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Friday, February 15, 2013

QPR Report Friday: Relegation: Accepting the Inevitable - While Hoping for a Miracle...Nelsen Speaks...Fan Forum Aftermath/Update...Flashbacks: Crazy World of QPR...Winton Speaks...Club-Fan Meeting...The Morgans Face-Off...Howe/McGovern Birhdays...+ Last Night's London CallIn


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 QPR Official Site FANS’ FORUM – FAQ’s

PUBLISHED 09:20 15th February 2013

Your questions answered ...

OUR RECENT Fans’ Forum at Loftus Road raised a number of key questions and queries, which the club promised its supporters it would respond to.

Below is a detailed response to the main talking points, as well as details outlining how you – the fans – can contact the club on an on-going basis.


*Who is responsible for liaising with supporters at the club these days?
We have a number of channels available for supporters to contact the club directly. There is now a dedicated customer service email address set up - customerservices@qpr.co.uk
In addition, fans are able to keep abreast of club coverage via the official website (www.qpr.co.uk), our official Twitter feed (@OfficialQPR) and our Official Facebook page.
The club recognises that the views of our loyal supporters are vitally important and the club are committed to holding regular Fans’ Forums and Fan Reps meetings.

*What is the situation regarding Fan Reps meetings as there seems to be very little correspondence between the club and its supporters these days?
We are aware that there are a large number of different fans groups and it may not always be easy to meet representatives from all groups. However, we are committed to restoring a good dialogue between the club and our fans and we will hold regular Fans’ Forums and Fan Reps meetings in order to update fans on key decisions.
A date for the next Fan Reps meetings will be announced in due course. A representative from each of the fan groups will be invited to attend.


*Re the family stand, why did the club move its hard-core fans from the Lower Loft without consultation or warning?
We accept that the decision to make the Lower Loft a dedicated Family Stand meant that a number of loyal supporters were impacted by the need to move from their preferred seating areas. The club took additional steps at the beginning of the season to move a number of supporters who had not previously been asked to move and we accept this was not communicated in the most effective way. However, it is a decision the club stands by as it looks to encourage families and young fans to support the R’s. We recognise the passion and feeling generated by this decision and the club acknowledges that this could have been communicated better. The club is open to meeting representatives from fans groups impacted to discuss any alternative options. The upcoming Fan Reps meeting will be an ideal time to discuss this further.

*Why do we allocate one of the best areas in the stadium to the away supporters? Why can't we stick them in the corner of Ellerslie Road? Why do we give away supporters both tiers of the School End, which only assists in helping them to create a good atmosphere for their team?

Away supporters have been allocated the School End for many years, so this is not a new issue. There are some obligations regarding away supporters which the club has to meet – these include a minimum allocation of 3,000 tickets or 10 per-cent of the total capacity and a requirement to be able to effectively segregate the area (including dedicated turnstile access). This segregation requirement is a key constraint given the challenges around Lotus Road. The club will continue to look at ways to secure the maximum number of tickets we can for home fans.

*Why don't away Season Tickets holders get the best tickets when the allocation is released?
We work with the home club and act under their instructions as to how to distribute our away allocation. We will always endeavour to make sure that away season ticket holders get the best possible allocation available at that time. If further tickets are released to us to sell we will not be able to relocate tickets already allocated.

*How do the club decide on away ticket allocations? Why didn't we take our full allocation to West Ham for example?
The club make an assessment based on demand for tickets for away fixtures. As explained, for a number of fixtures earlier in the season the club incurred significant losses arising from unsold away tickets. We recognise the fantastic support the away fans give the team and will always look to support taking as many fans as possible to every away fixture.

*The Viagogo deal is becoming an issue, with away supporter’s appearing in home ends? What's the situation with this?
A large number of football clubs and other sports have a relationship with Viagogo or Stubhub. Like other clubs we see it as an important benefit to our season ticket holders to be able to securely and safely sell a ticket to a match they are unable to attend. It should be noted that the club is not party to any of these transactions and they are between the ticket holder and the buyer. The terms and conditions of the tickets are clear and away supporters are prohibited in home fans areas. Any prospective buyer accepts these conditions and the club would request that if anyone is made aware of away supporters in a QPR area they immediately notify the Stewards who will deal with their ejection from the stadium.

*There are touts selling tickets in bulk to QPR home fixtures. How can this happen and where are these tickets coming from?
All tickets sold are fully traceable and accountable to individual purchasers with the vast majority sold only to season ticket holders or QPR members. Unauthorised selling of football tickets is illegal and we would take action against any individual we can prove is engaged in touting their tickets. In light of suggestions at the Fans’ Forum, we will step up our effort working with the police and investigate ticket touts operating in the area.


