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Thursday, June 23, 2011

QPR Report Thursday Snippets: The Questions to the Club/Official Supporters Club (OSC) Are Still Out There


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The QPR Official Supporters Club (OSC)

- There remain questions starting with the very simple one of who is actually on the board; how they got there; etc.

QPR and the Official Supporters Club: Some Open Questions

- Almost three weeks ago, (June 3rd) QPR and the QPR Official Supporters Club (OSC) issued a joint statement about the OSC meeting with Club Representatives about among other things, ticket prices.
- The joint statement went on to say "The meeting also highlighted the importance of the OSC as a mouthpiece for the fans. It was agreed that moving forward, the OSC would continue to meet frequently and will aim to meet monthly with the Club to discuss any issues or concerns that the fans might have. The Club proposes to publish a reminder of the upcoming meeting a week in advance and encourage the fans to contact the OSC with any topics they would like discussed. A summary of the points of discussion and the agreed next steps will be made available on the Club website following each meeting. The Club hopes that other supporters groups will also be able to hold regular meetings with the OSC, in order to allow the OSC to better communicate their views to us."

- As others have noted, the OSC Constitution sets out certain things and a number of questions have been asked re the Official Supporters Club and how things are run. And a letter to the OSC was sent from 30+ fans, meeting the OSC bylaws. Two weeks later, things remain as unclear as two weeks ago.

So: Four Open Questions to the OSC and the Club (and there are probably quite a few other questions that could be posed.

[Note: These Four Questions were composed by someone else and were sent to the club several days ago. Thus far, the questions have yet to be answered.]

1) What was the response by the club to the OSC comments regarding the incredible rises in the cost of season tickets?
2) When will the minutes of the meeting be published?
3) As a member of the OSC (by being a ST holder) please could you inform me as to whom the representatives are?
4) How are the representatives of the OSC elected?

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TEL BEN Haim has told pals he wants to return to the Premier League with QPR.
The Portsmouth defender failed to make an appearance at Fratton Park last season after spending the first half of the campaign on loan at West Ham.
However, cash-strapped Pompey are desperate to get the 29-year-old off their wage bill, and the former Chelsea centre-back has touted himself with a switch back to west London with Rangers. Fulham Chronicle

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