's (rented) Harlington training ground. There was a brief 'snippet' re this rumour in the July 31 Evening Standard.

Mirror August 1, 2006 - RANGERS RENT ROW MYSTERY
Paladini last night denied his players had been locked out of the training ground because the troubled Championship club had not paid the rent.
Several QPR players claimed they were turned away from their Harlington training HQ when the gates were locked in the latest apparent financial setback.
Rangers may be entrenched in debt, but Paladini stressed the rent was paid to Imperial College on July 18.
And he also insisted star defender Danny Shittu would not be sold before Saturday's kick-off - despite Wolves' £3million offer.
Paladini said: "We can prove the rent was paid and our manager Gary Waddock was there yesterday and allowed in.
"The players were simply given a day off and that is why they were not at the training ground yesterday.
"It's been a very difficult time for the club - the worst I can ever remember.
"As for Danny Shittu, we have had two offers but we are determined not to sell him. If we could not pay our rent then we would have sold him to Wolves a long time ago.
"There are about three or four clubs interested in signing him and we've had contact from Birmingham, West Brom and Norwich.
"If I can get a bid for £10m then we will listen, but if we don't get that sort of money then he'll start the season with us." Mirror

Having just returned from the R's pre-season tour of Italy, QPR Chairman Gianni Paladini can't wait for the big kick-off.
"The trip to Sorrento was a great success, providing the players and coaching staff with an opportunity for some intense training and team bonding.
"Despite the players staying in one of the town's grandest hotels, and having been fitted with brand new QPR tailor-made suits for every player, the trip paid for itself and the Club even managed to make a tiny profit from it.
"Gary, Macca and the coaching staff are now ready for the new season. I believe we have a much improved squad, with summer signings including Armel Tchakounte, Jamaican international defender Damion Stewart, Egutu Oliseh, Adam Czerkas and the much talked about Nicky Ward, and the important re-signing of Lee Cook for two more years.
"Many of last season's first team have improved over pre-season and it has been particularly pleasing to see Martin Rowlands back to full fitness. A number of the youth squad have made tremendous steps forward during pre-season and will be fighting for places in Gary's first team.
"It is frustrating that, despite all the hard work everyone has been doing during pre-season, a tiny minority of people seem intent on damaging team morale and destroying the Club in the run up to our important first game.
"Not only have they once again invented wholly false rumours about the state of the Club, but unfortunately a couple of journalists with a record of writing stories against QPR, and with links to some of the individuals intent on destabilising the Club, have blown up these rumours and made up stories from nothing.
"Last week it was suggested in some of the press that we were putting QPR up for sale. Unfortunately the journalists responsible for this story failed to even check the official statement from Antonio Caliendo, Chairman of Holdings, on the Club's official website, making clear the Board's continued commitment to QPR.
"I have always said if someone with QPR's best interests at heart wants to come along and buy out the existing Board we would not stand in their way. Nothing has changed and nobody has come forward. We will continue to seek out new investors to take the Club even further forward, but as Antonio made clear last week, we are committed to QPR.
"The Club is in a better financial position than it has been in for a number of years. Things are still tough, but we have reduced the annual debt by millions and intend to reduce it further. Yet ridiculous rumours still seem to be invented by a few people for reasons beyond me.
