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Monday, May 02, 2011

Possible Playoff Delay? Claim Football League Notifying Clubs...Paladini Speaking Out...Watford Reports...Awards Dinner Held

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- Bookies Already Paying Out on QPR's Championship...At least One Bookie Already offering odds on QPR's 2011/12 Premiership Survival Chance/Chance of Qualifying for Europe

- Player of the Year (POTY) Awards Dinner Held

- Rodney Marsh Offers Congratulations re QPR Championship

The Sun - Exclusive Clubs warned over play-off hitch By PAUL JIGGINS
- CLUBS who reach the play-offs in the Championship have been warned they may be delayed.
- Neil Warnock's QPR face a disciplinary hearing this week and SunSport can reveal Football League chiefs have sent out a warning.
- Rangers clinched promotion to the Premier League on Saturday but could be deducted points if they are found guilty of breaking third-party ownership rules over the signing of Alejandro Faurlin.
- If that happens, the Rs could be dropped back into the play-offs.
- However, they would then be expected to appeal meaning no one would know which teams were in the play-offs until the appeal is decided.
- So the League has made contingency plans warning the play-off dates may need to be changed if the case goes against Rangers.
- QPR chairman Gianni Paladini said: "We will fight all the way. Justice will be done. We have done everything in good faith" The Sun

- Gianni Paladini Speaking Out

- "...This is the most unbelievable time of my life...We have worked so hard to get this far and get investors like Flavio [Briatore], Bernie [Ecclestone], [Lakshmi] Mittal and [Amit] Bhati.”
- The FA issued a statement on Saturday morning distancing themselves from quotes attributed to an FA ‘source’, hinting at a 15-point deduction. Paladini, though, remains defiant, insisting Rangers will contest any serious punishment.
- “We will fight all the way,” he said. “Justice will be done. We have not tried to cheat anybody. We have done everything in good faith. But there will be no need for us to fight because we have done everything right...”
- “It’s been a great story,” Paladini said. “It’s great for the fans who have had to put up with ---- for so many years.”
- Paladini was involved in a court case in 2006 after which all defendants were found not guilty of conspiring to blackmail and falsely imprison him at gunpoint.
- The memories remain and Paladini said: “I went through so much to save the club. What a story. I went through so much when nobody would touch the club. I’ve been to hell and back, there were so many tough times. But this makes it all worthwhile...”- “I can’t wait for next season. We will stay up. Now that we have got into the Premier League, we are not going there for half an hour...” Telegraph

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GUARDIAN/Sachin Nakrani

QPR celebrations after win at Watford tinged with fear of sanctions

• Neil Warnock's mood darkened by threat of points loss
• QPR sweat on result of hearing into Alejandro Faurlín deal

It was as the sun was setting on a warm, windless day in Hertfordshire that Neil Warnock's mood darkened into silence. He had spent close to an hour speaking about his delight in getting Queens Park Rangers promoted to the Premier League as champions and how he felt the team would do in the top flight when the obvious question came around again and the 62-year-old decided he had enough.

"If the worst comes to the worst this week ..." came the query, but before the questioner had time to finish, Warnock was off. "No, thank you," he said, the smile from his lips disappearing as quickly as he did.

This is how it is going to be for QPR until Friday at least, as for the all the joy the club are feeling for having secured a place in the Premier League for the first time since 1996 after this less than convincing win over Watford, there is no escaping the threat that hangs over them. On Tuesday, an independent panel will begin a three‑day hearing into the seven charges brought against QPR by the Football Association in relation to their purchase of the Argentinian midfielder Alejandro Faurlín in July 2009. The issue at stake is an alleged breach of rules regarding third-party ownership and the club could be hit with a 15-point deduction were they to be found guilty, plunging them into the play-offs and kicking off a legal challenge not only from QPR but, possibly, the 15 teams they have beaten en route to the title.

QPR deny all charges and on Saturday came total defiance from Warnock, up until his abrupt exit. "I'm happy with what my barrister has told me. I don't fear anything," he said. "I was brought in to win promotion and that's what I've done."

Warnock also raged at a story regarding a possible 15-point deduction, describing it as "diabolical" and an example of the country's "gutter press", and as he snarled it was difficult to feel much warmth and goodwill for a man who had just achieved a remarkable seventh promotion with a sixth different club, and one that was in the relegation zone when he took over 13 months ago.

