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Saturday, October 15, 2011

QPR Report Saturday Update: QPR-Asia...Blackburn...Pellicori Exits...Warnock's Weekly Perspective


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- Dave Clement's Son Appointed Assistant Coach at Blackburn

- Flashback Four Years: Guidolin Gets QPR Managerial Job Offer

- Three Years of QPR Tiger Cubs

- Hogan for Nottingham Forest?

- Pellicori Exits QPR (Flashback: Pellicori Joins QPR)

- Chelsea Sign 14 Year old for 2 Million Pounds!

- Plymouth Administrator Threatens to Quit After Threats

MAIL/Sami Mokbel - QPR to spread wings into Asia as Fernandes ramps up business plan

Queens Park Rangers are planning to open an Asian HQ to crack the lucrative Pacific market.

Big guns Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea have all capitalised on the Premier League’s appeal in south-east Asia and QPR owners Tony Fernandes and Amit Bhatia are keen to follow in there footsteps.

A tour of south-east Asia, where Fernandes has strong business links including the airline Air Asia, is also being mooted. He said: ‘Building the commercial side of the business is so important.’ Mail


Independent - Warnock's Weekly Column

Neil Warnock: Trophy helps Will get over our drubbing – now I need a kiss from Adel
What I Learnt This Week

Saturday, 15 October 2011

There are many perks for a boy having a football manager as a father, but sometimes it is difficult.

William struggled at school for a few days with some lads ribbing him about our 6-0 defeat to Fulham. The year seven lads, the year above him, constantly reminded him at break time that his dad would be getting the sack. It is something he has to live with I'm afraid, the nature of the game I'm in. Kids can be cruel and it is all part of growing up, though it is difficult when you're 10. Still, a bad week ended well with his school team winning a tournament, having gone undefeated throughout.

Adults are different. I have a good friend who is a season-ticket holder with his sons at Fulham. He said he didn't speak to me straight away as he didn't want to appear as if he was gloating. I said if it had been the other way round I'd have been ringing him, make no mistake. As it was I invited him to join us for a concert at the O2 to see Johnny Mathis.

When I asked Natalie, my eldest daughter, to babysit as we were at Johnny Mathis the words "who's he?" came forth. It reminded me of match day when I go in the dressing room before a game and the players have all their head-banging music on. I usually ask: "Who's chosen the 'music' today?" Then say to them: "I can really imagine everyone singing this song in 50 years, running around like a headless chicken banging their head against a wall." I'm not envious of today's music. At Johnny Mathis I could hear every word that he sang, and for that I really appreciated the evening.

I have to admit I was quite happy international week meant I did not have a column last Saturday, which enabled me to keep a low profile. If you're not right defensively you will get a few drubbings in the Premier League and I do envy clubs that have not had injuries in their back four. That's where the squad comes in. The bench is usually the benchmark for how well you will do and we're still building ours up because we've come a long way very quickly. I think the fans appreciate that. The highlight of the game for me was that at 6-0 down the fans were chanting my name. I can't see that happening very often anywhere, to be honest. They understand we are still a work in progress.

In the aftermath of the game Adel Taarabt had a few mentions for his bus stop escapade. I could understand what he did in a way, having come off at half-time and got changed. If you've ever been in the away dressing room at Fulham you'd appreciate it's not a place to sit for 45 minutes when you've gone 3-0 down at half-time. Nor would you want to walk past all the fans behind the goal, and halfway along the side, to reach the dugout.

But I have told him that these things can get out of hand. On Monday morning I was surprised to hear claims he'd been seen in a pub with a pint in his hand. Adel would never have a drink because of his religion. It could have been worse. They could have claimed he had a girl on each arm and a cigar.

I think Adel knows what he did was wrong and we move on. He's also supposed to have said, while in Morocco last week, he wants to leave in January for more money. I've spoken to Adel and he said he never said that so it might be another example of a rogue "source", or something getting lost in translation. It's only two months since he said he'd never play for Morocco again. This week he not only played, he scored. He then hugged and kissed the manager. I told him I wouldn't mind him doing that to me today, as he's not scored yet this season.

Adel wasn't our farthest-flung player this week. Armand Traoré had to go all the way to Mauritius to play for Senegal. They were both back for training on Thursday but they have done a lot of travelling.

