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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Football League Clubs Meeting Today (Previously Scheduled)....Various Ecclestone Comments re Briatore

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- Chief executive Alan Hardy represents club at quarterly meeting for all 72 member clubs.
- Latics Chief Executive Alan Hardy is today attending a meeting for all 72 member clubs at Derby County's Pride Park, to discuss matters important to the league.
- The full agenda includes discussions on policing costs, salary cost controls, fit and proper persons tests, youth rules, arrangement of next season's fixtures and more.
- All Football League clubs meet on a regular basis to discuss the important issues and operational matters which effect both clubs and the League as a whole. Oldham Official Site

Daily Mail 24th September 2009
- Queens Park Strangers: F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone reveals football club co-owner Flavio Briatore no longer talks to him after 'Crashgate' punishment
- Bernie Ecclestone has revealed his friendship with Flavio Briatore has suffered in the wake of the Singapore Grand Prix race-fixing scandal and that the co-owners of Queens Park Rangers are no longer on speaking terms.
- Briatore was handed a lifetime ban from all FIA-sanctioned events over his role in the conspiracy which resulted in Nelson Piquet Jnr deliberately crashing his Renault in Formula One's first night race last year.
The 59-year-old Italian has also been told no driver he manages will be granted a superlicence - which is required for them to compete in F1 - should they continue to work with him.
Just let me explain: Bernie Ecclestone feels he could have done more to help Flavio Briatore - but he won't talk to him now
F1 supremo Ecclestone, who was part of the 26-man World Motor Sport Council which sat in judgement on Briatore in Paris on Monday, feels the punishment was too severe.
- In Singapore today, Ecclestone was asked how former Renault team principal Briatore was handling the situation.
- The 78-year-old, who bought Championship side QPR with Briatore two years ago, said: 'He's not talking to me, I don't know.
'He thinks I should have defended him, which I couldn't.'
Ecclestone, however, feels he could have had more influence when it came to the severity of the sanction.

- 'If you look at it sensibly, the people at the top had not the slightest idea,' said Ecclestone.
'The people in the Renault F1 team had not the slightest idea. There were three people who knew what was going on and that is it. No-one else was involved.
'Those people have been dealt with, in my view quite harshly in Flavio. I don't think it was necessary, but I was on the commission so I am probably just as guilty as anyone else.
FA whole new ball game: Briatore and Ecclestone prepare to watch QPR
'On reflection it wasn't necessary. It was too much. Definitely too much.'
Ecclestone, though, believes Briatore only has himself to blame as he should have admitted his guilt, along with Piquet Jnr and Pat Symonds.
Symonds, the team's former executive director of engineering, was only banned from FIA events for five years after owning up to his part in the conspiracy, and apologising profusely to the Council.
- 'Firstly he (Briatore) was invited to appear (in front of the WMSC) and his lawyers wrote and said the FIA have no jurisdiction as far as he is concerned, which was probably right,' added Ecclestone.
'But it was not the right thing to say. It would have been just as easy to go and say 'I was caught with my hand in the till. It seemed a good idea at the time, and I am sorry.'
'There is an organisation that works very, very well on that idea, where people go to a box and confess.
'Honestly, I am a friend of Flavio's. He has just handled the whole thing badly.- 'He could have handled it in a completely different way, and they would have said 'You were a naughty boy' and that would have been the end of it.'
Ecclestone will at least do all he can to deter Briatore from taking the matter further as he is understood to be considering legal action.
'It would be stupid of Flavio to do that,' asserted Ecclestone.
- 'He should ask to be heard by the court of appeal. He should appeal to the FIA. If he goes to a civil court I don't think he would win because the FIA would have to defend and somebody will say he sent a young guy out to what could have been his death.
- 'So it wouldn't go down too well.' Mail

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