However, that is how it has been with Warnock ever since his managerial career took off at Scarborough in 1986-87, when he won the Conference title in his first season at the club. The Yorkshireman has achieved much but also created many enemies due to his strong opinions and even stronger barbs.

Like him or loathe him, there is no denying the success he has achieved at Loftus Road. Warnock's men have dominated their division from the outset, winning 24 out of 45 fixtures and, in the process, keeping an unrivalled 25 clean sheets.

They have also attacked with fluidity and intent, an approach personified best by the captain, Adel Taarabt. The 21-year-old Moroccan, whose 77th‑minute close‑range strike here set the visitors up for the victory they needed to win the title before Tommy Smith doubled their lead in stoppage time with a shot from the edge of the area, has been an inspiration since signing from Tottenham Hotspur at the start of the season. For Warnock, the aim is to make the free-spirited midfielder a reliable hub of a team aiming to make their mark against the elite.

"Adel can be the best in the world, but he's got to be more dedicated if he wants to progress in the Premier League," said Warnock. "If he listens, he can really enjoy himself. I want the whole team to enjoy themselves in that league, we're going to try and score goals and win games."

For the manager, promotion is a shot at redemption after his last stint in the Premier League ended with him taking Sheffield United down, ironically on the back of the controversy caused by West Ham United's signing, via a third party, of Carlos Tevez.

"I'm excited about the future, partly because I'm better experienced for having suffered the bad times. You need to go through those to enjoy the good moments." Warnock would be wise to cherish that sentiment should the worst indeed come to the worst this week. Guardian

QPR: Daily Mirror match report By Darren Lewis
So now we wait.

It was amid chaotic scenes on Saturday that - at the third time of asking - Neil Warnock’s power Rangers sealed promotion to the Premier League as champions.

And the unconfined joy with which Warnock and his players celebrated the achievement suggests they remain confident the FA will not pull the rug out from under them.

In fact, far from dwelling on the hearing that will determine their fate this week, Warnock was busy planning to settle yet another old score in Rangers’ final game next weekend.

“I’d like to beat Leeds if I’m honest.” he said, “That was probably the lowest part of my season (at Elland Road), in the tunnel after the Leeds game, listening to one or two things.

“I want to finish on a high at home. I don’t think we could get a better team than Leeds to play against. They deservedly beat us.

“But at the time I think they thought they just had to power past us. A lot of clubs have thought that the bubble has burst all season, but credit to the players. They’ve shown what consistency is and I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

It would be nothing more than an unimitigated PR disaster if the suits at Wembley were to dock Rangers the points that would keep them in the Championship.

With the financial firepower at their disposal – compared to the cash strapped FA – QPR would indeed give them a fight to match anything they have had from any club down the years.

Not only that, the FA would have to brace themselves for the stampede of rival clubs demanding back the points dropped in games featuring the man at the centre of the affair – Alessandro Faurlin.

Rangers would appeal a guilty verdict anyway. Which would throw the play-offs into jeopardy.

The fixtures come out in mid-June. Would they include QPR or not?

Would it affect the relegation places? It would end up an almighty mess.

Which is why Rangers are quietly confident. The mood on Saturday at Watford was that they believe the FA will save themselves the aggravation.

With the hearing this week, the west Londoners expect the men who sit in judgement to dock them enough points to, perhaps, deny them their status as Champions but keep them promoted.

And that explained the explosion of euphoria when Watford old boy Tommy Smith rammed home Rangers’ second deep into stoppage time.

Even before then the QPR fans had struggled to contain themselves. Star man Adel Taraabt put them ahead on 77 minutes but his goal also exposed the ludicrious Watford policy of allowing Rangers fans to be dotted around the ground among the home support.

A punch-up erupted in the centre of the home support. A fan escaped onto the pitch, confronted substitute Rangers keeper Radek Cerny before running the length of the field, completely unchallenged. An absolute disgrace given the assaults on players we have already seen this season.

Not one steward or police officer made any effort to apprehend the idiot until he had reached the corner flag, having made it past both teams.

The farce didn’t end there, however. Before Smith’s goal, the PA announcer warned fans of both clubs not to go onto the pitch at full time.

