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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Remembering QPR's Traumatic Sale of Rodney Marsh

With all the fan anguish about reports of the imminent sale of Lee Cook, salient to look back. Cook will be just the latest in a long line of QPR stars who have moved on for big fees, over the decades. (Some of the others: Peter Crouch, Trevor Sinclair, Nigel Quashie, Les Ferdinand, Paul Parker, David Seaman, Andy Sinton, Clive Allen, Paul Goddard, Gerry Francis, Phil Parkes, and on back to ROger Morgan and before).

The player sale that was probably the most traumatic and which seemed to mark the end of QPR's rise to greatness came thirty-five years ago with the sale of Rodney Marsh.

In hindsight of course, the Marsh sale did not mark the start of QPR's decline. It actually marked the start of an even greater era: With Stan Bowles, Don Givens, Dave Thomas and others to lead QPR to true greatness.

The Sale of Rodney Marsh
Transfer deadline, March 1972: All QPR fans were devestated and desolate - "Sick as a parrott" as Rod...nee was allowed to join Manchester City for £200,000. This was - at the time - thought to be one of the blackest days in QPR history as our just-capped England player (last 8 minute substitute!)

Marsh's last game for QPR: March 4, 1972 away to Bristol City. QPR lost 0-2
Parkes - Clement Hazell Mancini Gillard - Francis Busby Hunt - Marsh O'Rourke Mcculloch Sub Leach (Note 7 "home growns" in the 12 - and Clement, Hazell, Hunt and Leach along with Watson were playing for QPR when Marsh joined)

In all, Marsh scored 106 goals in 211 League Games for QPR. In the 1966/67 season, Marsh was the country's top goalscorer with 44 goals (30 League goals. 11 Legue cup goals. 3 FA cup goals.)

Marsh's QPR Record
1965-66 -16 league games -8 goals
1966-67 - 41 league games - 30 goals
1967-68 - 25 league games - 14 goals
1968-69 - 22 league games - 4 goals
1969-70 - 38 league games- 12 goals
1970-71 - 39 league games - 21 goals
1971-72 -30 league games- 17 goals

Marsh was of course a lot, lot more than just scoring goals. Making goals. Dribbling. Excitement and relationship with fans...

Forty One ago Rodney Marsh joined QPR from Fulham.
Then March 19, 1966: Marsh made his debut away to Peterborough. Drew 1-1 and didn't score.
The team for Marsh's debut: Peter Springett -Langley, Hunt Sibley Watson - Lazarus, Keen, Roger Morgan, Allen, Collins Marsh.

(The following week, Marsh made his home debut and scored twice in a 6-1 win over Millwall. Other scorers: Collins, Les Allen, Mark Lazaru & Roger Morgan)

(In hindsight, things turned out a little different. Gordon Jago's QPR went undefeated for the rest of the season - 12 games - and the following season, signed Stan Bowles who, many would say, became even greater than Marsh.)


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Also Marsh Q& A

Gareth Ainsworth on Marsh - Kilburn Times, March 13, 2007
IT isn't very often you feel privileged to be a substitute, but for me, last Saturday was definitely one of those rare occasions.
Because I was a sub, I was warming up on the pitch at half-time and it was great to see the members of the 1967 squad walking out and hear the fans roaring them on.
That just reminds us what a big club QPR is, how much history there is and what we have to do our utmost to live up to in the coming weeks.
I think Rodney Marsh got the biggest cheer, but they were all warmly received and you could see the pride they all still felt in walking out at Loftus Road.
I was happy to applaud them and I'd love to think that one day, I could be part of a QPR team that gets invited back to celebrate an important achievement!...
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