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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Further Comments & Reports of Cardiff 0 QPR 0

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Dave Jones
"We haven't got the squad at the moment to make the changes. I'm changing like for like at the moment, we don't have something that's needed to mix it up a bit.
"We've gained a point on the team above us, in Preston's case they've dropped points, we've dropped two points but we just keep going.
"We fight another day and that's the important thing for everybody.
"They came with two banks of four and we weren't going to budge them. At one point I had four players up front, Paul Jones did a good job today.
"It happens when teams come here and set two banks of four and they are not prepared to move out
. You've got to have a certain type of player that can rattle them and like I said, at this moment in time, we haven't got that.
"Cameron is learning his trade and he needs to protect the ball a bit better in and around the goal area. But they are all things that we continue to work at.
"Unfortunately for us today nothing fell for us and when it did the big man in goals made the save.
"People are saying that we are punching above our weight. I've been in the game long enough to know that nobody punches above their weight over forty odd games. It's impossible to do because you've got to keep getting out there week in, week out. We are where we are, hanging in there. The most important thing today was if it wasn't going to happen for us in front of goal then we certainly didn't let it happen for them."

Gary Waddock
"It was a good point and I felt that we could have gone back home with the three points.
"I wanted to win the game, I think the way we played second half with one or two opportunities we had showed you that we wanted to win the game.
"It shows how well we defended to limit Cardiff to just one real opportunity in the game. I think we had more opportunities during the second half.
"I came here to win. I wasn't going to come here in a cavalier style. I wanted our side to be compact and narrow.
"When the game opened up I thought we passed it quite well and created chances. "There's no way I was going to come here and be cavalier.
"We are delighted that we've kept a clean sheet and we are going home with a point."

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