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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

QPR Report Snippets...Relegation: What It Takes - Past Points Totals For Relegated Championship Clubs...Flashback: Francis Resigns

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- Best of Luck to Former QPR Chairman Bill Power (BP): A True QPR Mensch

- Lakshmi Mittal/Amit Bhatia Buying Flavio Briatore's Shares; seeking Neil Warnock and Iain Dowie as backup possibility

- Guess The Day Briatore Exits

- What it Takes to Go Down: Championship Relegation Points Total for Past Decade and more

- QPR Stats: Last 17 Games and Past Points Totals

- Next: Watford

- Ex-QPR Youth Liam O'Brien and Dean Parrett Called up by England U-19

- Birthdays for Leighton James and ...Jamie Pollock

- Palace Face Inquiry Into Player Contracts

- Government Calls for Tougher Football Regulations

- Premiership Considers Championship League Qualifier Playoff

- MK Dons Set 2010-11 Season Ticket Prices


Going Down:" Championship Relegation Places/Points Over Past Decade+

16 Blackpool 46 13 17 16 47 58 56
17 Coventry City 46 13 15 18 47 58 54
18 Derby County 46 14 12 20 55 67 54
19 Nottingham Forest 46 13 14 19 50 65 53
20 Barnsley 46 13 13 20 45 58 52
21 Plymouth Argyle 46 13 12 21 44 57 51
22 Norwich City 46 12 10 24 57 70 46
23 Southampton 46 10 15 21 46 69 45
24 Charlton Athletic 46 8 15 23 52 74 39

18 Barnsley 46 14 13 19 52 65 55
19 Blackpool 46 12 18 16 59 64 54
20 Southampton 46 13 15 18 56 72 54
21 Coventry City 46 14 11 21 52 64 53
22 Leicester City 46 12 16 18 42 45 52
23 Sc*n*horpe United 46 11 13 22 46 69 46
24 Colchester United 46 7 17 22 62 86 38

Queens Park Rangers 46 14 11 21 54 68 53
Leicester City 46 13 14 19 49 64 53
Barnsley 46 15 5 26 53 85 50
Hull City 46 13 10 23 51 67 49
Southend United 46 10 12 24 47 80 42
Luton Town 46 10 10 26 53 81 40
Leeds United 46 13 7 26 46 72 36

Queens Park Rangers 46 12 14 20 50 65 50
Crewe Alexandra 46 9 15 22 57 86 42
Millwall 46 8 16 22 35 62 40
Brighton & Hove Albion 46 7 17 22 39 71 38

Crewe Alexandra 46 12 14 20 66 86 50
Gillingham 46 12 14 20 45 66 50
Nottingham Forest 46 9 17 20 42 66 44
Rotherham United 46 5 14 27 35 69 29

Gillingham 46 14 9 23 48 67 51
Walsall 46 13 12 21 45 65 51
Bradford City 46 10 6 30 38 69 36
Wimbledon 46 8 5 33 41 89 29

Stoke City 46 12 14 20 45 69 50
Sheffield Wednesday 46 10 16 20 56 73 46
Brighton & Hove Albion 46 11 12 23 49 67 45
Grimsby Town 46 9 12 25 48 85 39

Sheffield Wednesday 46 12 14 20 49 71 50
Rotherham United 46 10 19 17 52 66 49
Crewe Alexandra 46 12 13 21 47 76 49
Barnsley 46 11 15 20 59 86 48
Stockport County 46 6 8 32 42

Crystal Palace 46 12 13 21 57 70 49
Huddersfield Town 46 11 15 20 48 57 48
Queens Park Rangers 46 7 19 20 45 75 40
Tranmere Rovers 46 9 11 26 46 77 38

West Bromwich Albion 46 10 19 17 43 60 49
Walsall 46 11 13 22 52 77 46
Port Vale 46 7 15 24 48 69 36
Swindon Town 46 8 12 26 38 77 36

Portsmouth 46 11 14 21 57 73 47
Queens Park Rangers 46 12 11 23 52 61 47
Port Vale 46 13 8 25 45 75 47
Bury 46 10 17 19 35 60 47
Oxford United 46 10 14 22 48 71 44
Bristol City 46 9 15 22 57 80 42

Queens Park Rangers 46 10 19 17 51 63 49
Manchester City 46 12 12 22 56 57 48
Stoke City 46 11 13 22 44 74 46
Reading 46 11 9 26 39 78 42

Bradford City 46 12 12 22 47 72 48
Grimsby Town 46 11 13 22 60 81 46
Oldham Athletic 46 10 13 23 51 66 43
Southend United 46 8 15 23 42 86 39

FLASHBACKS - Three Years Ago...Nine Years Gerry Francis Resigns

From three years ago, February 16, 2007 Alex Wade in The Times -"The Football Club That Keeps Brushing With the Law"- ebruary 16, 2007

It seems that Pete Doherty enjoys appearing in court as much as he does performing on stage. This week the Babyshambles frontman paid his respects to Thames Magistrates Court, where District Judge Jane McIvor fined him £300 and disqualified him from driving for two months for driving without insurance and an appropriate licence. Doherty admitted both charges in what was his umpteenth appearance before a court but - as far as I know - the fact that he supports Queens Park Rangers football club was not mentioned when asking for leniency.