"The latest is the absurd rumour suggested on a message board that the players were locked out of the Harlington training ground, when in fact Gary Waddock had just given them the day off as they had only recently arrived back from a busy schedule in Italy.
"The same newspaper that had to apologise for a series of inaccurate stories about me last season, the Evening Standard, then chose to repeat this wholly false rumour as fact without even checking with me, the coaching staff, or even Imperial College - the owners of the training ground.
"In an article by a journalist named Wayne Vesey, under the headline 'Locked-out Rangers are unable to train' the Standard claimed that the Club was locked out of the training ground on Monday. Such a clearly false statement damages the reputation of the Club, and the morale of the players and supporters. I have been advised it is libellous and our lawyers will be contacting the Standard immediately to demand a retraction.
"QPR fans will ask themselves why should people invent such rumours? The purpose can only be to destabilise the Club and to injure the morale of players and fans just days before the season kicks off. The Club will not allow another season to be derailed by these people.
"The Board, Gary Waddock and the coaching staff, and the players and other members of staff, are all united in our focus to move this great club forward and to achieve success this season on the pitch. We believe we have the squad and the resources to do so. We will not allow a tiny group of people, driven by an agenda that has nothing to do with football, to destroy this Club.
"I urge all fans to treat such rumour-mongers with the contempt and scepticism they deserve. They have been claiming we would go into administration every week for the past year, and they never admit they are wrong when we don't.
"They claimed we were locked out of the training ground before and even that the groundsmen would not cut the grass at the stadium. They predicted we would spend all the Club's money on agents' fees when we have spent less than nearly any other club in this division. They predicted we would sell off Loftus Road and all our best players because we could not afford their wages.
"Just yesterday they claimed we were locked out of the training ground because we could not afford the rent; but today, as scheduled, our players are training at the training ground. On each and every occasion their rumours have been proven false.
"As I believe you say in England, when someone cries wolf so many times, people stop listening. But every time the rumour-mongers are proven wrong they invent another rumour, so desperate to be proven right and for the Club to fail.
"For the last time I say to those who's criticism of the Board has developed into an agenda to undermine the Club, if you know of a better alternative to take QPR forward with the necessary funding to support it, then please let us know. Otherwise stop pursuing a divisive and destructive agenda. The Board, the players and staff and the thousands of fans of QPR will not allow a small selfish group to ruin the season for the rest of us.
"I know most QPR fans will be sensible enough to take every rumour and press speculation with a hefty pinch of salt. We seem to be in the 'silly season' right now - only today I saw an article in the Mirror claiming I had rejected an offer of £3million for Danny Shittu from Wolves and would only sell him for £10 million.
"The story is, of course, rubbish. As I have said all along, we don't want to sell Danny, but if someone comes in with an offer of £3million or above it will be up to him to decide. Nobody has made such an offer and so Danny will be starting the season with us.
"So as we prepare for the opening game at Burnley on Saturday, and then two exciting home games against Leeds United and newly promoted Southend United, I cannot wait for the football to start and for the players to do the talking on the pitch."And I urge every single QPR fan to get fully behind Gary and the boys and help them to turn this into a glorious season. Come on You R's!'' Gianni Paladini