2. Did 'Jonah' Amy halt the Pilgrims' progress?

I took my mind off Fulham with a trip to the West Country, though I didn't exactly take a break from football as I went to Home Park, where Plymouth Argyle were celebrating their 125th anniversary. They marked it with a tremendous programme, it was like an encyclopaedia, one for any collector.

I had a great time as manager and would like to show my support at a very difficult time for the club. It's a fantastic part of the country and it is such a shame to see the situation Argyle are in. I met James Brent and his family who are, hopefully, taking over in the next few days and was pleased to see they appear to be the right people to save the club and take it forward. I do hope they stay in the League. It's so important for the local community.

The example of another of my old clubs, Scarborough, is frightening. I drove past Seamer Road a while ago and part of it was being bulldozed and there were weeds 10-foot high. How sad. I did fear for Plymouth's future so I'll be so delighted when the takeover goes through and wish James Brent, and Carl Fletcher, who played for me at Crystal Palace and is caretaker-manager there at present, well.

I thought I had brought them luck as at half-time they were winning 2-0 and Accrington Stanley had their goalkeeper sent off. Then Amy turned up. She had been shopping with friends and got to the ground late. It did not go unnoticed that Accrington scored two goals in the second half and could have won with 10 men. I think the word "Jonah" was used, then Amy said, "I've never seen Plymouth win," which wasn't the right thing to say.

I went shopping myself with Amy at Looe on the Sunday and it was just like walking around the shops with Sharon. They are even beginning to look for the same clothes, which I'm not sure Sharon is thrilled about. I bought Amy a cardigan, then got a scarf for Sharon and Amy said, "If mum doesn't like it, can I have it?"

3. Ayre is wrong – fans like a bit of giant-killing

Our match against Blackburn is billed as a big game for Steve Kean, but it is important for both teams as we want to bounce back after the 6-0. You only have to look at their team sheet to see it'll be a difficult game and it won't get any easier as we then play Chelsea, Spurs and Manchester City.

All those matches are being televised live. After Fulham I expect the TV companies would like to see a goal rush but I'd like to think they are also hoping for an upset, because that's one reason people watch the Premier League round the world. Sometimes the big teams do lose against the alleged lesser ones, which is why I think Ian Ayre was wrong to say people are only interested in watching the big clubs. I know Barcelona and Real Madrid play pretty football, but it is just a show most weeks, there's no drama.

4. Double act with Mick works well at Emirates

I went to a League Managers' Association sponsors dinner on Thursday at the Emirates. It is an amazing stadium. I was intrigued by the sight of the sunlamps on the pitch at night time. Mick McCarthy and I sang for our suppers on stage and it was, I hope, an entertaining evening for everyone.

5. Rooney ban is harsh but take him to Euros

What a massive blow for the country Wayne Rooney's ban is. I bet Capello is kicking himself for not leaving him out, given what happened the day before with Rooney's dad. But it's easy to be right after the event and he did make the goals. I still think we have got to take him to Poland. Three games is harsh, especially as he accepted the red card straight away, though in the League it would be three games. I thought Uefa might have been more receptive but England don't get many favours from governing bodies.

6. Marathon man who took bus tickled me pink

I did love the tale of the man who jumped on a bus in a marathon and came third. The expression on the face of the bloke who came fourth was a picture. He couldn't believe it – it turned out he was right not to. Independent


- Many thanks to Joe Ainscough who is a site journalist for http://www.blackburn.vitalfootball.co.uk/nice to hear from a younger perspective too

How long have you supported Blackburn ?
I have been a Rovers fan for 15 years since I was 4 years old in 1996, so not the longest serving fan, but I couldn’t have done much more really!

Who's Blackburn ’s biggest Rival (or Rivals)?
It has to be Burnley . The rivalry between the two towns often goes under the radar, but it has to be one of the best rivalries in England . (We even had to have a police escorted coach to get to their ground!) They haven’t beaten us in 32 years though, so there isn’t much competition

Are you happy with your team and how things are to date? – What are your opinions on your manager Steve Kean? His spending/selling this summer?
In a nutshell – no. Since the takeover by Venkys our club has gone downhill rapidly due to the fact they seem to know very little about football. The replacement of Big Sam with our current inept and useless manager has to go down as one of the worst decisions in the history of our club. He needs to get sacked sooner rather than later if we want to stay in this league. The only plus points to his reign here are the signings such as Ruben Rochina and Scott Dann, but when you look at the players Sam signed at West Ham in the championship, you just wonder what he could have done with £20 million to spend here.

