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Friday, December 11, 2009

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Skysport/Peter Beagrie An ulterior motive?
Passion is so important in football, says Beags

I was shocked to hear Jim Magilton has been suspended by Queens Park Rangers following an alleged altercation with Akos Buzsaky after Monday's defeat to Watford.

Now the conspiracy theorists among us might suggest that wouldn't have happened if QPR were flying high near the top of the league. If things were going well, perhaps news of that incident wouldn't have come out of the dressing room.

The sceptics might suggest this is an excuse to manufacture the appointment of another manager. At the time of writing, the full facts about what happened between Magilton and Buzsaky have not come out, but some people will view the situation with a degree of suspicion.

Expectation levels are very high at QPR and a 5-1 defeat against Middlesbrough and a 3-1 loss to Watford won't have gone down well.

I went nose-to-nose with Stuart McCall after nearly every game - and he's one of my best mates! But those things happen because he was a winner and so was I.
Peter Beagrie
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West Brom v QPR
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After one win in seven games, I just hope that Magilton's suspension is not a consequence of results, as much as the alleged incident in the dressing room.

Buzsaky is a star player, a fans' favourite and he can win games on his own - but in many ways he's a little bit of a luxury player. It appears he was unhappy at being left out of the team and there was a confrontation after Monday's game. However, Magilton has categorically denied any allegation of wrong-doing.

I'm from the old school and I've seen blows traded in dressing rooms on countless occasions. I've had arguments and physical fights with people throughout my career. Things have often gotten heated and I've had to be dragged away by team-mates.

I went nose-to-nose with Stuart McCall after nearly every game - and he's one of my best mates! But those things happen because he was a winner and so was I; we both wanted the same thing, a victory for our team. When things had calmed down we would have a beer together and sort things out.

Football is a passionate game and as far as I'm concerned this should all have been sorted out within the confines of the dressing room or on the training ground the following morning. It should never have got to this level.

On Monday night, QPR were playing a Watford team that are very young, but when they went a goal down they never lost belief and they kept passing the ball on a difficult pitch to get themselves back in the game.

Those players showed bottle. Maybe they weren't flying into challenges all the time, but they were wanting the ball and they were willing to accept responsibility to make things happen.

Perhaps Jim will be frustrated and disappointed because he didn't see similar bravery from his own much more experienced players.

QPR started really well, but didn't feed off that and finish the job, so I do understand why Jim was disappointed. The will to win must always be a part of football.

Who knows how the QPR players will respond to all of this on Monday evening?

I feel the inquiry has been a bit of a mockery, such histrionics are perhaps indicative of the people running the club, but maybe the players will be motivated and put in a great performance against West Brom.

Albion will be looking to respond to their defeat to Cardiff when they were unable to close the gap on Newcastle - and Roberto Di Matteo has a good squad and has options if he wants to make changes.

But as I wrote in my column last week, QPR can beat anybody on their day - but only if some of their talented individuals can play within the framework of a team.

Sometimes players perform in adversity, but we won't know until they take to the field on Monday night. Sky

QPR at West Ham in the FA Youth Cup


- QPR Under-18's will travel to Upton Park - the home of West Ham United - in the fourth round of this season's FA Youth Cup.
- The R's young-guns booked their place in round four with a 3-1 victory against Southampton on Tuesday night, thanks to goals from Frankie Sutherland and Antonio German (2).
- A date for the fourth round tie against the Premier Academy League side will be announced in due course. QPR

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