CLUB STATEMENT Queens Park Rangers Football Club would like to issue the following statement to clear the air over yet more wildly inaccurate reporting in the press and on various message boards.QPR staff were admitted to the training ground on Monday. No players were refused admittance to the ground yesterday. This is because no players turned up as it had been decided to give them an extra day off after their pre-season tour to Italy. The players are back at the training ground today (Tuesday) working hard for the opening match of the season at Turf Moor on Saturday. We can confirm that there was no Portsmouth player on trial with the Club either yesterday or today. It should also be noted that the items printed in the press had not been checked with either QPR or Imperial College before being published.And remember... www.qpr.co.uk is the R's official website - where all the breaking news comes first and fastest. QPR

Sunday Mirror 6 August 2006 LIVING IN FEAR
Contract killer threat forces QPR chairman to wear a bullet-proof vest GIANNI PALADINI EXCLUSIVE Anthony Clavane

QPR chairman Gianni Paladini is living in fear after a contract was legedly put out on his life.
Following advice by the police, the controversial Rangers chief now has to wear a bullet-proof vest.
In an exclusive interview with Sunday Mirror Sport, Paladini hit out at fans opposed to his regime at Loftus Road, calling them the "enemy within".
Paladini said: "I find it incredible what's going on here. You have to fight against so many things. This must be the only club where the fans love to put s**t on their own club on the website."
Two weeks ago, a group of men were cleared of forcing Paladini to resign at gunpoint during a match against Sheffield United.
The Italian tycoon claimed he was surrounded by hired thugs, punched and slapped, and then warned he'd be killed if he refused to sign a letter of resignation.
But a judge threw out the case against the men. There is no suggestion that any of those men are involved in the alleged contract on Paladini.
Former agent Paladini invested £600,000 in the West London outfit in March 2004 and was initially employed as a consultant to bring in players.
Last year he ousted Bill Power as QPR chairman, removed chief executive Mark Devlin and claimed victory in a bitter struggle for control of the club.
But one of his strongest allies, former Brazil skipper Carlos Dunga, resigned from the board last week after his shock appointment as his country's new national coach.
Ever since Paladini became a director of the debt-ridden Championship club he has faced hostile criticism from a section of supporters.
The Italian tycoon was furious to discover an attempt to sabotage an interview with him on the QPR website after he returned from the R's pre-season tour of his home country.
He said: "I went mad. It's been cancelled now. They're trying to wind me up. I give up, I really do. I nearly got a heart attack when I saw it.
"They put the face of a fan up there, somebody is stirring things up.
"Sometimes I wonder why I got myself involved in this situation. Whatever you do, you can't win. Even if you win the league and get promoted, you'll still have people who criticise.
"I feel like a dartboard. People are always throwing darts at me.
"We have an enemy within. What kind of people do these things? How can you be a QPR fan when you put this s**t in?"
Paladini also suspected foul play when one newspaper reported last week that Rangers players were turned away from their training ground because the rent had not been paid.
He blasted: "This did not happen. I have a statement showing we paid Imperial College, who we rent the ground from, £32,250 on 18 July. How can they shut it for non-payment two weeks after paying the rent? It's insane.
"There were people from a QPR fan group outside the training ground at 7.20am, putting it out that the players had been locked out.
"But people were asleep at that time. The players didn't go in until 10am.
"They put out so much s**t, so much rubbish, that I just give up.
"Since I've come here there's been problem after problem after problem but now, thank God, it's all left behind. Now we will only concentrate on the football and take this club forward.
"With the players we've brought in and the new manager, Gary Waddock, we're looking forward to an exciting season.
"We've reduced the average age of the team and we've brought in players to give us stability for the next two or three years.
"It's been a very difficult time. But it's business as usual. I just carry on doing my job.
"In this game you need a lot of money. When I came here we were losing more than £500,000 a year but, by the end of next season, we should be out of debt.
"I'm lucky that the people with me they are prepared to put in money. This month, to pay the wages, they had to put in more money."
"When I came here we got promoted and we've been two years in the Championship. Look at clubs like Birmingham, who spend eight or nine million, or Wolves, Coventry, Leeds.
"They spend a fortune every year. They are on a very different level to us.
"Fortunately I've been involved in foot ball for the last 30 years and it's helped me a lot, because I1 can get certain players in." QPR

QPR Accept WBA's Bid for Danny Shittu (Now subject to Personal Terms/Medicall)
-So QPR accept WBA's offer. QPR Shout £3million ...WBA proclaim £1.5...Both agree there are possible future payments. Have to see what the criteria are. The last two "major" players I recall QPR selling within days of the start of a new season: Dave Thomas back in 1977/78 and Paul Goddard, back in 1980/81. Now it depends on a medical and personal terms.
The sale is not exactly a complete surprise although Paladini has been quoted as saying a number of things. July 27 -skysports reported "...Queens Park Rangers chairman Gianni Paladini has hinted that West Bromwich Albion are close to meeting his side's asking price for Danny Shittu.... "If we have to wait for the money in instalments, then that's fine, but I always said the fee would be £3 million.

