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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Football Fan Census: Why Do You Support Your Team?....Watford Previews....QPR Football Snippets


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- Football FA Youth Cup vs Southampton at Loftus Road, Tuesday, December 8

- Click Here to Take Part in the Football Fan Census

Why do you support your team?
To participate in this survey you have to be registered with the FFC which, if you haven't done previously, you can do at the end of this survey and register the team you support.

Q1. How influential were each of the following on your decision to support the team that you support?
Extremely Very Somewhat Not very Not at all - N/A
Your place of birth
An FA Cup Final
An FA Cup game (non final)
Champions League / European Cup Final
Champions League / European Cup game (non final)
A certain league match
Certain players
Success of the club
History of the club
First team you saw live
Family tradition
Place where you lived when started supporting your team
Price of tickets at team’s ground
Exposure to team on TV
Colour of their kit
Being bought an item of kit / memorabilia
Influence of friends
Family member supporting this team
Family member supporting rival team

Q2. If “Other” what were the reasons?

Q3. How old were you when you started supporting your team?

Q4. Approximately how far away from your team’s ground were you living when you started supporting them?
0 - 5 miles
6 - 10 miles
11 – 25 miles
26 – 50 miles
51 – 100 miles
101 – 200 miles
201 – 300 miles
301 – 500 miles
500+ miles

Q5. Have you ever changed the team that you support?
Click Here to Take Part in the Football Fan Census

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