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Sunday, November 22, 2009

QPR Fans Group "Bring Back The Fans Forum"

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- The continued growth and development of foootball ("Soccer") in the USA-

- UEFA Officials Accused of Helping Match Fixers

QPR1st- Bring back the Fans Forum! Saturday, 21 November 2009
- Supporters provide the Club with its biggest source of income and at the very least should expect to be treated as valuable customers. Yet of course fans are more than just customers- they have an emotional connection with the Club and want a sense of involvement and participation.
- Fans Forums provided exactly that, an opportunity for ordinary fans to put their questions to the Team Manager and Captain, as well as the Chairman or another representative of the Board. Those who were unable to attend could still enjoy the event through radio or the internet.
- It is a great shame that a Fans Forum has not been held since the time of John Gregory, despite repeated requests from QPR1st and other Supporters Groups. Yet again we call on the Club to restore them. - QPR1st: Bring Back The Fan Forum --

- Note: Report on The Last QPR Fans Forum: Some 900 Days Ago

- Briatore's Court Hearing Occurrs on Tueday (November 24)
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- Year Flashback: Sousa Appointed QPR Manager - A year later, Sousa's Swansea team are Third and Sousa's being linked to Sporting Lisbon
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