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Friday, December 11, 2009

QPR Report Update: Looking to WBA Game...Bircham on QPR...No Hitting...QPR Player Actim Rankings


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- Out-on-Loans: Ainsworth Injured. Helguson Fit

- Updated Actim Championship Player Rankings:Routledge #14 Simpson #33 Cerny #56 - Actim Rankings

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- Marc Bircham insists the R's fixture against West Bromwich Albion on Monday night provides the squad with the 'perfect platform' to show the rest of the division that it's very much 'all to play for' in the Coca Cola Championship.
-Rangers currently lie just three points adrift of the play-off's and Bircham is adamant the Sky live clash against the Baggies is just what the doctor ordered.
- "It's perfect timing for the lads," he told www.qpr.co.uk.
- "If you rewind the clock a couple of weeks, the Club was making all the right headlines for the style of football we were playing.
- "We've just got to remind the lads how good they were then - and how good they are now.
- "West Brom on Sky is the perfect time and the perfect platform to remind people of that.
- "We'll just be going out and telling them to enjoy the game."
- Bircham, who will be in the dug-out alongside Steve Gallen at The Hawthorns, added: "When we get it right, we're a very, very good side.
- "The squad has outstanding ability, so all I'd say is come out and support us on Monday and get behind us QPR

STANDARD - Standard - QPR bench duty for Akos Buzsaky
- Tom Collomosse

- Akos Buzsaky will be in the Queens Park Rangers squad for the trip to West Bromwich Albion after returning to training with his team-mates.
- The midfielder is alleged to have been head-butted by Jim Magilton after Monday's 3-1 defeat at Watford, leading the club to suspend the boss and conduct an internal investigation. Buzsaky missed training on Wednesday, and was not present when assistant boss John Gorman held a meeting with the rest of the first-team squad to ascertain the level of support for Magilton.
- Even though Buzsaky is thought to have trained well yesterday, Standard Sport understands the 27-year-old will be on the bench at The Hawthorns unless Rangers suffer injuries over the weekend. Standard

Standard/John Inverdale - Managers have no defence if they hit players
- How many times have you had a stand-up row with your children? The decibel level moves from Norah Jones to Led Zeppelin and suddenly, when there's nowhere else to go, the thought of raising your hand and smacking them enters your mind.
- Hopefully, it departs as soon as it arrives. Not just because it's probably not a terribly clever thing to do but also because the moment you resort to physical violence, you've lost the argument. You've certainly lost respect.
- For parent-child, read football manager-player. It's often a fraught relationship but the one thing the 'parent' must never do (no matter how often the thought enters his mind) is resort to thumping one of his star turns.
- We may never know the truth of what happened in the two high-profile bust-ups at QPR and Stoke but while it is clear the players concerned, Akos Buzsaky and James Beattie, may have behaved like ... players, it is the conduct of the two managers, Jim Magilton and Tony Pulis, that prompts the most debate.
- Pulis's confrontation with Beattie happened after the final whistle on Saturday when Stoke lost 2-0 at Arsenal. The story goes that Pulis went back on an agreement to extend the players' Christmas celebrations by a day and then, behind closed doors, the two of them came to blows. The manager subsequently apologised to his squad for his part in the incident.
- Magilton's spat with the Hungarian came at full-time on Monday when Rangers lost 3-1 at Watford. In one of the most bizarre sporting images of the year, Buzsaky was then seen wandering round the edge of the pitch still in his kit before returning to the dressing room half an hour after the final whistle. Magilton 'categorically denies any wrongdoing' and his backroom staff support him, so, if the Hungarian is shown the door, we'll probably have to draw our own conclusions.
- Players often have rows with fellow players on training grounds and during matches. But it's the job of the coach or manager to stand apart. To be passionate but dispassionate. To inspire, to assess and to have a clear head when all around are losing theirs. Half-time rants are all well and good so long as they are followed by proper analytical thought about what to do next.
-The occasional tea cup may find itself flying across the dressing room but then it's down to business. How are we going to win this game?
- As in the parent-child scenario, any suggestion of violence is a tacit admission that not only have you run out of patience but you've run out of ideas as to how to solve the problem.
- Pulis is doing a good job at Stoke. He's also admitted he made a mistake. Beattie has had a run of injuries and, at 31, is probably dispensable. There is only one winner in that argument.
- The situation is less clear at QPR. Magilton is under huge pressure. A play-off place is within the club's grasp, however, so all is by no means lost.
- But his position is undermined, considerably if not irrevocably, by what we are led to believe may have occurred in the dressing room on Monday. If he really 'lost it' with Buzsaky, even if, as he insists, there was no physical contact, what matters is, whether as a consequence, he has lost the respect of the rest of the players. If he has, he may be wandering the streets outside Loftus Road very shortly.
" Standard

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