At full time the Rangers fans ignored him completely. Quite clearly Warnock and his players wanted to enjoy their moment and rightly so.

They went down to the away out to salute the travelling support. But the travelling support then decided they, in turn, wanted to antagonise the home support.

More idiots made it down to the other end of the field to gesticulate and goad the steaming home fans.

On came police officers on horseback to shepherd the morons back. And by now the PA announcer was almost crying as he screamed: “Will you please refrain from leaving the pitch [his actual words]. You will pay the penalty for it in the future!”

Well, actually, no they won’t. Because QPR will not be playing Watford next season.

Which was why Warnock refused to be silenced as he continued to salute the away fans from in front of the dug out. A female police officer tried to get him to put his arms down like a naughty schoolboy as he clapped supporters on the far side.

Yes, because a manager clapping his own fans is likely to spark a riot, is it?

Soon it died down and the party started inside the Rangers dressing room. One wag inside, however, could clearly be heard telling his team-mates: “You’d better enjoy this now because we’re gonna get caned next year!

But, whatever happens, Warnock is aiming to ensure they have a right go.

He added: “Listen, you can have a go and get beat six. I don’t want to get battered anywhere but I’m going to enjoy it, and I want my lads to enjoy it.

“You’ve got to score goals and win games and we’d have been up before if we’d taken half the chances we’ve had.

“It’s the hardest league in the world to stay in. for teams going up. But it’s been great this year when you look at Blackpool, West Brom and Newcastle. I know Newcastle and probably West Brom are bigger clubs than us at the moment financially.

“But it’s not all about finance. Blackpool have more than held their own, I don’t know how. I don’t have a clue how Ian’s done it because he’s not paid transfer fees out, he’s not paid wages out.

“I would love him to stay up because that is a miracle. But they’ve gone about it in the right way and they haven’t feared anybody. If anything I think that’s educated me, seeing Blackpool. Because you haven’t got to fear them.”

Rangers will be helped by the calibre of Premier League players that will be available this summer and will want to go to a London club.

Whether he will still be in charge is another matter with the word on the street that Marcelo Lippi and Claudio Ranieri are both being talked about in connection with his job.

And yet, with his seventh promotion under his belt, Warnock - himself being linked to West Ham - was more focused on what HE will be doing as Rangers manager next season.

They have conceded only 30 goals in 45 games and lost five times this season. Warnock transformed a team 20th in the Championship in March 2010, taking them to promotion in 13 months.

He said: “You’ve got to do it your way. I’ve got a number of players I’d like to bring in. I know some will cost money and want wages etc. So I don’t say we want x amount of x millions, I think I’ve got to be sensible and I think they’ll be sensible if I am.

“I’ve no intention of going stupid; we haven’t gone stupid this year if you really look at what we’ve done in 14 months. So we’ve just got to sit back a little, enjoy the moment.” The Mirror



Neil Warnock: 'I'm so proud. A generation have grown up never seeing QPR in the Premier League'

The QPR manager and Independent columnist looks back on the great day which saw his club return to the top tier of the English game

Monday, 2 May 2011

Of all my promotions none has made me prouder than this. A year ago we were fighting relegation to League One, now we've won promotion to the Premier League, and done it with a great set of lads.

Saturday at Watford typified our season. Paddy Kenny, who's been magnificent all through, and often played with strains and bruises, came in from the warm-up to say he'd injured his shoulder and couldn't make it. We had to change the team-sheet. Radek Cerny came in for his first league game of the season – and kept a clean sheet.

Twenty minutes into the game Fitz Hall came off injured. We were already without Clint Hill who looks like he'll have to go in for a wash-out of his ankle. When he saw the surgeon at the start of the season he was told it needs an op, but might last two weeks, so see how it goes. He's played 43 games. That epitomises the whole club.

We've been top most of the season, and in the top two for all of the season, which means we've been there to be shot at, but the players have thrived on the pressure. They've not been afraid, they've gone out and enjoyed it. And I've loved it. There's been some difficult moments, but there always are in this job and I've loved being in charge of these players. We've had a bit of luck at times, but the players have earned it. The old saying about "The harder I work, the luckier I get" comes to mind.

When I took over last March, though I did say I wanted to get promotion, I never imagined we'd turn it around so well, so fast. We changed a lot in the summer, and not just the playing staff, but we gelled straight away. One of the new signings, Jamie Mackie, set us off with a run of goals and I was delighted he was able to join us at Watford despite being out since January with a bad leg break. Then everyone else chipped in.

