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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Official Statement: Warnock Reaffirms His QPR Future...Lakshmi Mittal's QPR Consideration...Warnock's Weekly View..Flasback: QPR Reach Playoff Final


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Sat 14 May 2011
- Neil Warnock has today (Saturday 14th May 2011) responded to an article that appeared in Friday's Evening Standard newspaper.
- 'Having read the article in last night's Evening Standard, which was meant to be a summary of our successful season, I'm very disappointed that the only subject matter mentioned revolved around my future and all the speculation regarding my position.
- 'I want to reiterate to our supporters that, having spoken to the Board at QPR, Bernie Ecclestone, Flavio Briatore and Amit Bhatia in the last few days, they have assured me that my future is not in any doubt whatsoever and they're looking forward to helping me acquire the players to make next season just as successful as the one we've just enjoyed.
- 'Hopefully all the speculation now will be put to bed once and for all and we can concentrate on what promises to be a memorable first season back in the Premier League for the Club and our supporters.' QPR


Financial Times - QPR tests Mittal’s mettle

Edited by Emiko Terazono Published: May 14 2011

Steel baron Lakshmi Mittal is weighing up whether to boost his shareholding in west London football club Queens Park Rangers, which has just won promotion to the Premier League.

The chairman and main owner of ArcelorMittal told the Financial Times that he was “thinking about” whether to take up the option of buying more shares from Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One supremo, who owns 62 per cent of the club.

Mr Mittal – with a 33 per cent stake – is an obvious contender to take up any of the shareholding Mr Ecclestone decides to offload. But “I haven’t talked to Bernie about this [the possibility of the change of ownership],” he said.

Mr Mittal takes a back seat in running the club – although this did not stop him being serenaded by celebrating fans at the team’s final home game last Saturday.

He leaves QPR matters to Amit Bhatia, his son-in-law and the club’s vice-chairman. Mr Mittal was persuaded to take an initial 20 per cent stake in 2007 by Mr Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore, the former team principal of Renault F1. He has always stressed that he has never intended to be a long-term shareholder let alone take over the majority stake.

However, it is highly unlikely that Mr Mittal would want to cut his share at such a successful moment in the club’s history. Also, as a keen football fan – who has fond memories of playing the sport as a child in India – Mr Mittal could easily be open to the challenge of being the lead shareholder.

Looking ahead to next season, Mr Mittal said the priority was “to stay in the division and make progress”. He said that the club needed “at least two seasons of stability [in the Premiership]” as a prelude to what he hopes will be a long spell in England’s top league. Financial Times


Neil Warnock: Exclusive: My one-night stand with a trophy wife. But the next generation aren't too bothered

I had a one-night stand with a new bedtime partner this week.

There are pictures too, but there is no need to get a super-injunction to keep it quiet. Sharon knew and she was very understanding. After we won the Championship on Monday I took the trophy home. It's a special trophy and I was determined not to let anyone else lay their hands on it. It is the original Football League trophy, the one that all the champions lifted prior to the Premier League. As a kid I remember pictures of players like Billy Wright and Danny Blanchflower lifting it. So that night I asked Sharon, did she mind if I slept with it? I love her to bits, but it was only for one night. She slept in the spare room.

On Wednesday I took it to William's school and showed it to all the lads in assembly. I asked out of curiosity how many QPR fans there were in the room. William's hand went up, and another lad, and then a third lad, though I think he might have put his hand up out of sympathy. Then I asked the same question about Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. I've never seen so many hands. I did feel a tinge of disappointment when it became clear there were more fans of Brentford than QPR, but there were also more lads supporting Brentford than Liverpool, so I did not feel that bad.

Then we went down the road to see the younger kids. They were all sat down with their legs crossed when I walked in. The teacher said: "This is Mr Warnock and he has brought a cup with him, having won the league. Can anyone tell me what football club Mr Warnock manages?" This bright little boy thrust his hand up. He said: "Crystal Palace United, Miss."

