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Thursday, December 03, 2009

QPR Report Thursday Snippets...Forthcoming Championship Agents Spending Report?


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- Watford Announce their Spending on Agents for the Year saying "The information above is published in accordance with FA regulations that have been introduced this year..." (If it's a requirement, presumably other Championship clubs will also be releasing their numbers

- Next: Middlesbrough - Recalling QPR's Last Game vs Middlesbrough (5-0) and videos from two other QPR crushings of Middlesbrough

- Birthday for Ex-QPR (and every other club!) John Burridge

- Flashback: QPR's Team of Four Years Ago

- UN Calls to Tax Football to Help World's Poor Children

- Several British Clubs Likely to Go Out of Business

- Ownership and Debt Issues at Portsmouth

- QPR Managing Director Alejandro Agag Steps Down to be replaced by Ishan Saksena
- Who is Ishan Saksena?

- Football League Cup at Fifty: Vote for Favourite Moment!

- Birthdays for Ex-QPR Chris Kiwomya and Nigel Spackman

- Player of The Month Nominations (including could-have-been-QPR Forward)
- Manager of The Month Nominations
- Three Year Flashback: Arrests Over Tube Death

- Costs and Benefits of Football Agents
- Older Leeds vs QPR Video

- League Cup at Fifty: Vote for your Favourite Moment

- Ex-QPR Winger: Agents Play a very Important Role in Football

- QPR Presence at Soccerex 2009
- Lincoln Youth Development Reporting

- Four Year Flashback: The QPR Board and (Non-Playing) Staff

- QPR's Indian Football Involvement

- Armel Tchakounte Update?

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