QPR Official Site - Deal Agreed (to WBA)
QPR have reached agreement with fellow Championship outfit West Bromwich Albion for the £3million transfer of Dan Shittu.
The player is due to travel to The Hawthorns on Friday to undergo a medical and discuss personal terms.
The overall deal is worth £3million in total and the R's have negotiated a 10 per-cent sell on clause for any future transfer involving the player.

West Bromwich Albion Official Site
QPR accept £1.5m Shittu bid

ALBION have had a £1.5million offer accepted by QPR for central defender Dan Shittu.
The fee could rise to £3million if certain criteria are met.
Nigerian international Shittu will travel to the Black Country tomorrow (Friday) to discuss personal terms and undergo a medical.
Stay tuned http://www.wba.premiumtv.co.uk/page/News/NewsDetail/0,,10366~876737,00.html?ptvParm=

BBC - QPR accept Baggies bid for Shittu
Shittu has made more than 160 league appearances for QPR
QPR have accepted an initial offer of £1.5m from West Bromwich Albion for defender Danny Shittu.
The Baggies have struck a deal which could rise to £3m according to his performance and that of the club.
The 25-year-old is set to travel to the Hawthorns on Friday discuss personal terms and undergo a medical.
WBA boss Bryan Robson wants to bring in defensive cover for Neil Clement and Thomas Gaardsoe who will both miss the start of the season through injury.
QPR chairman Gianni Paladini had previously insisted his club would not accept less than £3m for defender Danny Shittu.
Watford had a bid for the giant centre-back rejected.
Shittu moved to Loftus Road from Charlton in 2002 in a £350,000 deal funded by QPR fans Matthew and Alex Winton.
He has since made 162 league appearances and is a firm favourite among supporters.

SKY - QPR accept Shittu bid
By Alex Dunn - Created on 3 Aug 2006

West Bromwich Albion have agreed a fee for Queens Park Rangers defender Danny Shittu.
After a period of negotiation between the Championship rivals an accord has been struck whereby West Brom will pay an initial fee of £1.5 million.
The fee could eventually rise to £3 million depending on various criteria that will be appearance and success related.
success related.
Shittu, an imposing central defender, has established himself as one of the more powerful performers outside of the top flight and is seen as an ideal signing by Baggies boss Bryan Robson.
West Brom defensive duo Neil Clement and Thomas Gaardsoe are currently struggling with injury and Robson has previously stated a desire to add more competition to his ranks.
Shittu will travel to the Midlands on Friday for a medical and to discuss personal terms. http://home.skysports.com/list.asp?hlid=407699&CPID=10&clid=35&lid=2&title=QPR+accept+Shittu+bid#

Dan Shittu has today signed for Watford after the Hornets made an improved offer for the Rangers defender.
The verbal agreement QPR had previously reached with West Bromwich Albion on Thursday was sidelined after Watford presented an offer which couldn't be ignored.
QPR will now see an improved sum up front as soon as Shittu makes the short journey to Hertfordshire, plus further potential earnings subject to various criteria being fulfilled.
The terms and conditions of further revenue generators, which incorporate appearances and future Watford success, were also an improvement on the initial offer that the Baggies had put on the table.
The lure of Premiership football and the fact Shittu would now no longer have to relocate was also too tempting for the defender to turn down.
Shittu's contract will see him stay at Vicarage Road for the next three seasons and he will be eligible to play in Tuesday night's game against Inter Milan.
Shittu signed for QPR in January 2001 from Charlton Athletic for an initial fee of £250,000, after spending two months on loan at Loftus Road.
Since his move to Loftus Road, Shittu made 172 appearances and netted 16 goals for the Superhoops.

WATFORD have today (Sunday) completed the signing of central defender Danny Shittu from Queens Park Rangers for an initial fee of £1.6m.

The 25-year-old completed formalities late last night, penning a deal that will see him stay at Vicarage Road for the next three seasons.

Shittu sat out the Hoops' seasonal opener at Burnley yesterday having previously made nearly 200 appearances for the Loftus Road outfit.

