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Thursday, October 27, 2011

QPR Report Thursday: The Ongoing John Terry Saga...Interesting Q&A With Ex-QPR Chairman Chris Wright

- See Additional Photos from Bushman's QPR of 1911-12
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- CHRIS WRIGHT SPEAKS! - Very Interesting QPRNET Q&A With Ex-Chairman, Chris Wright

- The Ongoing John Terry "Saga" - Updated Compilation of Articles: What's Happening...Who's Saying What...QPR Players

- Next: Spurs-QPR

- Flashback: Who Was at QPR Five Years Ago (On and Off The Field)

- Flashback Video: QPR Results "On This Day" - Crushing Burnley and Defeating Arsenal

- VIDEO: QPR's Greatest Goals (A QPR-Produced Compilation from three years ago, so recent goals absent. Plus of course, some of the greatest goals were not in a front of a TV Camera.)

- Five Years Ago Today: AKUTRS Published "An Apology to Chairman Gianni Paladini"

- Audio: QPR's Terry Mancini Talking re QPR, Arsenal and Ireland

- QPR Fan Podcast "Open All Rs"

- Next Stop for "The Four Year Plan" - Amsterdam

- Helping Old Players: Something QPR could do well to emulate)

- Football's Fight Against Racism, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, etc Week (Fortnight)

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