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Friday, September 25, 2009

QPR Hitting the Woodwork! Other QPR Stats Including Attendances...Helguson Injury Wait

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Football League Stats - STAT ATTACK
Posted on: 25.09.2009
- When your luck is down, it's really down, just ask Queens Park Rangers. Jim Magilton's side have lost just once so far this season but currently sit in 12th place with just 10 points, after winning two and drawing four games.
- Things could be so different though, had they not hit the woodwork as often as they have.
- The Hoops have only scored seven goals but they have been left cursing the woodwork an amazing nine times already!

- Cardiff City have had a good start to the season and sit sixth in the table but again had they had more luck of their side they could find themselves in a better position, after hitting the woodwork seven times.
- The Bluebirds have scored 12 goals so far, with seven coming from Michael Chopra but the former Newcastle striker has also seen four efforts thwarted by the post and crossbar.
- At the moment Plymouth Argyle can't seem to buy a result, as they sit rock bottom of the Coca-Championship table but after hitting the woodwork six times already surely it's only a matter of time before their luck changes.
- In Coca-Cola League 1 Leeds United currently lead both the league table and the shooting tables and with 133 shots it's hardly surprising that they have hit the woodwork more times than anyone else......"Football League Stats

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Club High High Opponent Low Low Opponent Average

Newcastle 43904 Sheffield Wed(19/08/09) 36944 Reading(15/08/09) 40639
Derby County 33010 Peterborough(08/08/09) 26186 Plymouth(22/08/09) 28811
Sheffield Utd 29210 Sheffield Wed(18/09/09) 24638 Watford(15/08/09) 26271
Sheffield Wed 30644 Barnsley(08/08/09) 20215 Scunthorpe(22/08/09) 24462
Nottm Forest 28143 Derby County(29/08/09) 19232 Watford(18/08/09) 23414
Leicester City 26171 Swansea 08/08/09) 21485 Peterborough(15/09/09) 23070
Cardiff City 25630 Newcastle(13/09/09) 20121 QPR(19/09/09) 22217
Middlsbr 23541 Sheffield Utd(07/08/09) 19742 Ipswich Town(12/09/09) 22012
WBA 23502 Newcastle(08/08/09) 19390 Ipswich Town(22/08/09) 21816
Ipswich Town 22454 Leicester City(15/08/09) 19454 Preston(29/08/09) 20846
Reading 19640 Nottm Forest(08/08/09) 15697 Doncaster(12/09/09) 17012
Coventry 16449 Bristol City(12/09/09) 14426 Sheffield Utd(15/09/09) 15865
Crystal Pal 20643 Newcastle(22/08/09) 12760 Derby County(19/09/09) 15168
Bristol C 14603 Crystal Palace(15/08/09) 14203 Scunthorpe(19/09/09) 14444
Swansea City 16201 Middlesbrough(15/08/09) 12775 Reading(18/08/09) 14001
Watford 15636 Doncaster(08/08/09) 12613 Barnsley(12/09/09) 13910
QPR 14013 Blackpool(08/08/09) 11814 Peterborough(12/09/09) 12961
Preston 13025 Bristol City(08/08/09) 11230 Coventry City(19/09/09) 12164
Barnsley 12552 Coventry City(15/08/09) 11116 Reading(29/08/09) 11778
Plymouth 11918 Cardiff City(18/08/09) 8703 Watford(15/09/09) 10609
Doncaster 10711 Ipswich Town(19/09/09) 9484 Coventry City(18/08/09) 10001
Peterbrh 10747 Sheffield Wed(15/08/09) 8473 Crystal Palace(31/08/09) 9123
Blackpool 9647 Newcastle(16/09/09) 7698 Cardiff City(15/08/09) 8410
Scunthorpe 8274 Middlesbrough(18/08/09) 5383 Preston(15/09/09) 6718

Previous Seasons Average Attendances

Currently in 2009/10 12,961

2008/2009 - 14,003 + (Dowie/Ainsworth/Sousa/Ainsworth)

2007/08 13,958 (Gregory/Harford/De Canio)

2006/07 12,936 (Waddock/Gregory)

2005/06 13,440 (Holloway/Waddock)

2004/05 (Our First back in the Championship) 16,055

2003/2004 (Our Promotion Season) 14,784

2002/03 (Our Playoff Season) - 13,206

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Helguson Injury Update
Watford Observer "...[Watford] will have to wait until tomorrow morning to see if they will face Hornets legend Heidar Helguson.
- Mackay described the striker's chances of making the Championship clash as "touch and go" after the striker pulled his calf during his second 'debut' last weekend.
- Helguson left Vicarage Road on crutches on Saturday and despite having an MRI scan on Wednesday, Mackay says he will have to wait until tomorrow morning's fitness test to see if the 32-year-old will be able to play.
- Mackay said: "The scan showed that we need to look and see how he reacts to intense physio over the next two days before we make a decision. It will be Saturday before we make a decision on that.
- "He has had knocks and bruises throughout his career but he is a typical Viking – he just gets on with it..." Watford Observer

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