And a delighted Hornets' boss Aidy Boothroyd hailed the signing of Shittu as a major stepping-stone in his Premiership preparations.

"In Danny we're signing another player who fits the Watford way - hungry to learn, and eager to prove his worth at the very, very top level against the best.
"He is somebody that we have been chasing for some time and I'm pleased that he will now have the chance to fight for a place along with the other excellent centre-halves we have at the club."
Shittu will now link up with his new team mates and will be available for Tuesday night's high-profile friendly with Inter Milan.
The Hornets could pay up to a further £1.4m for the Nigerian international depending on appearances and further Watford successes.
Shittu was subject to a £1.5m bid earlier this week by Championship side West Bromwich Albion, but Watford subsequently had there slightly improved offer accepted by QPR Chairman Gianni Paladin

BBC - Watford bag Shittu from Rangers
"...Watford have signed QPR defender Danny Shittu for an initial fee of £1.6m.
The 25-year-old had looked to be heading for West Bromwich Albion after Rangers accepted a £1.5m offer. But the Hornets scuppered West Brom's plans, signing the Nigerian international on a three-year contract in a deal that could rise to £3m.
"We're signing another player who fits the Watford way, hungry to learn and to prove his worth at the very top level," said Watford boss Aidy Boothroyd..."

Skysport - Shittu reveals Prem motivation - By Tom Adams - Created on 7 Aug 2006
Watford new-boy Danny Shittu says he had to leave QPR in order to pursue a career in The Premiership.
The stopper snubbed strong interest from West Brom to join The Hornets in a £3 million deal on Sunday, leaving a gaping hole in the Rangers backline in the process.
After almost five years at Loftus Road, Shittu was sad to leave the London outfit, but the short trip to Watford offered him an irresistible chance to test himself at a higher level during the coming season.
"To test myself in The Premiership is something I have wanted to do for a long time," said Shittu.
"I am sorry that I have to leave QPR - but it's something that had to happen.
"It's hard leaving a club that has been like a family to me for the last four years.
"I feel I'm ready for The Premiership. I will work hard.
"I believe I can deal with whatever is thrown at me, and I hope I can make a bigger name for myself than I did at QPR."

Rangers agree fee for Blackstock - By Peter ORourke - Created on 8 Aug 2006

Skysports.com understand Queens Park Rangers have agreed a fee with Southampton for striker Dexter Blackstock.

Rangers opened negotiations with The Saints over a possible transfer and, after the Loftus Road outfit were initially thwarted, the club have now agreed a price in the region of £500,000.

Blackstock was also the subject of a failed bid from Championship rivals Wolves, while Crystal Palace and Sheffield Wednesday have registered an interest as well.

Rangers boss Gary Waddock is a keen admirer of the front man and made his interest known after Bradley Wright-Phillips's arrival at St Mary's restricted the former Oxford man's first team opportunities.

Rangers now appear to have jumped to the head of a queue of clubs for Blackstock, and are expected to open contract talks with the 20-year-old shortly.

Blackstock joined Saints from Oxford in May 2003 for a fee of £275,000 and, after a loan spell at Plymouth in the previous season, spent two months of the last campaign at Derby

Fulham's Rehman Signs for QPR on a Permanent Deal
QPR Official Site REH OF LIGHT

QPR have completed the signing of Fulham defender Zesh Rehman for an undisclosed fee.

The 22 year-old centre-half has today (Tuesday) put pen to paper on a three year deal at Loftus Road.

Rehman - who could be in line to make his R's debut against Southend United on Saturday - caught up with qpr.co.uk moments after signing on the dotted line.

"I went down to Harlington yesterday and spoke with Gary Waddock and I was really impressed with what I heard.

"He told me that he wants to help me improve as a player and that's what I want.

"All I want to do is play football; the money doesn't interest me any more. I could have sat at Fulham and just been happy to pick up my wages, but that's not what I'm all about.

