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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Samuel Di Carmine and Possible Early Return to Italy

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Saturday, 03 January 2009
Di Carmine in the balance. The prosecutor: "You can immediately return to Italy"

. The budget of the first half of the season in England for Samuel Di Carmine is positive, though not exceptional. The boy, who has made the whole rigmarole in purple youth at QPR (English First Division, our series B), has alternated appearances in the field (11, 1 goal) and on the bench, also marking 11 networks in the reserve team. Not bad for a'88, the first experience abroad, to come into a difficult league for a bit, where Di Carmine struggles between two major bestioni him twice, played with the ball always high. . We talked about his situation with Giulio Dini, one of his attorneys.

How is Samuel?

"I was in London, has played 81 minutes from the holder 26 and then went into the gallery on 28, Paulo Sousa (former midfielder Juve, Inter and hours Parma technical QPR) is much turnover, maybe it's better this way. It should play in the Cup (played 71 min. ndww), where he played football certainly nicer and more suited to the current quality of Samuel. "

Beyond the "human", from the professional Samuel is happy?

"I think it is difficult to see a'88 without any presence in the first team to play a game on two of the holder, in a competitive league like the English. Of course, it is not marked as it was used to mark, but the season is good."

In January, a player so it can be very comfortable in that B in C. Si ... There has been talk of the Triestina ...

". "Having said that he is doing well in England, it is obvious that if you reach an interesting proposal evaluation, but only if they were B with opportunities to play. Posto no fixed, because it is impossible to think that in January quancuno put the team in hand a boy of 20 years. Of course, the fact that it is now used to fight the British, with all the blows it has taken, it could be a surplus to take it. At Triestina, as well as teams Bari and Salernitana, bring convenience, because under is to all intents and purposes. "

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