2. Some writers have an amazing ability to make me nod off

That lad was not the only one who hadn't done his research properly. Our promotion has brought a few journos out of the woodwork who seem to have a grudge against me, particularly Patrick Collins in The Mail on Sunday. I take Collins' columns to bed with me, I suffer from insomnia and find after a couple of his paragraphs I drop off for a good night's sleep, but this time I managed to stay awake as it was just a long diatribe against me.

He obviously doesn't pay any attention to clubs outside the Premier League because it was hopelessly outdated. He dug up stuff from 10 years ago, picking out a few incidents when I was younger and a bit more excitable, and claimed I always blamed referees for everything. If he read this column, or simply kept in touch with football, he'd know I'm more likely to be praising refs these days. Still, he should know now, because many of his own readers pointed this out in comments on the paper's website. Collins is the chief sports writer. I dread to think what their ordinary sports writers are like. He should read James Lawton in these pages, then he might learn how to write like a proper chief sports writer.

3. Lennon shows risks we face

The attempted assault on Neil Lennon by a fan was frightening. It brought home to every manager that you have to be on your guard: it only takes one nutter. Neil was lucky, it could have been far more serious and I fear it is only a matter of time before something serious does occur somewhere.

There are certain grounds where you feel vulnerable. One of the worst situations for me came at the end of a play-off semi-final at Ashton Gate when I was caught in the middle of a pitch invasion. That could have turned nasty.

I do think when Neil looks back over recent months he will realise he could have handled himself a little bit better on occasions. That will come with experience. However, nothing he has done warrants being attacked.

4. Anfield must stay realistic

It's fantastic for Liverpool that Kenny Dalglish is staying. He's a good man and I love his passion for the club. I think everyone realises Kenny was the man for that job; even Roy Hodgson did when he was there. I am so pleased that Roy is enjoying himself again at West Bromwich, it simply wasn't meant to be for him at Anfield.

Kenny's biggest problem will be managing expectation. People are talking about getting in the Champions League next season. Fans have got to dream, and with Kenny at the helm, who knows? But I think the top four this year will take some budging.

Sadly, for every manager enjoying the moment there's one who's not and Micky Adams is among those after he parted company with my old club. Like me, Micky's a Blade, and he will have hoped to have had the same impact at Bramall Lane as Kenny did at Anfield. The contrast in what happened shows how important it is to have a good start when you take over at a club. It can be difficult managing the club you've supported and loved all your life and Micky will be very disappointed at not getting the chance to get United back up.

I was also disappointed to see Mark Robins leave Barnsley. He's a good young manager and, while he'll be upset now, it might turn out to be a blessing in disguise for his career. I'm sure we'll see him pop up somewhere else soon.

5. Stoke will ensure Cup final is no walk in the park for City

Being of the old school, I think it is a real shame there are Premier League matches today. The FA Cup final is a special day and the prospect of the title being decided beforehand is bound to spoil it a bit for Tony Pulis, who deserves his day in the sun. It used to be like a holiday day at our house. Everyone would come round from about 10 in the morning and we'd watch all the build-up while munching on fruit pancakes.

I think it will be an intriguing game. Stoke City are far better than people make out and they are just the sort of team to upset Manchester City. I'll be keeping an eye out for Jon Walters. He was my main transfer target in the summer. I chased him for weeks and even had him in my office. But Tony whisked him away with the lure of Premier League football and the fact his missus could live near home. I usually tell players they made a mistake when they go to other clubs, but he's in the FA Cup final so it looks as if he made the right decision. I do wish him well, he's a lovely lad.

I was asked by TV to go to Wembley but I felt I had to say no. Sharon and Natalie, my eldest daughter, are doing the 26-mile MoonWalk for breast Cancer tonight and I thought it only right to support their preparation. I think I'll tell them our sports scientist said 3pm-5pm is the optimum time to get a pre-walk sleep in.

The walkers wear pink bras and, as Sharon and Natalie have been putting the finishing touches to their wonderful designs, the house feels very feminine, especially as William's been at an outdoor activity camp. The house is strange without him. It's funny – when the kids are in the house you tell them to be quiet, when they're not you wish they were here making a noise.

6. There are so many good books written about football

I've been having meetings with all the players and staff, plus owners, this week as we start planning for next season but I did manage to fit in a couple of big functions. At the British Sports Book Awards at the Savoy I presented the prize for the best football book, and I went to the Footballer of the Year dinner.

