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Saturday, May 07, 2011

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Western Mail/Chris Wathan - Welsh pair given green light to launch QPR legal fight

- May 7 2011

CARDIFF CITY and Swansea City were last night given the green light to launch a legal fight over the QPR transfer saga – despite remaining in the dark over their top-two hopes.

Wales’ Premier League aspirants head into today’s final games of the season with uncertainty still surrounding their automatic promotion aims, thanks to the failure of the Football Association to make a ruling on the QPR situation.

Cardiff head to Burnley and Swansea welcome Sheffield United and victory for either could yet see one of them claim a place in the Premier League without going through the play-offs – if QPR are docked enough points for their role in the Alejandro Faurlin affair.

No announcement on that was forthcoming last night, the hearing into seven charges of transfer irregularities made against them set to enter a fifth day today with the last round of Championship matches kicking off at 12.45pm.

Rangers – who will be presented with the Championship trophy today unless they are deducted points before kick-off – are fighting claims they broke the rules on third-party ownership, use of unauthorised agents, supplying false information and bringing the game into disrepute. The punishments range from a fine to a severe points penalty.

But, if the Londoners escape the mooted points deduction, a leading lawyer has told the Bluebirds and the Swans they could take up a fight for multi-million pound compensation if Rangers are found guilty.

“They are all contracted parties to the rules,” sports law expert Andrew Nixon said of QPR’s rivals.

“If there is a considerable breach, especially with a reckless disregard to that contract, you could follow the logic to say that it led to a significant loss for somebody.

“The argument is that if QPR hadn’t done what they did, somebody else would be promoted.

“Then forensic accountants would be used to work out what the loss is, but it could easily get to that £90m figure.”

Any of the Championship rivals affected by the QPR third-party ownership case are potentially within their rights to follow the precedent set when Sheffield United were awarded a staggering £26.6m against West Ham in the fall-out of the 2007 Carlos Tevez scandal.

But the team who finishes third would have particular and genuine grounds to pursue a financial windfall in a private lawsuit.

Nixon added: “If there has been a breach then arguably the clubs who have been affected by the decision could look at bringing their own claim and launching their own proceedings against QPR.

“But I hasten to add that very much depends on what comes out of the tribunal.”

Both the Bluebirds and the Swans are keeping their focus on today’s games, with rival bosses Dave Jones and Brendan Rodgers eager to concentrate on hitting form as they prepare to enter the play-offs.

But it is thought they would be prepared to explore the legal avenues available to them if they were not satisfied with the outcome of the FA’s independent regulatory commission into the irregularities over the deal to sign Argentine midfielder Faurlin.

Cardiff or Swansea could bide their time before making their legal move, waiting to see if they are successful in reaching the Premier League via the play-offs.

As it stands, both are set to compete for the final promotion place through the end-of-season shoot-out with their semi-final opponents theoretically decided today.

That could be thrown into chaos and confusion if QPR are docked points, with a Rangers appeal almost inevitable.

But the Western Mail understands the play-offs will go ahead as planned regardless of any appeal, and QPR would have to feature if they are docked sufficiently.

“QPR would effectively have to put in an appeal within 14 days and the FA would then have seven days to respond,” said Nixon.

“The appeal hearing would then be convened after that, so on a timescale 28 days would be the quickest you could move through that process.

“You could see how matters could be pushed into June and the practicality of the play-offs are an issue to be dealt with.

“It potentially could drag on through the summer. It may well be that the tribunal is thinking that an appropriate punishment would be to carry over any points deduction into next season.

“But how that affects the other clubs in all this remains to be seen and that scenario doesn’t deal with the issues they may have.” Western Mail

Barry Horne/Liverpool Echo - If QPR are guilty – they should be relegated
May 7 2011
- I HAVE written in the past about how football administrators seem to make life extraordinarily difficult for themselves by not acting decisively enough.
- But in terms of dithering the Football League has excelled all expectations with the QPR fiasco.
- The Football League has known about their situation for months and has presumably allowed the situation to drag on in the hope that it would resolve itself, i.e. that QPR finished in a benign position in the league allowing them to dock points without anyone suffering unduly.
- As things stand it looks like the only way out is to either clear the club, which given the information already in the public domain seems unlikey, or to fudge the issue.
- The League must be hoping that QPR at least maintain their points advantage over Cardiff at the weekend which would enable them to dock the club points yet maintain the status quo in respect of the rest of the league.
- I can’t see any other way they could get out of it. Clubs are regularly docked points for fielding an ineligible player on one occasion and thrown out of the FA Cup, even if that is due to a genuine mistake.
- If it is proved that QPR have systematically and repeatedly given the Football League false information, as they are have been charged, then that is a whole different level of rule breaking.
- That is far more serious. If they are found guilty they should be prevented from going up. In fact they should be relegated – a scenario which would cause chaos. Liverpool Echo

Neil Warnock/Independent

Neil Warnock: I want the fans and players to forget about the FA hearing and just enjoy today

What I Learnt This Week

I obviously still can't talk about the hearing into our alleged contract irregularities.

