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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

QPR Report Tuesday: Half Way Between Seasons


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QPR have now reached the approximate half-way mark between the end of one season. And the start of the new one. And in less than two weeks, players report back (or report for the first time) to training. Less than two weeks after that: the first friendly (Schedule thus far)...

- Believing/Not Believing What The Club Says

- An (obviously-Unscientific) Survey Question re QPR: Do You Believe Your Club? (Feel Free to Vote)

- Great, Lengthy Audio of Interview with Frank McLintock

- Ex-QPR Richard Graham on the Move

- One Year Ago: "Done Deal Derry Doubt"

- Four Year Flashback: Mick Harford Appointed QPR First Team Coach

- Five Year Flashback: "The Trial" Verdicts

- David McIntyre More Positive About QPR Developments/Non-Developments, than some posters (including QPR Report!)

- JAY BOTHROYD will meet QPR boss Neil Warnock this week to discuss joining the Premier League side on a free.
- England striker Bothroyd, 28, has also had offers from Everton, Sunderland and Newcastle after leaving Cardiff.
- Bothroyd’s agent Sky Andrew said: “Jay has just come back from holiday. “It’s an exciting time for him because he has spent three years turning his life around. “He’s in a good position.
Daily Star

- Daily Mail

- Ex-QPR Assistant Managing Director, Ali Russell is back in Football - at Glasgow Rangers where he is Director of Operations and Commercial Activity.

- Flasback to Formation of "Our QPR"

QPR and The FANS

- QPR's Loyal Supporters' Association (LSA) Met Sunday) to Discuss Ticket Pricing and other matters

- The LSA wrote to our Club Chairman and major shareholders on June 1st requesting an urgent meeting to discuss the high rise in ticket prices and the failure to reward loyal fans with a discount.
- The club, however, met solely with the Official Supporters Club (snubbing the LSA) but has not given a response to the OSC or our fans regarding points raised regarding price increases.
- We reluctantly advise members of the LSA, which is the largest voluntary paid membership organisation of any QPR fans' group, that relations have broken down between the LSA and the club. Therefore until relations are restored between the club and our fans, we recommend, as a protest, that our members decline to buy any merchandise from the club shop or any club publications. Instead we recommend they should donate money to QPR in the Community Trust.
- We urge the club to call an urgent meeting with all fans' groups so that we can resolve the breakdown in trust and relations between QPR and its fans.
- We however pledge our undying support for our team and its manager Mr Warnock.

[Added to the originally-posted statement]
"Other activities and action were discussed and if situation is not resolved by the start of the season, fans will be informed. The LSA also supports QPR 1st who have gathered the signatures to force an EGM of the Official Supporters Club."
(LSA Statement)

- Old LSA Meeting Reports from 2002-2003

QPR and the Official Supporters Club: Some Open Questions

Two weeks ago, (June 3rd) QPR and the QPR Official Supporters Club (OSC) issued a joint statement about the OSC meeting with Club Representatives about among other things, ticket prices.
The joint statement went on to say "The meeting also highlighted the importance of the OSC as a mouthpiece for the fans. It was agreed that moving forward, the OSC would continue to meet frequently and will aim to meet monthly with the Club to discuss any issues or concerns that the fans might have. The Club proposes to publish a reminder of the upcoming meeting a week in advance and encourage the fans to contact the OSC with any topics they would like discussed. A summary of the points of discussion and the agreed next steps will be made available on the Club website following each meeting. The Club hopes that other supporters groups will also be able to hold regular meetings with the OSC, in order to allow the OSC to better communicate their views to us."

As others have noted, the OSC Constitution sets out certain things and a number of questions have been asked re the Official Supporters Club and how things are run. And a letter to the OSC was sent from 30+ fans, meeting the OSC bylaws. Two weeks later, things remain as unclear as two weeks ago.

So: Four Open Questions to the OSC and the Club (and there are probably quite a few other questions that could be posed.

[Note: These Four Questions were composed by someone else and were sent to the club several days ago. Thus far, the questions have yet to be answered.]


1) What was the response by the club to the OSC comments regarding the incredible rises in the cost of season tickets?

2) When will the minutes of the meeting be published?

3) As a member of the OSC (by being a ST holder) please could you inform me as to whom the representatives are?

4) How are the representatives of the OSC elected?

- Any Response for publication can be posted on the QPR Report Messageboard
or emailed to QPR Report

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- Ex-Witney United Manager off to Prison...and "Found:" Ex-QPR Coach (Think "China Brawl")

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