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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Details about Swansea's Transfer Listing of Ex-QPR's Kevin McLeod & McLeod's Response

McLeod listed after night on the town
Ian Hunt, Western Mail - March 14, 2006
Kenny Jackett has sensationally placed winger Kevin McLeod on the transfer list after the player admitted he went out drinking in Swansea on the eve of a crucial match.
Disciplinarian Jackett insisted McLeod has been transfer listed for a 'build up of things' - including 'not showing enough application' - rather than any isolated breach of club discipline.
But, in an astonishing turn of events, an aggrieved McLeod hit back at the Swans boss by claiming he was unfairly being used as an example to the rest of the squad that they should not be out on the town on the eve of matches.
When he went out on Saturday night, the former Everton winger was carrying a hamstring injury that had already ruled him out of the League One home clash with Walsall less than 24 hours later.
It is understood Jackett was nonetheless furious McLeod had been out and informed the 25-year-old he was being transfer-listed ahead of the Walsall match.
And the Swans boss gave the impression the player's behaviour represented the final straw in a chain of events.
'There's no one particular thing that Kevin's being transfer listed for - he's not been in any kind of trouble and he's not facing any kind of internal discipline,' said Jackett, who is preparing for tonight's LDV Vans Trophy southern final second leg at Colchester.
'He's being placed on the transfer list for a build up of things over a period of time. Kevin has a lot of ability, but he hasn't shown enough application of late. His application to the job comes and goes. It is not consistent enough.
'He's been put on the list and we'll see what develops before the March 23 (transfer) deadline. Kevin genuinely has a hamstring problem which might take a week or two to clear up.'
In what could be perceived as a warning to the whole squad as Swansea's promotion campaign nears a conclusion, Jackett added, 'There have been quite a number of rumours on the internet about Kevin. I don't think people realise he was not preparing (for the Walsall game) with the rest of the squad as he was injured. But Swansea is the land of the moving curtain. It's a goldfish bowl and people talk a lot. Things always come back to me about my players.'
McLeod - who still has two years left on his Swans contract - feels he has been unfairly treated by Jackett, and hopes this does not spell the end of a Swansea career that began when he moved from QPR in February 2005.
'I'm really downhearted about what's happened,' said McLeod, who has made 32 first-team appearances this term, scoring seven goals, which all came in the first month of a stop-start season.
'I feel I've been unfairly done by. I wish I hadn't gone out, but it feels like the gaffer is using me as an example and I think that's wrong.

'I was out Saturday night because I was injured. I shouldn't go out full stop, but I've had a lot of things on my mind and a lot of frustration. I'm now suffering the consequences, but I've got to see if I can come back from this.
'Is there a way back for me at Swansea? I don't know. I've got to sit down with the gaffer, the chairman and my agent because so far I've only had a brief chat with the gaffer before the Walsall game.'
The McLeod episode casts another dark cloud over the Liberty Stadium in the wake of the disappointing 1-1 draw against Walsall that put a fresh dent in the club's automatic promotion push.
But this is not the first time Jackett - or the club as a whole - has shown a ruthless streak when dealing with players deemed to have breached club rules or shown a lack of application to their job.
Jackett came down hard on Andy Robinson last season when the midfielder was involved in a nightclub skirmish just three days before an important league match.
And, earlier this season, defender Ijah Anderson was sacked by the club after being found guilty of taking drugs.

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