All I've been concerned with is winning the Championship. The players have done fantastic and I want them and the fans to forget about the hearing and enjoy today. We're being presented with the Championship trophy and the players have earned it. After today a joke I was told this week will be out of date. There was a break-in at QPR's trophy room. The burglar was apprehended a mile away, with 40 yards of blue-and-white carpet.

I have seen different people in the news talking about the case but none of them is privy to the evidence. One that did amuse me was Mark Palios coming in and talking as if he knew something just to gain some cheap publicity; you'd have thought he'd had enough of being in the papers.

We have a cracking finish today, playing Leeds in a match televised by the BBC. It will be a good atmosphere with Leeds fans down in force as they still have a mathematical chance of pipping Nottingham Forest for the final play-off spot. Although we have won the league, and will be in a celebratory mood, there's no need for Billy Davies to worry, we'll be playing to win. Leeds away was probably one of the darkest moments of the season They beat us comprehensively 2-0. It was obvious to us afterwards by the comments made by Leeds players in the tunnel that they thought they were going to win the league, and we were on the way down.

I've a lot of time for Ken Bates who I nearly worked with once. I remember him showing me plans at Chelsea of how it would be in five years' time, to which I said: "I'll never last five year with you." In fairness he did wonders for the club, even though he sold it at the right time. Although they've had some ups and downs I think Leeds fans will be pleased he's come on board, they needed someone like Ken who is a bit immovable, to get them back on the straight and narrow and I can only see success in the future.

So how did I celebrate winning the Championship title last weekend? (a) A night of champagne and cocktails at a swish nightclub? (b) A slap-up meal in a West End restaurant? (c) A cheese sandwich in my pyjamas?

If you've been reading this column for a while you'll have correctly guessed (c). The lads went to a nightclub. The directors had planned something. They were all going to have a great night but I just felt I had to go home. I felt really tired. It's been a long season and with the relief of finally getting the points that would win the Championship it all hit me.

I'd William back from Watford on the bus with me. It's not a long journey but as you can imagine, it was a fabulous atmosphere. Sharon and Amy were back at the training ground, they'd also been to the match, and we drove home. So while all the players were getting into their glad rags at about 8pm we were on our bed in our pyjamas. I had a cheese sandwich with piccalilli, then Amy slipped away and brought a bottle of champagne up from the fridge. That was our celebration night. I know it is not what is expected, but in fairness I don't think I would have lasted two minutes if I'd gone out.

After the game I didn't have one drink, not even a glass of champagne until Amy poured that one on the bed. I just wanted to take everything in on the pitch, in the dressing room, everything; it wasn't quite a blur, more like being in a movie and watching it at the same time.

It was a great afternoon. The Watford people were really good. The guy with the microphone got a bit stroppy as it was their final home match and they wanted to clear the pitch so their players could come on and thank the fans. I'd said to security beforehand, "You've got to give us five minutes, I'll get the lads off as quick as we can." He was getting a bit excited so I said to him, "Excuse me pal, we've just won the Championship, calm down a bit." They relaxed a bit, we got inside, and they had their presentations.

In all the joy, though, I did feel a bit of sadness in that the club I helped build up to promotion to the Premier League had been relegated into League One. It took seven years of blood, sweat and tears to transform Sheffield United and while they had been hanging on the precipice the last few weeks it didn't really hit home until I was told they were relegated. I know sometimes you have to regroup but I do think it'll be difficult next season. Every team that comes to Bramall Lane will be charged up by knowing they are playing the biggest club in the division.

2. There is no point us doing well without staying well too

The first call I received on Monday was from the Wellness Centre. They run fitness checks on managers in conjunction with the League Managers Association (LMA). They said it was time for my medical. They must have seen me jumping up and down at Vicarage Road and worried about my heart. I'm booking in the next fortnight, now the games are done. It's an excellent service. The LMA's gone from strength to strength in providing that sort of thing. And now they have a centre in London, as well as the one in Stockport, there's no excuse. I do feel guilty when I put a couple of pounds on; it doesn't really become me wearing shorts. I won't be wearing them today no matter how hot it is. Amy calls me Tweedledee, or is it Tweedledum?

3. Lambert leads a host of quality Championship bosses

Leeds have one of the up-and-coming young managers in Simon Grayson. He's a big future ahead of him and been very close to winning successive promotions. Don't tell me we don't have quality managers coming through in our country, I won't have it. Last week we faced another in Malky Mackay, who's done superbly this year. Then there's Brendan Rodgers, who is in the play-offs with Swansea, and Kenny Jackett at Millwall who came up last year and had a fantastic season taking his team to the penultimate game with a chance of the play-offs.

Which brings us to Paul Lambert at Norwich. What a magnificent achievement he's had there. I was driving listening to the football commentaries on Monday and although I could not believe Cardiff lost, I was not at all surprised that Norwich won at Portsmouth to clinch automatic promotion afterwards.

To get two promotions in two years is no mean achievement. I was fortunate to do the same with Notts County when we come up from the Second Division. People talk about establishing yourself when you have been promoted, but when you get on a run it's a great feeling and you do feel you can win every time. That they have scored so many late goals shows how good the spirit has been. I'm delighted to see them come up. It's a lovely club. I love Delia and her mother, she's been so supportive of the club through difficult times, she really deserves this.

