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Monday, December 31, 2012

Half a Season with QPR Chairman Tony Fernandes: The Evolving Tweets of the QPR Chairman


Some of QPR Chairman Tony Fernandes Tweets since the beginning of September through the end of November -  pertaining to QPR -

Tony Fernandes ‏@tonyfernandes

Aug 30, 2012

Grenero is a massive signing and one that in years to come we will always par ourselves on the back

Stephane MbiA has signed to QPR. Thank you to all for all the hard work.

31 Aug
Stepane Mbia has signed for QPR. That's the window done. Very pleased.

Sept 1

On my way to manchester then to spa. Not expecting much. This is all about development. Patience. In both F1 and football

Super game. We could have sneaked a draw. But was real happy. Its coming together. They are the champions.

I have had it with such inane comments. Stick to supporting your club. We are doing finr. RT @davidpick1987: @tonyfernandes seriously Tony, 3 games in and 1 point isn't "coming together". It's "relegation material". And on that wage bill...

15 Sept

Its a shame about the injuries. We lost shape for a while. But we came back in 2nd half. We could have won. Fingers crossed on injuries.

Very proud. RT @jasonlo1: Tight match. @tonyfernandes must be proud of the boys. RT @TuneTalk: FT QPR 0 - Chelsea 0 #QPR #CFC

15 Sep

RT @Ghostbustar: @Amit_Bhatia99 @tonyfernandes Great performance, so proud of the team, dare to dream #hail Cesar #COYRS

I should add that these are first points chelsea dropped. Team is coming together.

Sept 23

I don't care about the result. But boy that was one hell of a QPR performance. 12 months ago to now what a difference plus injuries. But what I loved was the spirit of clint hill that's what I love of qpr.

September 30

Mark hughes is the best thing to happen to QPR. We have been unlucky with injuries. Bar swansea we have looked a top top side. Lots to do. But feeling good. Its not all about result on monday. Keep the faith.

October 1

Bad game but I expected it. Need all injured players back. After West Brom. And get everyone to match fitness. Patientce. Keep calm.

October 2

Mark will sort it out. Look at his record. We would have won if we didn't go down to 10. I am relxaed and confident. Let's get all our players back and in form and fit and then let's see. Think of spurs. RT @oliverjones1988: @tonyfernandes so Mr Tony, after such a tepid display for 75 minutes yesterday, any tips on how we're going to get out of this hole?

Keep calm. 6 games does not make a season. I have learnt from many wise chairman

That's all we had. We have 5 injuries in the back. That's the problem. You fans have to realise. It will come good. So much quality RT @Sophie_Vicki_x: @tonyfernandes. We need defence hill should never play LB and what happened on the right we need back up for our when we have injuries

Correct. Don't worry. I'm calm and want to build stability which is what most fans want. There are many out there who are clueless RT @Ianexall1: @tonyfernandes QPR fans must keep the faith Tony. Knee jerk reactions will not help. We have had constant hiring and firing in the past.

Thank you. Some sense. We played last night with 4 centrebacks. The most brilliant manager would struggle. T @Reid16Alan: @tonyfernandes hello Tony. I have supported Rangers for 59 years. I respect your support for Mark Hughes more to follow

QPR fans don't worry. We have a great manager. New trainning ground , new stadium. Great players. This will make us stronger. Along the way to success there will be bumps. I love what we are building and I love being a RANGER. Just love it.

RT @TheModfather2: @tonyfernandes well done Tony, no need to panic, only a few games in, all behind you, one team, one love #qpr pls rt that for all our fans

October 5

Sorry you feel that way. You have a short term view of things. RT @QPRh92: @tonyfernandes I must be the only QPR fan that thinks this but your money has ruined my club who I have supported for 20+ years please leave

You couldn't have said it better. Just told the daily telegraph that. RT @CliveTymms: @tonyfernandes I believe your commitment and leadership will prove my lifelong loyalty to #QPR to be worthwhile. Stability is the key now

October 7
For all QPR fans. Fans who analyse properly. I am not changing anything. And all shareholders agree. No team except the first game has outplayed us. We need a consistent 4 defenders not changing every week esp left and right back. Mark is the right man.

Thank you. Someone sane on twitter. Hehehehe. RT @Supahoopz: Applaud @tonyfernandes push for stability, like AFC. All hinges on MH being right man. Hope he is. The bleating for Redknapp by some is mad.