It should have been. The humble West London club has developed an affinity for tangles with the law that make Doherty look like a semi-professional toiling in the lower reaches of the Ryman League. I admit that QPR’s unerring ability to generate legal work pleases the lawyer in me. What could be better than a client that seems condemned to spend its meagre resources not on players but on lawyers? But as a QPR supporter since the age of 10, with my own roots in West London, the club’s seemingly inexorable metamorphosis into little more than a lawyers’ cash-cow is depressing. It is not difficult to believe that Doherty is similarly afflicted.

Consider the following recent examples of QPR’s brush with the law. Last week, the “Great Brawl of China” occurred when the club played China in a friendly. This low-key fixture would barely have made the local papers had it not degenerated into a scrap notable for who didn’t throw a punch or attempt a karate kick. China’s Jiang Ning was left with a broken jaw and this week the police arrested Richard Hill, QPR’s assistant manager, on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm.

One photograph widely published in the press suggests that Hill enthusiastically embraced tips from the club’s sports performance manager, Joe Dunbar, who previously trained Lennox Lewis. The conflagration with China followed a fracas during QPR’s FA Cup defeat by Luton Town last month. The Football Association is currently considering a charge against the club of failing to control its players.

So far, so feisty – perhaps. After all, the club is fighting relegation and a bit of spirit among the players is no bad thing. This approach might be sustainable were it not for the fact that after the Great Brawl, QPR capitulated without even a whimper to Southend United, losing 5-0 in what football pundits like to call “a six-pointer.”

The club’s recent history is so scarred by legal drama that it is no wonder that six-pointers are being thrown away. On November 23 last year, a Vietnamese student was tragically killed when he fell onto the tube tracks at Earl’s Court. Three members of QPR’s youth team were questioned and released on bail after the death. Last May Kiyan Prince, a gifted 15-year old QPR youth team player, was stabbed to death outside his London School. Last year also saw the remarkable trial of seven men on charges of conspiracy to blackmail, false imprisonment and handgun possession, after club chairman Gianni Paladini alleged that a gun was held to his head before a home game against Sheffield United. The men were acquitted.

Against all this, Pete Doherty’s predilection for courtroom drama seems prosaic but, as his lawyers should note, slightly more comprehensible. He, at least, flirts with the real world, while – as he wrote in an anthem to QPR – the club enjoy “a life on Mars.”

What on earth will come next in the saga of insanity that is QPR FC? Perhaps the club will do something really daft, like appoint an in-house lawyer. One who is a fan. And who will do the job for nothing. This is, after all, Mars that we’re talking about. Here on Earth’s nearest planet, I am open to offers. The Times

Flashback: February 16, 2007 QPR Life President Harold Winton Statement re QPR Developments-
Statement from QPR Life President, Harold Winton

Q.P.R have always been regarded as a friendly family Club – Now we appear to have degenerated into a dysfunctional, discontented and despairing bunch.

As Life President, I am overwhelmed and ashamed that our once respected Club has become synonymous with violence, thuggery, threats, foul language and a constant sense of drifting out of control.

We appear to have abdicated the moral high ground on which the Club’s reputation was based.

Events that have overtaken Q.P.R are nearly always blamed on Gianni Paladini.
Personally, I have supported his successful efforts to raise finance that has ensured the Club’s survival. It also needs to be recognised that Antonio Caliendo (in particular) has been most generous in funding an always difficult financial situation.

The greatest loss has been the destruction of the true Q.P.R identity. At the time when the two English directors were removed from the Board I warned that this action could leave fans and shareholders feeling disenfranchised. Unfortunately, this has been proved to be true. There is a widening lack of understanding between the fans and management.

Loyal staff are removed on minor grounds without genuine regard for their service and enthusiasm. As a result, any attempt to deal with problems are often avoided by remaining senior staff members.

The Directors also appear to forget that 36% of the company is still owned by outside shareholders to whom they owe a duty of care and consideration

It is therefore time for the Board to accept that Q.P.R need to employ the services of an independent full-time Chief Executive and also an experienced finance director (on a full or part-time basis) whose integrity would be unquestioned.

The Board need to be advised at all times as to the true financial position and the essential role of dealing with debt management. Its time to end the plague of writs and judgements that are so costly not only in financial terms but also in regards to the Club’s reputation and credibility.

It is therefore my intention to ask for the support of shareholder’s and fans for the requisitioning of an Extraordinary General Meeting of the club’s shareholders in order that the following resolutions can be raised and clarified. This will benefit the Club, Board, Supporters Groups and all persons who wish to see the reputation of Q.P.R safeguarded.

The resolutions will be that the Board Of Q.P.R Holdings Limited will:-

1. Appoint an independent full-time Chief Executive.
2. An independent Finance Director.

Posted at the time on QPR Rivals


QPR Official Site - February 16, 2001 CLUB STATEMENT

We have known that Gerry Francis was considering retirement at the end of this season when his contract expires and this week he confirmed to the QPR Board that this was the case.