What do you think of your current Owners? WHY are they involved? What do you expect? Could they realistically have done more to boost your chances?
I don’t like them to be honest. They took us from a top 14 team safe from relegation to being back in the dog fight. They are full of broken promises and give us fans a lot of false hope. They are aiming for the Champions League in 3 to 4 years, yet we can’t even get out of the relegation zone at present! They have turned us into the laughing stock of the Premier League. Their unrealistic pursuits of players such as Ronaldinho and Beckham proved they knew nothing, and yet they continue to baffle with their comments such as Steve Kean is a “brilliant” manager. If they had left things the way they were and left our old chairman John Williams in charge, then we wouldn’t be in this mess.

What are the general Rovers fans views on your teams trip to india ? Do you feel there is something to be gained from it long term? Or do you see it as an immediate disruption?
There is obviously an untapped market out there in India , with a population of over 1 Billion, it makes sense to pursue marketing out there, but not at this current time, and it should have been left until the end of the season.

How do you think Blackburn treats its fans? Appreciates them? Listens to them? Screws them?
We certainly don’t get listened to or appreciated it seems. The majority of fans want our current manager gone, and yet the owners make stupid comments about it being only a few people!? There is nobody who fans can contact at the club to discuss our concerns which is a major issue. Our owners need to learn fast, because if they don’t they will have a lot of fans on their backs.

Who are you Dangermen/Most valued/most overrated/most underrated players?
Our danger men have to be Junior Hoilett, Martin Olsson and Ruben Rochina. They are young flair players, who bring that bit of magic and pace to our side. Most overrated has to be Gamst Pedersen. His set pieces gave him a name in the English game, but for the past few years he has been mediocre. Underrated has to be our danger men, they don’t get enough credit, as seems to be a common trend between the “lesser” clubs in the Premier League.

Are you happy with your youth set up? Is your club doing enough to bring young/local talent through the ranks?
Without being too biased, I think our youth set up is one of the best in the country. Many of our first team came up through the youth team and we have produced players such as Phil Jones and Junior Hoilett over the last couple of seasons. In our current first team squad we have Martin Olsson, Junior Hoilett, Jason Lowe, Grant Hanley, Josh Morris and David Dunn who have all come up through our youth system, and many more to follow if we are to believe what we are being told.

Who would you say was the greatest Blackburn player that you yourself personally seen? And past player? (You can name more than one if it's that close!)
Personally the best player I have seen over the last 15 years has been Tugay. He played for us until he was 38, and he still had his class at that age. As for greatest ever, well I am only 19 so it’s hard for me to say, so I will go for Shearer. Without him we wouldn’t have won the league in 95.

What is your prediction for Rovers this season?
We will finish 16th after changing our manager.

Are you aware of any player or manager links between our two clubs past and present?
I know you took Pascal Chimbonda off our hands last season! Cheers for that! Haha!

What is your view and the general Blackburn view of QPR (If we even feature in your consciousness) or of Neil Warnock and our owners?
I think generally the feel is you will be in the dog fight along with us, but will manage to stay up due to buying well. Neil Warnock is not liked by many up here I have to admit. As for your owner, I am not really aware of any opinion one way or another, apart from many of us would swap!

Who(if any) is your most memorable/favourite QPR Player over the years?
I’d have to go with a recent one and go for Adel Taarabt. He seems a very very good player, even if he is a bit controversial!

Did you get to see any matches between our two clubs when we were last in the premiership?
Not that I can think of, but I was at our cup game last season!

Your view on el hadji diouf please!!?
There is always a split divide when it comes to this guy. Personally I think he is a good player, who gives 100% all the time, and has a bit of fight in him. I was sorry to see him leave.

Your score prediction for QPR v Blackburn Rovers?
Random but I predict 4-2 to you guys!

What, realistically, do you think Blackburn are capable of achieving in the next five years?
5 years is a long time and a lot can happen in that time. I will say top 10 finishes, pushing for a place in Europe , and maybe pushing for a cup win!

Thanks again to Joe Ainscough of Vital Blackburn. And thanks again to QPR Report Correspondent, Maudesfishnchips


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