I hadn't realised how many good books are written about sport these days. The winning book was Anthony Clavane's Promised Land about Leeds and Leeds United. Mike Calvin's Family, a fascinating insight into Millwall, was runner-up, and I was also taken by Trautmann's Journey, a biography of Bert Trautmann. Sharon didn't believe me when I said he played in an FA Cup final with a broken neck. How brave is that? Though I suppose if you've been a German paratrooper on the Russian front you can deal with most things.

The football writers' dinner was also a good night with Aidy Boothroyd and Walsall's Dean Smith also on The Independent's table. I was delighted to see Scott Parker pick up his award. Readers may recall I said he should be the next England captain at a time when he was not even in the squad. He has been excellent this season in difficult circumstances.

7. Terriers and Gulls aim high

Good luck to two of my former clubs in their play-off semis today: Huddersfield and Torquay. I've wonderful memories of both and it's great to see Lee Clark and Paul Buckle flying high with their clubs. Independent

Evening Standard

Rngers would be mad to sack me, says Neil Warnock

Julian Bennetts 13 May 2011

Neil Warnock told his Queens Park Rangers bosses today that it would be their loss if he left Loftus Road.

The 62-year-old's future has been the subject of intense speculation despite his side being promoted to the Premier League as champions during his first full season in charge.

World Cup winner Marcello Lippi and former Chelsea boss Claudio Ranieri are believed to have been considered by the Rangers board, with Bernie Ecclestone, Flavio Briatore and Amit Bhatia weighing up whether to appoint a big-name manager.

But having saved QPR from relegation in the final two months of last season before taking them to the Premier League, Warnock insists he deserves a chance to prove himself again in the top flight.

"It would be their loss if I left," Warnock told Standard Sport today. "I don't see where they can go to get anyone better. The people being mentioned aren't any better, so I don't see why they would want to get rid of me.
"It won't be an issue with myself. I haven't sought any reassurances over my position - I don't see why I should. You can only work as hard as you can and it has been a great season all round.People ask me what will happen in the next two years but I don't know what will happen in the next two days, two weeks or two months."

Ranieri was in charge of Chelsea for four years before he became the first manager to be sacked by Roman Abramovich despite getting the club to the Champions League semi-finals.

The 59-year-old subsequently worked at Valencia, Parma and Juventus before being sacked by his last club, Roma, in February this year.

Lippi, 63, ended his two spells in charge of the Italian national team - they won the World Cup in 2006 - at the end of their unsuccessful campaign in South Africa last year when they finished bottom of their group.

Warnock's pedigree is huge after earning the seventh promotion of his career with QPR and he has warned his board that every club he has left has regretted getting rid of him.

He added: "I don't think clubs that I've left have benefited much when I've departed. I've left clubs in good situations 99 times out of 100.

"But in terms of the speculation about me, we just have to move on from that.If you look back at QPR over the last few years, the speculation has been there every other day.

"In a way, I'm glad we are in London because there are a few bigger things in this city than QPR - you only have to look at the top teams and the problems they have." Standard

Re: Amazing Grace - Fundraising Goal Met
« Reply #36 Yesterday at 11:26am »

Greg Burns/Fulham Chronicle

QPR fans send Grace for operation after hitting fundraising total

A YOUNG QPR fan will jet off for a life-changing operation next month after inspiring the community to achieve a mammoth fundraising feat.

Seven-year-old Grace Murphy became on overnight celebrity in W12 after her a campaign to raise £40,000 for the operation hit the pages of the Chronicle and the Hoops' matchday programme in January.

Grace, who suffers from cerebral palsy and has been going to watch her beloved Rangers with her dad Eddie for two years, hopes the selective rhizotomy (SDR) procedure to separate some of the sensory nerves in her spine, will see her quality of life improved.

The youngster went on to win the hearts of football fans and players at Loftus Road who dug deep to raise £20,000 in just two weeks.