For all those calling for change this is the team that that outplayed spurs gave chelsea a damm good game and you want change. No way.

Couldn't agree more. And that's not marks fault. RT @ReeceDanns: @tonyfernandes we dont want hughes sacked we just need to stop conceding silly goals its giving the team uphill struggle to get points

Only one I'm going to reply to just to illustrate a point Mbia was injured. RT @paulmoorhead1: @tonyfernandes ,but yet again hughes made another strange tactical decision by bringing off mbia and leaving on park?

Traorre is only fit to play 45 mins. I hope some of you are beginning to understand instead of making big statements. Hill is not a left back. He did his best. We had no choice. RT @paulmoorhead1: @tonyfernandes wba got behind us& time again in the first half down Hills side,Traore came on at half time and they didnt get behind us once

October 9

You think I'm not. But if we have all fit and some quality time we have an excellent squad. Keep the faith. RT @Kingpedro77: @tonyfernandes what happens if we keep losing tony. This is a tough league. No easy result. Fans are scared we are going down agai

October 13

Thanks. No one knows for sure. But we certainly trying and have built a good foundation. RT @smutlamp: @tonyfernandes @hasbean I've been following QPR since 1968 & think we are going in right direction under your guidence

October 21

Now onto Everton. Good team out there. Good bench. Tough game. Tough 2 games. But its in our hands.

Good point. Lots of work to do. Everton are a top side. We were unlucky with some ref calls. Bring on Arsenal. Ill be there at the emirates. Lots and lots of positives.

Stop wasting your time and energy on negative tweets. QPR needs time and stability. We have great sqaud great manager great ceo. Takes time and a bit of luck. See you at Emirates.

 Thank you. Just look at arsenal and everton. That's the standard we are aiming for. RT @TsolkasN: @tonyfernandes I admire your patience and above all commitment, it's a lesson to us all. Lead by example.

October 22

Completley understand.so am I. Have some faith. Worked for me most times. Its tough league. RT @Boblar1968: @tonyfernandes we are just passionate Tony. Have to be worried when your performance is good and the result not what you deserve. #8gamesin

October 29

Completley right. Mark has my backing and the shareholders. We need a little luck and no injuries. What's written in the press is all rubbish. RT @wayneoeyers: @tonyfernandes we must stick with Hughes. We haven't been playing poorly. The club needs stability, manager change would be suicide!

I honestly believe we have one of the best managers in the premier league. And we are in for the long term. Whatever happens. We love QPR. Ill be there at reading so rangers fans ill be available to meet and chat. Trust me on this one. Keep the faith. Stability is the key.

November 4

We are doing our best. Keep the faith. Need to get behind the team now. Positive energy is what we need. RT @martingreen_qpr: Message to the entire QPR team, staff, manager and dick head @tonyfernandes. Please don't F*** up another one of my weekends.

A game of 2 halves. Players getting used to premier league and different type of teams. Keep calm we will come good. Plenty of time. Many opps to win the game. I'm calm. Won't please everyone. But as I keep saying stability is key.

November 10

Keep the faith. Panic is not what the doc ordered. RT @lauraastral: @tonyfernandes hope ur confidence and commitment pays off love ur calmness

We got to cut out errors. One error cost us and we got to take our chances. Team played as planned. Must win next win. No panic. Table is compressed. Defense was awful now fairly solid. Midfield strong. Got to score now.

Off to boston now for airasia roadshow. Love everything about QPR. Nothing comes easy but the pain will be worth in. We are in for the long run. We live and learn. Doing our best.

November 16

Won't be happening. For the one millionth time. Hahaha. Stability. RT @timnmcollins: @Jeffro_QPR @tonyfernandes @lieyaM_M Maybe you can practice the "You're fired" line on Mark Hughes? #QPR

November 17

I feel gutted. I have put my heart and soul into this with my other shareholders. And done all we can to give support to players and all management. I can only apologise to the QPR fans. we keep fighting.

Let me tell you Fans come first. Everyone including me let the fans down. Many of us need a hard look at themselves. QPR has amazing fans. They deserve better.

November 23

Though we have a change the long term vision of the club remains and much good work has already been done and will continue.

This is a club where the chairman and shareholders look at all things in a long term view. But also take the views of the fans who are the most important constituents of the club. To us fans come first.

Nov 27

Something to build on. Our first clean sheet away from home. Need to take our chances though. Clean sheet away from home. Need to take our chances though.

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