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Monday, June 27, 2011

Minutes of The QPR-Official Supporters Club (OSC) Meeting


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QPR Official Site - Minutes from meeting between OSC Committee and QPR 03/06/11

Joe Kyle
Daniel Laryea

OSC Committee:
Karen Hampshire (Chair)
Ian Stenning (Vice Chair and Trust Liaison)
Brian Ahearne (Treasurer)
Linda Favell (Secretary and Assistant Treasurer)
Rebecca Favell (Assistant Secretary)
Brian Paterson
Zach Hampshire

OSC stated that they had called this meeting because they wanted to try and give
some answers to the fans about Season Ticket prices and other areas of concern.

OSC indicated that they had been subject to a backlash from some of the other
supporters groups because they were not publicly seen to be meeting with the club.

OSC expressed the view that they, and in their belief a number of fans, were feeling let down by the handling of the Season Ticket campaign. They raised the following points:
- The prices were extremely high.
- The club has held out as long as possible before releasing prices in order to see how
much more they could charge.
- They were concerned that the prices would drive away the core support that had
been coming to the club for years.
- There was no loyalty shown to the long term supporters.
- The proposed timeframe was too short for many fans to pay.

The club responded that there had been no possibility of releasing prices any earlier until the outcome of the FA enquiry had been resolved, which wasn’t until the end of the season.

The club pointed out that the prices reflected the fact that the fans would be
watching a higher class of football at Loftus Road next season and that the prices
remain competitive with other London based clubs. They also stated that the ticket
prices were a board decision, as has always been the case.

The club then provided a brief summary of the ‘per match’ price breakdown of
Season Tickets and indicated that the pricing was still competitive in many areas,
particularly around Bronze and Silver level. The Platinum level only constitutes
approximately 2% of the entire stadium Capacity so needs to be placed in context.

Age Groups Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Kids U8 £2.58 £5.21 - -
Junior U16 £7.84 £10.47 £13.11 £28.89
Young Adult 16-21 £16.79 £21.00 £26.26 £36.79
Adult £28.89 £34.16 £39.95 £52.58
Disabled £16.79 £21.00 £26.26 -
Senior Over 60 £16.79 £21.00 £26.26 £36.79
Family Area (Renewals Only)
2 adults & 2 U16s - £73.63 - -
1 adult & 2 U16s - £47.32 - -
1 adult & 1 U16 - £42.05 - -
1 adult & 1 U21 - £52.58 - -

OSC raised concerns about the quality of stadium facilities. The club made it known
that they always strive to improve the match day experience for the fans.
Unfortunately due to the constraints of Loftus Road stadium, major improvements
are not possible.

OSC expressed the view that the ‘Stars Come Out’ campaign was misguided and
receiving a lot of negative comments on the message boards. They were unhappy
with the focus on other teams' players as a draw to attract fans to Loftus Road.
The club said that the ‘Stars Come Out’ campaign was not questioning the loyalty of
the fans but rather promoting the higher standard of football that will be played at
Loftus Road next season. The views on the message board were taken out of context
because they had only seen that part of the campaign separately from the rest of the
season ticket brochure which tracked the club's fantastic achievements throughout
the season.

OSC stated that they were receiving a fairly high volume of negative comments from
other groups, suggesting that they were not doing anything proactive to help the
fans. They expressed their enthusiasm to have as much of an active role as possible.

The club said that the relationship with the OSC is very important and that they were keen to work alongside each other more regularly and make people more aware of
the OSC’s contribution. They felt that the OSC can make a real difference addressing
supporter issues such as catering, facilities, coach travel, away details to name but a few.

The club acknowledged that they need to make people aware of their regular
meetings with the OSC on behalf of the fans. As such they proposed that a structure
of regular meetings is put in place where the OSC and the club will meet monthly.
Each meeting will be promoted on the website and on Facebook a week in advance
and all fans will be encouraged to share any concerns with the OSC so that they may
be discussed at the next meeting. The meeting minutes would then also be published
on the club website following each meeting. QPR

Also Posted (as previously "reported" on QPR Report last Friday: The membership of the OSC has been "disclosed"


Posted on: Mon 27 Jun 2011

Karen Hampshire - Chair

Ian Stenning - Vice Chair and Trust Liaison

Brian Ahearne - Treasurer

Linda Favell - Secretary and Assistant Treasurer

Rebecca Favell - Assistant Secretary

Other members ...

Brian Paterson

Simon Paterson

Zach Hampshire


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