So do the fans. I was listening to talkSPORT and they were talking about our case. Three Norwich fans came on. They were all pleased they'd gone up but didn't want to win the Championship by default and wished us luck in the outcome. I was struck that when Sharon heard she said, "They'd not want it that way, they have class." I think some of the other clubs would snap their fingers off.

4. I'm backing United to see off Chelsea's surprising challenge

Who'd have thought a couple of months ago that we'd be in a situation where if Chelsea win a game they'll go top of the league. It's just the minor thing that the game is at Old Trafford. Thankfully for Chelsea they'll have a chance as Manchester United will play the first team. The second team looked out of this world on Wednesday as they brushed Schalke 04 aside as if it was a pre-season friendly. It shows the quality in the squad. While you would not write Chelsea off I still can't see anything other than it being Manchester United's title now.

5. Keeper Kenny sweeps QPR awards after 25 clean sheets

We had our player of the year award last Sunday and Paddy Kenny won both the supporters' and the players' player of the year award, which shows what a season he has had: with the help of a fantastic defence he's kept 25 clean sheets from 45 games. Adel Taarabt won the goal of the season. When they showed the video of our best times I realised he'd either scored or made them all. He really has had a fantastic season.

6. The ducks in the garden are very friendly

I'd like to talk about the family, but for one reason or another I've hardly seen them this week. The exception has been playing table tennis in the garden. Sharon's been whacking it down and William has improved beyond all recognition. I'd better start giving him less of a start.

The garden's full of life. There's blue tits nesting. And on Thursday afternoon I drove back up home to see a pair of ducks under the trees in the front garden. A male and a female. They didn't even get up when I opened the car door and went in the house.


Talksport - Exclusive – Hollins: QPR should be denied promotion altogether if found guilty of FA chargesBy Alex Varney
Friday, May 6

Former QPR midfielder John Hollins has told talkSPORT the club should be denied promotion if they are found guilty of breaching FA rules.
Reports have claimed the Championship title winners are likely to be docked 15 points by the FA over seven charges relating to the registration of Argentinian midfielder Alejandro Faurlin, which would push Neil Warnock’s side back into the play-offs.
But Hollins, who played for the Hoops between 1975-79 and has had a spell as caretaker boss, says that would not be a strong enough punishment if the club are found to have misled the FA, insisting they should be denied promotion altogether.

It’s not a punishment because you’ve still got another chance to get back into the Premier League

John Hollins
Swindon Town were relegated in 1990 after being found guilty of financial irregularities and Hollins told Keys & Gray: “It’s an offence and the rules since the Swindon time have actually been made even tighter and stricter regarding anything on the pitch and off the pitch.
“What about the other four or five clubs that have worked all season correctly with no problems? It’s not a punishment because you’ve still got another chance to get back into the Premier League. It’s not fair on the other clubs.” Talksport

QPR legend Hollins has no sympathy for former club

Published 23:00 06/05/11 By Neil McLeman

Former QPR star John Hollins says his old team must be denied promotion if they are guilty of breaking FA rules.

The Championship winners were last night still waiting for a judgement on their 2009 signing of Argentine mid-fielder Alejandro Faurlin.

The Football League say the West London club will be presented with the trophy at Loftus Road today, but Hollins - who played for the Hoops side which challenged for the title in 1975-76, and was later caretaker boss -insisted the FA must crack down if QPR are guilty.

“What about the other four or five clubs that have worked all season correctly with no problems? It’s not fair on them," he said.

“It [a points deduction] is not a punishment because they will still have another chance to get back into the Premier League.” Mirror

Danny Shittu on Players Giving Back/Being Role Model

Celebs should go to schools, says footballer
By Ben Lettman 0 Comments

ROLE MODEL: Danny Shittu

PREMIER LEAGUE footballer Danny Shittu has called for more celebrities to speak to secondary school students in the hopes of inspiring and motivating them.

As part of the I Can U Can (ICUC) Initia-tive, which provides students with the opportunity to meet famous personalities - who share their time and experiences with them - Shittu recently visited students at St Paul’s Way Trust School in east London.

The 30-year-old spoke to several year groups about the importance of education and his struggles to make it as a professional footballer.

"There wasn’t really anyone that was older coming round to talk to us,” the Queens Park Rangers and Nigeria footballer said.

“Kids listen to us more than politicians and stuff like that. I’ve just always believed that you get to a point in life where you stop achieving and you start inspiring, so I like to inspire other people and let them achieve their dreams as well.”

Shittu continued: “They don’t have people coming round telling them they can do this, they can do that, and if you don’t tell these kids they won’t really take it in. They’ll end up getting led astray.”

Maria Shittu, managing director of the ICUC Initiative, said it is vital for pupils to hear and meet their idols.

“…I think it’s important that our role models who young people really look up to have the opportunity to hear their story, and also be able to interact with them on a level,” she said.

“We’re trying to get a lot more influential figures on board because it’s incredibly positive with some of the responses we’ve been hearing from the teachers.”


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