[Photo - Gianni Paladini and Antonio Caliendo welcome Zesh Rehman to Loftus Road]

"This is like home from home for me having been at Loftus Road with Fulham. Now I'm looking forward to making my debut on Saturday, where we'll hopefully pick up a win.

"I'll be at Loftus Road tonight for the Leeds game and I'm looking forward to seeing my new team-mates in action."

A gifted central defender with bags of potential, Zesh played five times for Fulham in the 2005/06 campaign, before being farmed out on loan to Norwich City.

Quiet, but self-assured, Zesh made his Fulham debut as a substitute in the 1-0 League Cup defeat to Wigan in September 2003.

A product of the Fulham academy system, Rehman made 26 appearances for the Cottagers, scoring once, against Lincoln City in a nine goal thriller in October.

R's boss Gary Waddock is delighted with the capture of the former Fulham defender, commenting: "It's a superb signing for the Club.

"We've got a player with Premiership experience and who is undoubtedly Prermiership class.

"He's an out-and-out defender but also has the unique ability of being able to bring the ball out of defence. There aren't many central defenders who can do that in the present day, so I'm delighted he's signed for us.

"He's very ambitious - like we all are at this Club - and hopefully he can achieve great things with us.''

Rehman will wear the number five shirt vacated by Danny Shittu.

Tue 8th Aug 2006
Central defender Zesh Rehman makes the move to QPR
Fulham Football Club can confirm that Zesh Rehman has joined Queens Park Rangers on a permanent basis. The defender signed a three-year deal with Rangers on Tuesday morning.

Rehman, a Fulham Academy graduate, played five times for the Whites in the 05/06 season and scored his first senior goal against Lincoln City in the League Cup before spending four months on loan at Norwich City.
All at Fulham Football Club would like to thank him for his services to the Club and wish him and his family the very best for the future

Mirror: QPR Set to Sign Fulham Defender, Zesh Rehman on Loan-
QPR are set to snap up j Fulham defender Zesh r Rehman to replace departed Danny Shittu.
Rehman (above) does not feature in Chris Coleman's plans for the new season and Rangers boss Gary Waddock hopes to sign him on a loan deal.
Shittu has joined Watford, but QPR cannot afford to take Rehman, 22, permanently.

Fulham are happy for the centre-back to move across London to guarantee him first-team football. The defender has made 21 Premiership appearances for the Cottagers.

Blackstock Signs for QPR-
Dextor Blackstock Joins QPR from Southampton for an Undisclosed FeeQPR Official Site


QPR have added to their attacking options by completing the signing of Southampton striker Dextor Blackstock, for an undisclosed fee.

The 20 year-old front-man today penned a three year contract at Loftus Road, and in doing so becomes Gary Waddock's seventh signing of the summer.

A scorer of three goals in just seven first team starts last season, Blackstock - who is a quick, athletic and powerful predator - is in line to make his debut against Southend United this weekend.

"It's great to be here,'' Blackstock told qpr.co.uk moments after putting pen to paper.

"It had all gone a bit stale for me at Southampton and the chance to move to London was just too good to turn down. It's a fresh challenge for me and I couldn't be any happier.

"I had a nice chat with Gary Waddock, who told me about the hunger and desire of the Rangers squad, so there was never any doubt I'd sign.

"I've always enjoyed playing at Loftus Road in the past, so I'm really excited about making my debut here.''

Waddock believes Blackstock will perfectly complement the group of strikers he currently has at his disposal, commenting: "He was at the top of my list when I first took over as Caretaker Manager, so I'm ecstatic.

"I've been monitoring his progress since he was a kid, so it's magnificent that we've finally got him on board.

"He's quick, intelligent and is a natural goalscorer.''

Chairman Gianni Paladini is delighted that the R's prolonged search for a striker is finally over, saying: "It's a huge signing for us - we've been after him for the last four months or so.

