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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Question Whether QPR's New Signings Eligible to Play

Daily Mail - QPR's new stars may sit it out
New signings Simon Walton and Lee Camp may be banned from starting the season with QPR.
The Football League are refusing to allow Rangers to register new players until they repay a £500,000 loan from Oldham chairman Simon Blitz - there is understood to be £300,000 left.
Rangers announced the signings of Walton from Charlton for £200,000 and Camp from Derby for £300,000 last week.
But the transfers are yet to be ratified by the League who will block any move to play them in the Championship. Daily Mail

[Last night on BBC Radio London, QPR Chairman Gianni Paladini reportedly said (according to QPR Rivals' Clive Whittingham's report of the programme: "...The embargo was put on us before we started to pay money back to Blitz - now we're paying it back the embargo has been lifted..." (From Rivals' Clive Whittingham's report)

On Sunday, the Sunday Mirror and the News of the World both reported on a transfer embargo.
Sunday Mirror: "Rangers have been hit by Football League sanctions.... League bosses have withheld central funds from the club and placed a transfer embargo on Rangers, who have announced several recent deals.
Rangers must re-pay the entire £500,000 loan they received from Oldham Athletic which breached League regulations. Paladini insists the outstanding £300,000 from this loan will be repaid this week. Sunday Mirror

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