Following discussions with Gerry it was mutually agreed that it was important to install a new manager now in order to plan for next season, particularly with regard to existing players' contracts and any incoming players. The new manager when appointed will immediately assume responsibility for the First team and will obviously focus on doing everything possible to ensure that QPR do not get relegated this season.

Gerry has been asked to remain with QPR until his contract expires and will work with the new manager on planning for next season, including such issues as our Academy situation and our Scouting network.

The Board would like to go on record as publicly thanking Gerry for the job he has performed over the last two years in very difficult circumstances, keeping QPR up in the first year and finishing tenth last season. His commitment to the club is second to none and we feel that he has made a major contribution in trying to turn the club around. He has been offered a place on the Club Board next year should he wish to take it up.

Discussions with candidates for the manager's job have already started and the Board hopes to be in a position to make an announcement as soon as possible. In the meantime, Gerry Francis will be in charge for the match against Barnsley and we hope he leaves the job with the win the club needs.

QPR Official Site, Feb 16, 2001

THE club are hoping to have a new manager in place for the trip to Gillingham on Tuesday evening after Gerry Francis announced his decision to stand down as manager this afternoon.

Francis will take charge of the team for tomorrow's game with Barnsley and will remain at the club until the end of the season when his contract expires in an advisory role.

The board of directors will be interviewing candidates over the weekend and are hopeful of having a new man in place by Monday.

However, should that not be possible than Francis will remain in control for the game at Priestfield.

"We have a shortlist of manager's for the position and I am confident that we will have someone in charge by early next week, hopefully Monday," said vice-chairman Nick Blackburn this afternoon after a packed press conference at Loftus Road.

"Of the two or three people I have spoken to I have said that there is little or no money to spend and they have said that was not a stumbling block which is a positive step in the right direction.

"However, it may well be that people we haven't approached may contact us and express an interest," he continued.

Blackburn refused to confirm who was on the shortlist but he did say that Assistant Manager Iain Dowie was one of the people whose name was on it and would be considered.

Francis explained his decision to stand down as manager of the club citing that he felt it was only fair to give the PLC plenty of time to find a replacement for next season.

"There are a lot of things to be considered for next season in terms of player's contracts and when you are dealing with people's livelihoods you can't do that if you are not going to be here next season," he said.

Francis, who took over a Rangers boss for the second time in November 1998, says that he is more than willing to help the new man when he is appointed and says that he hopes he will enjoy the backing from the supporters that he has had.

"The supporters have been absolutely brilliant to me in all of my time here and I hope they give the new manager the same support as they have given me.

"I have spent 15 years in management and I feel that I have been very lucky to work in the game as long as I have.

"I played in the team which so nearly won the league in 1976 and I was also manager here with an outstanding side in the Premiership when we finished fifth so I have had some great times with QPR."

Despite frequently stating that the strain of football management has been a factor in him not seeing enough of his family, Francis said that he was not relieved to be getting out.

"I will not say it is a relief to get out as looking at our current position it is not a particularly pleasant one but I believe that we can get out of it and be a division one club next season."

"Obviously I have a young family and the 11 months I spent out of the game after Tottenham were very enjoyable and I look forward to celebrating Christmas and having holidays once more."

In recognition of his services to the club, the board have offered Gerry a place on the board next season when his contract expires.

"It is a magnificent gesture by the club and one that I am very touched by although it something that will have to be looked at in the summer."

An announcement regarding the new appointment will be made here first - so keep in touch with all the latest news on the QPR official website.

QPR Official Site Feb 19, 2001 - GERRY SAYS GOODBYE
GERRY FRANCIS was emotional about the 2-0 win over Barnsley in what was probably his last home game in charge as manager.

Gerry said: "It was a very sad day and an emotional day for me. The fans were fantastic again on Saturday.
"Some supporters look deeply at the situation. They ask why did the man come back in the first place? He didn't have to and the club was going nowhere, bottom of the league and nine points adrift.

"He knew the situation, he didn't moan and groan because he didn't have any money, he didn't moan and groan about having to cut wages, he didn't moan and groan that he had no signing on fees. He brought a couple of kids through, he went to non-League. And he found a couple of players which are the club's future, like Peter Crouch and Clarke Carlisle.

"He had tragic injury problems this year with six broken legs, Rob Steiner retiring, Danny Maddix not playing all season and two cruciate ligaments. Any manager in the country - including Alex Ferguson - would have struggled with those injuries. I've never known anything like it in my life.

"So I just feel that supporters looking at football and managers can see beyond results sometimes. Obviously I am delighted that they can.

"This has been the hardest job I've had to do in my career, with some very difficult circumstances and problems along the way. I feel I've earned a rest now.

"It was a very, very nice gesture to offer me a place on the board here. But no one knows what the situation will be here in a couple of months. The club is still up for sale. A new owner might come in and not know who I am! So you just don't know what is around the corner."

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