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Saturday, November 28, 2009

QPR Report Saturday Snippets

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-Also Check out the "cutting-edge" combination messageboard and quasi-blog QPR Report Messageboard. If your interest is constantly-updated QPR-related news; QPR nostalgia; and items on some other broader football-related isssues: QPR Report Messageboard is one such site. All opinions welcome!

- QPR vs Coventry: Various Previews

- Ramage Praises Sousa as Coach

- Blackstock on Joining Nottingham Forest

- Year Flasback: "Briatore as Dictator" Email Author Revealed

- Four Year Flashback: Q & A With Chairman Paladini

- Twenty Years Ago Today: Don Howe Appointed Acting Manager of QPR

- Q&A with Kettering Acting Manager Lee Harper

- From 2005/2006: A past compilation of Selected statements

- Misrunning Football as a Business

- Updated: Further Football Inquiry re Notts County

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