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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dunga at AGM...Paladini on QPR's Improved Situation Under Him...Board's £8m+ Investment

BBC - Dunga will face QPR shareholders

Carlos Dunga will face shareholders at Queens Park Rangers' Annual General Meeting on Friday.
The former Brazil captain became a QPR director in 2004 as part of a Monaco-based group that later staged a boardroom coup at Loftus Road. Dunga did not attend board meetings prior to using his vote to help Gianni Paladini oust Bill Power as chairman. "I take my role as a director of QPR seriously and look forward to appearing in front of shareholders," said Dunga. "Myself and the other directors have put money into the club to help it survive and will continue to do so."
Paladini has faced scepticism from some fans since Power and chief executive Mark Devlin were removed following a series of boardroom disagreements. Rangers are heavily in debt and several behind-the-scenes changes have been made since Paladini took control along with Antonio Caliendo. Both men are former agents.
Italian businessman Franco Zanotti has also bought a major stake and Paladini has defended their running of the club.
Paladini said: "Can anyone say QPR aren't in a better position than when I came in two years ago? "The losses are reduced and we are in a position to move forward. Everything is settled and we just want to get on with running the club. "This board have invested over £8m. Yes, some of that has been used to buy shares, but that is how much has been paid and that shows commitment."

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