Bucket collections at the ground on matchdays and individual donations continued to flood in with QPR donating club memorabilia to auction and the charitable arm of London & Southern Counties Region of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors also handing over a £6,000 cheque.

And the family have been overwhelmed by reaching their fundraising total in just four months.

Her delighted mother Claudette, 40, of Sunbury, said: "We have reached our target to Grace can now have her SDR procedure in America. Grace will now be having her surgery in June, due to the tremendous success of our fundraising journey and everyone's extraordinary generosity.

"Words will never be able to convey our gratitude to every single person who has helped us."

Grace and her family will now fly to St Louis Children's Hospital in the US for the operation before she sets out on a rehabilitation programme.

Mrs Murphy said: "It is going to be long and incredibly hard work for her and for us, but a positive and fulfilling experience. Her determination will shine through as always and help her find a new quality of life and independence which she truly deserves.

"Any funds we achieve over her target will be used on rehabilitation after the SDR procedure, this includes physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, specialist equipment and a return trip to America in 2012 and any other surgery needed in the future."

QPR fans have expressed their delight at the news through message boards and the family's official Facebook page.

Caroline, posting on QPRdot.org forum, said: "Wonderful news!! Wishing her all the very best with her treatment."

C1 posted on www.1882qpr.com: "Well done to everyone that has helped in any way including putting money into buckets before games. As a club and supporters we should be proud to have helped this young girl."

Richie Dixon said: "Well done to all that made it possible for Grace and let's hope that everything will be fantastic for her."

Jacqueline Barun said: "You and your family are an inspiration. Well done and good luck."

Ian Stenning said: "There aren't really any words that can describe what this means. I've come to know all four of you in the last four months and to see what you have achieved is inspirational."

You can follow Grace's progress after her operation at www.gracemurphysdrfund.webeden.co.uk
Fulham Chronicle

Hammersmith Council - Pitch perfect for QPR's Bradley [Orr]

Friday May 13, 2011

Queens Park Rangers star Bradley Orr took time out from celebrating promotion to the Premiership to pay a visit to children in a Shepherds Bush estate.

The footballer came to the Wood Lane Estate in White City Close to officially open the Tenants and Resident’s Association’s (TRA) new all-weather football pitch, which was resurfaced thanks to a £10,000 grant from H&F Council’s repairs contractor Kier.

Dozens of children and their families came out to meet defender Bradley, 28, who has played a key role in QPR’s Championship-winning season.

Bradley said: “It’s a pleasure to come here and meet the supporters. It’s fantastic you are encouraging young boys and girls get up and play football.

“This season has been phenomenal from the first moment of the first moment and the prospect of going and plying your trade against the best players and the biggest teams not just in Europe but the world is a dream come true.

“I’m from Liverpool so the games I’m most looking forward to are at Goodison Park and Anfield. If you’re a local lad and you don’t play for Everton or Liverpool the next best thing is to play there with your friends and family watching.”

Kier paid for the new pitch after H&F Council helped the TRA bid for a grant from the Minor Estates Improvement (MEI) programme.

Kier donated the money to the Council’s MEI fund through a scheme it runs to give a percentage of its profits for important projects for residents in the areas it works.

Councillor Lucy Ivimy, Cabinet Member for Housing said: “The Council encourages the contractors we work with to put something back into the community and I am delighted to see their donation has been put to such good use.”

Kathy Dolan, Chair of Wood Lane Estate TRA said: “I have tried for years to get the money together to get the pitch resurfaced, it was in a terrible state and I’m so grateful to Kier and the Council for helping us out.

“It’s lovely that a professional footballer has taken time out to come and meet the children here. They’ve all been so excited, it has really made their day.”

Tracy Gleeson, a Wood Lane Estate resident who helps run the tenants hall, said Bradley was an inspiration to the children.

“Bradley was brilliant with the children,” she said, “they loved meeting him. Kier have been fantastic in giving us this new football pitch, it’s something the estate has been crying out for years.”

Michelle Davies, Kier’s contract manager for Hammersmith & Fulham, said: “Kier works with thousands of residents every year and we really wanted to give something back.

“This all-weather pitch will be free for the children to use and we are all delighted to find such a deserving cause for our donation.”

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