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Friday, February 01, 2013

QPR Report Friday Update: "Blocked" by Chairman Tony Fernandes


Blocked - and then Subsequently Unblocked - By The Chairman
  Chairman Tony Fernandes is rightly, a very popular Chairman of Queen's Park Ranger (QPR) who to the consternation of some, tweets frequently and in "Real time" about QPR Matters.
Those who use twitter - and kudos to those who don't! - will know that you can "Follow" People; and that if you choose, you can "block" people so that they can't "Follow" you.

   Yesterday I suddenly noticed that Chairman Tony Fernandes was no longer on the QPRReportTwitter "Follow" List and that add him to the list resulted in the message "You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user."

   After publicly taking note of this blocking, after a few hours, the block was removed.

-   Chairman Fernandes who has approaching 300,000 Twitter followers has publicly bemoaned receiving "abuse" from QPR Fans - and initially implied he might even be prepared to step down (before announcing he would stay, regardless of what might happen at QPR)   If there have been abusive tweets or emails to the Chairman: That's deplorable and they certainly haven't come from QPR Report - in fact I have repeatedly expressed my hope that, come what may, the Chairman will remain leading QPR.
  However if "abuse" constitutes expressing concerns or raising questions about QPR spending or finances or pointing to things that have been said previously by the Chairman, QPR Report would obviously have to plead guilty. Both in some of his tweets; and of course on the QPR Report Messageboard

    Now of course, it's always possible that the Chairman doesn't entirely handle his own twitter account and has staff to do such things - and that the action was taken by one of his staff - either on his or her own initiative, or by implied or direct instruction.  Maybe even, however implausible it might sound, but the wrong button was pushed.
   And anyway:
Does it really matter if the Chairman blocks one QPR Fan? No, of course not. And there are of course a myriad of ways to read someone's tweets.

   However if per chance this blocking was undertaken because the Chairman is only interested in receiving laudatory adulation, rather than serious questions and concerns (NEVER abusive), that would be rather unfortunate, to put it mildly. And to mind at least, would just increase my concerns about QPR matters.

   Because ultimately, the fans are with the club for life. And QPR is an integral part of the core of their lives.  QPR is not just a financial interest or investment, or a mild hobby.  Chairmen come and go. And while at QPR, ideally every Chairman will treat the club as a "Sacred Trust."

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The Club and its "Associations"
     An ongoing matter of continued "regret" to at least this blogger: That Queen's Park Rangers FC continue to provide a forum on its Official Match Day broadcast show to "QBlockPete" - Pete Davies.  
     Ultimately, obviously the owners and senior management of Queen's Park Rangers Football determine who they want to employ or utilize.  But equally,  QPR supporters - quite a few of whom have been supporting QPR a lot longer than any of the current QPR owners, employees,  or "Associates" - retain the freedom to express their views (whether supportive or critical) and concerns on matters pertaining to QPR.
    If you want to express any views on this matter either privately or publicly, pm me on the QPR Report Messageboard or email at qprreport@hotmail.com

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