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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

QPR Report Wednesday Update: Correction re Jim Magilton re Gianni Paladini Comment

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- Murphy Out for about a Month?

- QPR's 25 Man Squad (including Perone) and Under 21 players available, including Hewitt)


The Independent - Correction - Jim Magilton
Tuesday 22 November 2011

Our article,"Inside the 'basket case':the film that will shock football"(29 October 2011) http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/article2377262.ece was a feature on a fly-on -the wall documentary film,The Four Year Plan,which has just been released about the recent turbulent history of Queens Park Rangers FC. In it we mentioned an allegation made in the film by the former QPR Chairman, Gianni Paladini, to the effect that Jim Magilton, the former Manager, had head-butted a player. Mr Magilton has always categorically denied this allegation and we are happy to record his denial. Independent

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QPR1st - Gianni Paladini’s departure

- Gianni Paladini will be remembered as one of the QPR’s most influential and flamboyant figures, but it is also difficult to think of anyone involved in the Club’s management who has attracted so much controversy and heated debate.
- In the end his departure will be seen by many fans as drawing a line in the sand and an opportunity for us to move on with a greater sense of unity and shared vision. QPR1st

- Update: Poppy Shirts Coming Soon! The QPR Poppy Shirts for Charity:

[Since Questions are being answered!- The QPR Official Supporters Club (OSC): Is that still in "limbo' almost six months later?]

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