Now I can't wait until next season. It's going to be so exciting having clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal coming to Loftus Road. The fans deserve it – there's a whole generation grown up who have never seen QPR in the Premier League.

I have a number of players I'd like to bring in. I know some will cost money. I don't tell the owners I want X million pounds. I think I've got to be sensible - and I think they'll be sensible if I am.

I don't think it's all about finance. Blackpool have more than held their own this season without paying big transfer fees or wages. I'd love Ian Holloway to keep them up. They've gone about things the right way. They haven't feared anybody. I think seeing Blackpool has educated me.

You do have to go to some places and see if you can just keep the score down – I don't want to get battered anywhere – but at the same time I want to enjoy it.

And I'm sure we'll give a good account of ourselves. But that's for the future. For me we're just enjoying the feeling of being champions.

Warnock's seventh heaven

QPR's promotion on Saturday is Neil Warnock's seventh as a manager, with six different clubs:

* 1986-87 Scarborough

Wins the Conference title

* 1989-90 Notts County

Promotion from Third Division

* 1990-91 Notts County

Back-to-back promotions take County into the top flight.

* 1994-95 Huddersfield Town

Takes Town out of the Second Division.

* 1995-96 Plymouth Argyle

Fourth play-off victory in six years.

* 2005-06 Sheffield United

Second place ensures promotion to the Premier League with his boyhood club.

* 2010-11 with Queen's Park Rangers

Guides Rangers into the Premier League The Independent



.Promoted QPR target Rangers defender for Prem campaign - Exclusive
Published 23:15 01/05/11 By Alan Nixon

QPR boss Neil Warnock wants to sign Rangers and Algeria World Cup centre half Madjid Bougherra for the Premier League.

Warnock has been watching Bougherra since he got back into Walter Smith’s SPL side after injury and knows that the SPL giants will sell at around £1million.

Bougherra, 28, is keen to return to England after a lengthy spell in Glasgow and Warnock thinks his pace and skill would be an asset for his defence.

The QPR chief plans to sign around half-a-dozen new faces and Bougherra could be quickly wrapped up in a couple of weeks - after he has helped in the chase for the title with Celtic.

Bougherra, who played for Crewe, Sheffield Wednesday and Charlton in his previous spell in England, has improved with age and would boost Rangers in their big-time adventure.

Warnock may make a personal check on Bougherra before the end of the season, but his chief scout watched him turn in an effortless display against Motherwell at the weekend.

Scottish giants Rangers will sell Bougherra as he is one of their top The Mirror


Paddy Kenny reigned supreme at the R's Player of the Year event in London tonight (Sunday).

The Rangers number one scooped the prestigious Players' Player of the Year accolade, as well as winning the Supporters' Player of the Year crown at the star-studded West London event.

The awards double capped a quite remarkable maiden season in W12 for the former Sheffield United keeper, who was also named in the PFA's Championship Team of the Year last month.

npower Championship Player of the Year Adel Taarabt clinched the Kiyan Prince Goal of the Season award for his stunning solo goal against Swansea City on Boxing Day.

Meanwhile, midfield general Shaun Derry featured prominently, finishing second runner-up in the Supporters' Player of the Year behind Taarabt and overall winner Kenny.

Young prospect Bruno Andrade was named Daphne Biggs Supporters' Young Player of the Year, whilst elsewhere, R's fan Ian Stenning scooped the Supporter of the Year accolade and R's defender Peter Ramage won the QPR Community Award for his outstanding commitment to community projects throughout the campaign.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Roll of Honour ...

*Supporters' Player of the Year - Paddy Kenny

*Supporters' Player of the Year 1st Runner up - Adel Taarabt

*Supporters' Player of the Year 2nd Runner up - Shaun Derry

*Ray Jones Players' Player of the Year - Paddy Kenny

*Daphne Biggs Supporters' Young Player of the Year - Bruno Andrade

*Kiyan Prince Goal of the Season - Adel Taarabt (second goal v Swansea City)

*Supporter of the Year - Ian Stenning

*QPR Community Award (for outstanding commitment to community projects season 2010/11) - Peter
Ramage QPR

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