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Monday, December 15, 2008

QPR's Two Goalies: Lee Camp Profiled and Interviewed....Radek Cerny Happy at QPR

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Nottingham Forest Official Site - A Loan Saving
The long-term future of Lee Camp might be shrouded in uncertainty but the on-loan keeper couldn't be more clear-cut about one issue surrounding life at The City Ground.
- In the two months that he has been with us Camp has been convinced that the future is as rosy red as the shirts currently in front of him on a match-day.
- His current deal with us is due to expire at the end of the month but whether he remains our last line of defence or not, Camp has an optimistic view for the remainder of the season.
- He said: "I've seen enough to know that Forest are heading in the right direction. In the short time that I have been here I have seen a maturity that is growing week by week.
- "It's unfortunate that we are in the position we are in because some of the performances I have seen are that of a team that should be in a much higher position.
- "Day by day in training and in matches I have seen some very positive things and if you keep doing the things you believe in - as we are - then things will turn round.
"It's been a learning process for some of the players because a lot of them are very young. What you have to remember as well is that they have been used to winning in their careers so far and now they have had to adapt to a different set of circumstances.
- "But we have proved in recent times that we are a difficult side to beat and we have not been far away from turning a lot of the draws we have had into victories."
- Camp's contribution to our recent run has been without question. His general level of consistency has been top drawer and he's decorated his performances with some highlight saves.
- And there's no denying the pleasure he has had from running out as a first choice keeper again over the last two months.
- He added: "I wasn't getting a game at Queens Park Rangers so it wasn't a difficult decision for me to take up the invitation to come to Forest.
- "I was desperate to get first team football, Forest gave me the opportunity and I've enjoyed every single minute of it.

- "I'm part of the team but I have focused my own thoughts on being as consistent as I possibly could because that's the first target for any goalkeeper.
- "The saves I have made - like the penalties against Derby and Bristol City - are stand-out moments but it is all about setting standards. It's no use being good one week and poor the next.
- "I've been helped enormously by the way the players have performed in front of me and for all those reasons I feel as though I have picked up my form from where it left off last season at Loftus Road.
- "I doubt whether I will ever know the reasons why I was overlooked there this season but I've been given this chance at The City Ground and it's all about making the most of it."- Camp cleverly evades the million-dollar question of where his long-term future lies and confesses that the final decision might be taken out of his hands.
- He said: "I've known from day one that Rangers had the option to recall me in 24 hours but the point where a decision has to be made about my immediate future is getting nearer and nearer.
- "If the clubs get together and talk then obviously I will have a decision to make but the reality at the moment is that I am on loan - it's as simple as that
- "I have been very happy here and being back near my family in the Midlands is great but, whatever my feelings, I can't make decisions until I am faced with one and until that day arrives I can't play any part in the process."
-Question time......
Any reasons for your current squad number?
No 1 for obvious reasons but when I came to Forest getting No. 21 meant that I had the same number as Mark Poom had when he arrived at Derby and I've got such great respect for him as a goalkeeper and as a person. He was a big help to me and we still speak.

Who is your roommate? Has he any bad habits?
I've had a few already at Forest and I'm currently with Paul Anderson, who snores quite a bit. Fortunately, for me, I think I managed to drown him out with my own snoring.

Who is the most annoying person to sit near on the team coach?
Kelvin Wilson - he seems to insist on spreading himself across three seats.

What other sports are you good at and terrible at?
I love playing cricket - can't bowl to save my life but I do fancy myself as a bit of a batsman. I keep trying to master golf but I get to that exasperated stage when you feel like flinging your clubs over a hedge!

Do you download any podcasts?
Unlike most of the lads, I do. I enjoy listening to Chris Moyle because he is a very funny bloke and I'm into something called 'Wrestle Cast'. As you would imagine, it's all about wrestling and I enjoy that.

Favourite TV programme?

Best practical joke witnessed in the dressing room?
I'm sure there have been some but none spring readily to mind and from a personal point of view the lads here have been pretty easy on me up to now.

Nickname at school?
It's always been Campy

What would be your dream day?
We're expecting our first child in March. It can't come soon enough and certainly represents my dream day.

If you weren't a footballer what would you like to be?
Who knows? I'd probably be in some business of my own but not sure about what sort.

Would you rather cook or clean?
Cook definitely. After a lot of trying, I've just about nailed the art of sweet and sour chicken.

Funniest player played with?
Probably Michael Johnson as Derby. He tries to be funny at times but he can be even when he's not setting out to be.

Toughest player played against?
A striker called Giampaolo Pazzini, who plays for Fiorentina. I played against him in an Under-21 international for England against Italy and he scored after 28 seconds in my first match at Wembley.
Thanks a lot!

How do you normally spend your days off?
I spend most of my time off on a motorway, travelling to see my girlfriend.

Worst haircut at the club?
Sorry Lee (Martin), I've got to agree with most of the other lads.

If you could have free tickets to any event what would it be?
I would loved to have gone to the Ricky Hatton-Floyd Mayweather world title fight in Las Vegas. What I know about boxing you could put on a postage stamp but it sounds like it was some occasion.

Which four people (living or dead) would you invite to a dinner party? Former wrestler Bret 'The Hit Man' Hart; Peter Schmeichel; Jennifer Aniston and Grenier, a fictional character from 'Entourage'. Nottingham Forest Official Site

Sky Sports - Cerny happy at QPR
Goalkeeper pleased to be playing regularly

By Vasek Kadlec Radek Cerny has admitted he is delighted to be playing regularly at Queens Park Rangers following his experience at Tottenham.
The goalkeeper made just 12 appearances for Spurs during a three-year spell at White Hart Lane before moving to Loftus Road over the summer.
He has already played 25 times for QPR and is satisfied that he made the right decision to leave Tottenham.
"I don't regret the choice," Cerny told Denik Sport.
"I will have played in more matches by the end of December than I would have had in Czech Republic in one season overall.
"I did not know exactly what kind of league I was coming into. It is a very demanding competition and the level of toughness is different to the Czech leagues or the Premier League, where there are still several teams playing a European style of football."
Cerny believes the time he spent at Tottenham was crucial for his development and has no hard feelings about his exit.
He explained: "I wanted to experience the Premier League.
"I can say now that the possibility of me staying at Tottenham was there, as they eventually made their second-choice goalkeeper a 37-year-old guy from Spain. But I don't mind."
Cerny has been surprised by Tottenham's results this season, with the team only improving after Harry Redknapp came in to replace Juande Ramos.
"The problem at Tottenham was the fact that decisions were made not only by Ramos, but also by the sporting director (Damien Comolli)," he said.
"That had not been working well already when Martin Jol was there. The European style of managing a team was not working there. Now everything has been made by Redknapp alone.
"I must say that it did surprise me (how Spurs started) as I saw how well they had played in the pre-season.
"But sometimes you need luck and they were unfortunate to lose matches in which they played well." SkySports

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