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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Search of Ex-QPR Players and Club Staff From the Recent and Distant Past


- Every time we hear news of an old QPR player either dying, or in poor health or simply aging as we all do, hear talk about how should do more, keep in touch more, etc. The latest times this occurred was when Mike Keen, the forgotten hero of 1967, died last year.
- Meanwhile, Frank Sibley has Parkinsons; Clive Clark is in a nursing home.
And presumably other QPR heros are in poor health, etc. And there are obviously countless other former QPR players from decades ago, who are sprinkeled around Britain and the world.
So what can be done: Not financially support them, because that may no be practical. But keeping in touch with them; perhaps club bringing them a game. Giving them a little attention. And if the club didn't want to; maybe fans could buy them a ticket.
- Probably not that much effort to do; and not costing; but great psychic payback. Because the club is its past; not just its future. If the club should choose to adopt this "issue" that would be fabulous
- Former QPR winger, Dave Thomas's comments in his last paragraph of his QPR Net Interview he held last year "...The only thing I’d criticise QPR for these days is how they treat players after they’ve retired. Burnley and Everton are fantastic they’re in touch all the time and always asking you down to be their guest for the day but QPR never do. Burnley do it all the time and considering the difference in resources I think that’s sad..... I look at QPR and what they’ve done for their ex players and it’s nothing at all. I think that’s really sad" QPRNet

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