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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Beyond QPR: Articles of Interest - Saturday

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- The Different Types of Messageboard Poster ("Work in Progress"!)

- Football Fan Survey Findings
- "... Style of football (33%), family tradition (14%) and history of success (13%) were highlighted as the main factors behind team support • 85% of Barclays Premier League fans would never change the team they support....92% consume the league via TV, and 82% use desktop computers to keep up to date • 54% of fans keep up to date with news and results by logging online via a desktop PC, while a further 24% access the web via their mobile phones..."

- Premiership Manager of the Month and Player of the Month Announced

- Transfer Window Stays Open another Day

- Putting Managerial "Pressure" into Perspective....And the reality of Player Power and "Tapping."

- Arsenal Players Available for Loan: And the potential benefits/risks to the Players

- More on Premiership/Asia Link being formed (and possible "39th game"

- More on Racist Chanting: The Portsmouth - Spurs Case

- VAT/Football Price Reductions (or non-reductions) Watch

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