"He's the type of player Gary has been looking for and I'm delighted we've beat a number of top Club's to his signature.

"He's a young player, with superb potential and I'm confident he can achieve big things here.

"It's a sign of our intent that we've signed a player of his calibre and I'm sure the fans will join me in wishing him a successful stay at Loftus Road.''

Southampton Official Site
Dexter Blackstock has joined QPR for an undisclosed fee.

The 20-year-old striker has moved on to the Londoners after three years on the south coast.

He joined Saints as a scholar from Oxford United but quickly became popular amongst fans after bagging a hat-trick against Colchester and scoring against local rivals Portsmouth in the 2004/5 season.

The arrivals of Grzegorz Rasiak and Bradley Wright Philips this season however have pushed Blackstock down the pecking order prompting his switch to the capital.
Blackstock has today put pen to paper on a three year deal at Loftus Road.

Waddo's Words FAITH IN KIDS

Gary Waddock praised the impact of Shabazz Baidoo and Ray Jones after the R's clinched a deserved point against Leeds.

"It's vital we keep producing young players at this Club and Ray and Shabazz have shown what can happen when you give youth a chance.

"I've always said that if they're good enough I'll play them and the pair of them turned the game on its head.''
Teenager Baidoo ensured a share of the spoils in stoppage time, after Martin Rowlands had earlier cancelled out Eddie Lewis' opener.
Geoff Horsfield looked to have won it for the Whites, only for Baidoo to strike late on.
"The crowd will go home delighted and after the way they supported us tonight, that's the least they deserve.
"I was delighted with the level of performance. The lads were exceptional against a Leeds side who will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season.
"A point is the least we deserved on the night and the players have got to believe they are capable of beating big sides like Leeds after that display.

"It's a huge confidence boost and the lads deserve all the praise that comes their way.''

Penrice and Breaker Set to Join Holloway at Plymouth
Plymouth Official Site Announcement
IAN Holloway's back-room team at Argyle will be completed next month when coaches Gary Penrice and Tim Breacker finalise their moves from Queens Park Rangers.

The two have been in limbo since the Pilgrims' new manager himself was put on gardening leave by Rangers' chairman Gianni Paladini towards the end of last season.

However, that situation is set to be resolved, and Holloway believes that Argyle will benefit from the input of his trusted lieutenants.

"They've both got to go back to QPR for their deals to be settled but they have agreed their contracts with us," said Holloway. "That's vital for me, and vital for us.

"Hopefully, they will be starting on September 1, providing their negotiations go okay with Gianni Paladini, which I'm sure they will.

"All I've been doing is trying to get my staff, my players - hopefully those two situations will be sorted in the next couple of days. I'm delighted."

Rowlands' New Contract...Paladini on Moving Players Out (Ben Kosky/Kilburn Times)
Ben Kosky/Kilburn Times
Rowly ready for new deal

QPR will make at least one key signing ahead of tomorrow's transfer deadline - with Martin Rowlands set to commit himself to the club until 2010.
Rowlands is due to sign a three-year contract by the end of the week,...But there are unlikely to be any new arrivals at Loftus Road before the transfer window closes, unless Rangers can first reduce their squad of 33 players.
Of the eight players transfer-listed at the end of last season, only Ian Evatt has so far left the club on a six-month loan to Blackpool.
Out of favour striker Stefan Moore has joined Rangers' next Carling Cup opponents, Port Vale, on an initial month's loan, while midfielder Tommy Doherty is also a likely candidate for a temporary move.
QPR chairman Gianni Paladini said: "We want to keep our best players, especially the younger ones. But it's also very important we offload two or three players.
"If we do that, maybe we can go back in for a new full-back. It isn't easy to move players on, though, if they are happy just to sit and draw their wages.
"I don't understand that - it doesn't do them any good whatsoever. When your job is to be a footballer and you're not getting in the team, it makes more sense to go somewhere you can play football..." Kilburn Times
.Kilburn Times

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