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Saturday, November 26, 2011

QPR Report Saturday Update

Photo from the Bushman archives- Next: Norwich vs QPR - Players who played for both Clubs
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QPR's Ice Cold Treatment!


- QPR owner Tony Fernandes has put his money where his mouth is during his three-month reign. But the latest example of his commitment to improvement might not necessarily be one welcomed by the players.-
A demountable ice bath, housed in a cabin the size of a portaloo and used to aid fast recovery of over-worked muscles after exercise, is the newest addition at the Harlington training ground.
- Yet it is a luxurious facility compared to the[b] home-made ice baths Rangers used in pre-season. During the penny-pinching Briatore-Ecclestone regime's reign, household dustbins were loaded with ice and up to three players at a time would stand nose-to-nose in their underpants while shivering their way to recovery." Goal

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- The Premiership Managerial Sack Race - David Lacey/The Guardian
"...The odds against the next to go are often not so much a reflection on the man's managerial capabilities as the trigger-happiness of his employers. Just before the present season began there was a feeling that Neil Warnock might be an early casualty at Queens Park Rangers. Warnock, an experienced and able manager, had just brought QPR back into the Premier League but the gossip was that the owners wanted a bigger name. Then the club was sold, more money became available for new signings, Warnock bought well, the team is in the top half of the table and now the idea of his leaving Loftus Road is absurd..."

SKY -Warnock still wary of the drop
QPR manager not getting complacent despite good start to season

Neil Warnock: QPR manager aware of the stiff test his side faces at Norwich

Queens Park Rangers manager Neil Warnock insists that the newly promoted clubs in the Premier League have not been lulled into a false sense of security by their promising start to the season.

QPR, Swansea and Norwich City sit in mid-table after defying expectations that they would struggle upon their promotion to the English top flight.

But Warnock, who will take his QPR side to Carrow Road on Saturday, knows that the landscape can change between now and the end of the season.

"We've all acquitted ourselves well, but we're not daft," he said. "We're looking at the bottom three and are hoping to finish above them.

"We might talk a load of rubbish about Europe when we have a few good results, but apart from the top six, from Aston Villa down, everyone's in it.

"I don't see any breakaways. All season it's going to be lose to them, beat them. It'll be up and down all season.

"It's probably the most even division for a long, long time - apart from the top six."

QPR have won three times away from home this campaign, but Warnock believes that his side have still been targeted as the source of Norwich's fourth league win.

Tough test
"Something always happens to us when we go to Norwich, we have to be wary there. We wrongly had a man sent off last year," he said.

"The crowd are quite vociferous. We haven't had many things go for us at Norwich over the years.

"But it's a great place, I love the club. Norwich have done ever so well, they have some good players.

"It's always a good game against them, they're a footballing team and don't know any other way.

"They're under pressure and, listening to their comments, they see us as the game they want to win.

"We look to win every game and treat nobody differently. We haven't won at Norwich for a while so they'll be feeling buoyant.

"We've acquitted ourselves quite well - we could have had more than four away wins if we'd been a little bit lucky.

"Some teams in our league won't win three all season away from home, but we've done that already."

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London 24/Ian Cooper - QPR Chief Executive hints at location for new training ground

Beard says ‘two or three’ sites are being looked at close to the club’s current facility

QPR Chief Executive Philip Beard has revealed the club could move to a new training ground a couple of miles from their current facility in time for the start of next season.

Beard and QPR chairman Tony Fernandes are keen to keep any new ground within close proximity to their base in Harlington, and have identified several potential sites in the area.

The Rangers CEO, who was appointed by Fernandes in August, insists upgrading is crucial if QPR are to compete successfully in the Premier League in the coming years, and believes that if the land can be secured, the club could aim to complete a move in time for the 2012-13 campaign.

"At the moment were putting together a plan to do two things, Beard told London24.com.

"One is to improve the facility we have got in the short term, because you cant have a training ground overnight.After that, were looking at two or three options.

"The main criteria will be which one we can move quickest on, but the most interesting one is within a couple of miles of where we are now. I think if we can secure the land then it might be something we can move very quickly on.

"Staying within a short distance of where we are now would have its benefits. For one, it would mean the players and coaching staff would already be familiar with the area.

"If it were possible, wed like to be there by next season. What I don't want to do is rush it, get in somewhere and then discover we havent done what we needed to do.

"I've been down there with Tony and Neil [Warnock]. The important thing is to show to the current playing squad that we understand we need to do something."

Rangers have shared Harlington Sports Ground with Imperial College since July 2005, when they took over from neighbours Chelsea who moved to a 20 million complex at Cobham.

Fernandes identified improving the clubs training facilities as a major priority when he replaced Flavio Briatore and Bernie Ecclestone as majority shareholder at the start of the season.

Beard maintains that improving off-field infrastructure will be a crucial factor in the club realising their ambition of attracting top-quality players in the coming years.

Plans are also in place to transform QPRs current Centre of Excellence into a Youth Academy, although Beard conceded that too may be reliant on new and improved training facilities.

"Compared to other Premier League clubs we dont have anything like the facilities that we should have," Beard added.

"When were looking to bring new players at the club they need to know that Harlington is not the long-term facility. When we sign players one of the things they look at is where they are going to be spending 90 per cent of their time.

"The youth academy is a key priority as well, but the reality is that we can do some things at the training ground, but our ability to develop a really first-class academy is limited.

"At a new training ground a significant part of our planning would be to deliver a first-class academy." London 24

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