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Friday, December 28, 2007

On This Day: QPR's Crushing Victory Over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge!

Ok it's an eon ago, but whatever!

December 28th 1974: Recently-appointed, Dave Sexton-managed QPR against a recently-having-dismissed-Dave Sexton Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. QPR had the recently-signed Don Masson in midfield and John Beck in his best QPR season. Chelsea I believe were managed by Ron Stuart with Eddie McCreadie as Coach.
Score: Chelsea 0 QPR 3 - Two from Don Givens; one from Gerry Francis.

QPR's team
Clement Webb Mclintock Gillard
Francis Beck Masson
Givens Bowles Thomas

Chelsea's Team (one name missing!)
Locke Hay Droy Harris
Wilkins Hollins Kember Cooke
Hutchinson Garland
Sub: Houseman

[UPDATED II: Chelsea Team now complete. Many thanks to the poster who provided me with the name: Charlie Cooke (a truly great player, who would have graced the QPR team!]
[UPDATED: Chelsea Team now provided, except for one name. Many Thanks to the poster who provided this
NB: I don't have the Chelsea team, but if anyone has it, and wants to post it, please do. Chelsea had already sold Osgood and Hudson. But they had Bonnetti, Hollins, Hutchinson, Ron Harris, etc, etc.

And Fifteen Years ago.. before a crowd of under 15,000 at Loftus Road. QPR 4 Everton 2 (Sinton 3, Penrice)
Bardsley Peacock McDonald Wilson
Barker Wilkins Holloway Sinton
Ferdinand Penrice

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