*Why are there only ever four turnstiles open for the whole of the Upper Loft. It creates a real problem. In Loftus Road there are about ten turnstiles that are never open. What is the reason behind this?
The issue regarding access to the Upper Loft revolves around our Safety Certificate and our obligations to the Council to be able to report numbers who have accessed the relevant areas of the stand via each section of turnstile. We are actively working with the Council to try to alleviate this and find a solution that will mean we can more proactively manage the queues to enter the Stadium and ensure that fans are not kept waiting unnecessarily.


*Will there be a Player of the Year event this season?
The club will be discussing this and other events over the next few weeks and will inform fans of any decision viawww.qpr.co.uk


*Why don’t our players take part in many community events?
The local community is the lifeblood of this football club and it seems clear from the feedback received that this is an area that needs addressing. We will be working closely with the trust and the football department to ensure positive changes are made.  QPR

Toronto Sun/Kurtis Larson

TFC's coach Ryan Nelsen in the right place

Nelsen knew it was time to hang up his boots

KISSIMMEE, FLA. - When Toronto FC announced a current Premier League player as former head coach Paul Mariner’s successor, supporters were, at best, cautiously optimistic about the prospects of having Ryan Nelsen coach by correspondence.

According to Nelsen, though, that was never going to be the case — and both TFC and its new coach’s former club had already agreed to the terms.

While he and general manager Kevin Payne maneuvered through questions last month regarding when the New Zealander would join the Reds permanently, the former Queens Park Rangers captain told the Sun this week his arrival time was decided at the time of the agreement.

It was always going to be Feb. 1 just to give QPR the ability (to work the market),” Nelsen said, explaining he and Payne tried to drop hints during a press conference to introduce TFC’s eighth manager. “If we’d said that publicly the price of centrebacks would have gone up (for QPR).”
Looking back, it was the right way to approach an unusual situation. But as QPR’s captain, its leader, most thought Nelsen’s decision to leave mid-season would leave a sour taste in the mouths of of those who support the central London club, making his final few Premier League matches rather intriguing.

After being asked about perceived turmoil his decision to join TFC stirred up across the pond, Nelsen himself admitted English fans and media often formulate quite harsh opinions of players — something he would potentially have to deal with while deserting a club in the midst of a relegation battle.

The opposite was true.

The QPR fans were fantastic,” Nelsen told the Sun when asked to reflect back on his decision to abruptly retire from the game after two decades. “I never had a problem with the QPR fans because I tried to give everything I could. There’s only 90 minutes in a week.”
Even better was the way his playing career ended — a goalless draw against Premier League giants Manchester City at QPR’s home ground, Loftus Road. Nelsen was showered with supportive chants as he crossed over the white line for the final time as a player.


Until now, Nelsen’s teleprompter responses to tired questions have left most wanting more. While his overtly positive demeanour seems a bit rehearsed at times, the World Cup veteran opened up earlier this week when asked to finally explain why he stepped away from playing.

“If you’re not challenged you might as well be retired,” he said. “I think for me I didn’t enjoy playing (at the end) because I was 35. I wasn’t enjoying playing and I’d proved everything. I’d played at the highest level.”

After capturing an MLS Cup with D.C. United in 2004, Nelsen moved to the Premier League’s Blackburn on a free transfer in 2005. Following seven quality seasons with Rovers, Nelsen completed a brief stint with Tottenham before moving to QPR, enjoying a legendary career with the New Zealand All Whites throughout.

“There was nothing I could really do as a player that was going to be anything I’ve already done,” he said.


Now, after close to a decade, Nelsen is back in MLS, set to return after a brief hiatus from a league he says is vastly different.

“The league has changed dramatically — and so much for the good as well,” he said. “I think in any league you’ve got to go through bad times to get to the good times and I really do believe that when I (was in the league) it was probably going through a time that it was trying to find its niche in the market.”

Toronto FC’s new bench boss recalled the league’s struggles as he looked out over a Florida golf course near the resort where the Reds are located.

“Everything was done with shoe-string budget,” he said. “I wouldn’t say unprofessional, but people were just trying to work with what they were given. I think there was also, on the players side, a hangover of trying to entertain.”

Entertainment in the form of embarrassing MLS overtimes and dribble-up shootouts, a pair of gimmicks Nelsen can laugh about when looking back on a league where he got his playing start — and, now, another new start.


KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Toronto FC head coach Ryan Nelsen has repeatedly insisted his playing days are over.

So, of course, we had to badger him at least once more on the topic.

As New Zealand will likely emerge from Oceania in 2014 World Cup qualifying, it will enter a playoff with whichever nation finishes fourth in CONACAF qualifying at the end of this year, a playoff that will likely occur during the MLS off-season.

“One thing I’ve learned about football is as soon as you think you know something it can come and bite you in the back side,” Nelsen said when discussing qualifying.

Is that to say he would return for a potential home-and-away for another shot at a World Cup?

“Not a chance,” he said emphatically. “And I’ll be cheering for New Zealand massively.”  Toronto Sun

Talksport - Hogan Ephraim desperate to end Queens Park Rangers nightmare

Hogan Ephraim is desperate to escape his QPR nightmare.
The winger, 24, has not made a single first-team appearance this season and has only played twice in the Premier League for Rangers since they were promoted in 2011.
He is available for a loan move after being left out of boss Harry Redknapp's 25-man squad and wants to kick-start his career.
"Promotion was a great moment but to be honest I haven't had many good moments since," he said.
"I just want to go somewhere, play some games and get a smile back on my face.
"I'm a London boy and playing here is great. But whether it's in London or not, or abroad, I just want to play and move my career forward." Talksport

London 24 - Millwall loan star sees his future away from QPR

By Tom Moore Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rob Hulse sees his future away from QPR and is hoping to make a clean break elsewhere in the summer.

The 33-year-old striker is currently on loan at Millwall until the end of the season and made his first start for the Lions in the 2-1 defeat to Blackpool last weekend.

The former Derby man’s contract at Loftus Road runs out at the end of the season and he is expecting to move on come May.

“I see my future away from QPR,” he said. “It’s just that sometimes you move, I’ve had six or seven clubs and most of them have been great.

“QPR just never worked out for me. I’ve had injuries and lots of different factors.

“I’ve only made 13 starts and I’ve been there two-and-a-half years.

“It’s nice to get away and have a fresh start at Millwall.

“They are a good bunch of lads and I’m enjoying my football again.”

Hulse was one of several players ostracised by former manager Mark Hughes along with Joey Barton, DJ Campbell, Tommy Smith and Luke Young.

The striker went on loan to Charlton earlier this term and, by the time he returned to Rangers, the Welshman had been sacked. His replacement, Harry Redknapp, was willing to let him leave for first-team action.

“He [Redknapp] said ‘we’ll help you out wherever we can’ and that was it really.

“He got me out on loan so I’m pleased.”

With Hulse’s contract expiring at the end of the season there is a good chance that a deal could be completed with the Lions, but he is set to consider his options in the summer.

He added: “I think we’ll see how I get on and the option is there at the end of the season so hopefully I can do well for the manager and the team.”

During Hulse’s time at Loftus Road, he made 14 starts and 11 substitute appearances in all competitions and scored on two occasions.

The 33-year-old is likely to feature in Millwall’s FA Cup fifth round clash at Luton on Saturday.




14:00 14th February 2013
by @OfficialQPR
We catch up with the former striker, now living in Norwich

'Where 'R' They Now?' appears in Hoops - QPR's official matchday programme. The below first appeared in Hoops for the visit of Norwich City (02/02/2013).

What are you up to nowadays?
I am 71 and I live in Norwich, near where I grew up. I still love football and I go to quite a lot of matches, as well as watching as many games as possible on the television.

You played for QPR from 1968 to 1970. What do you recall from that period?
I have fond memories of being at Loftus Road. I had a couple of nice years playing alongside people like Rodney Marsh and Terry Venables. I joined from Birmingham City early in the 1968/69 season. Rangers had previously twice won promotion to reach the top flight. We got relegated straight away though. I feel the club progressed too far, too quickly and the jump to the old First Division was just too big. But then we started to regroup in Second Division and had a good side.

You were a striker. What was it like to play alongside Rodney Marsh?
At first, I found it difficult to link up in attack alongside Rodney as he was such an individual player. It was not easy. But eventually the partnership worked well and we got a fair amount of goals between us.

Do any particular matches stand out in your memory?
When we played Chelsea in the FA Cup quarter-finals in front of a huge crowd at Loftus Road in February 1970. I remember scoring in that game and Terry Venables tucked away a penalty for Rangers. However, Peter Osgood hit a hat-trick for them and we lost 4-2.

Do you still keep an eye on the R�s?
Yes. I went to see QPR play at West Ham recently. Harry Redknapp has clearly been working on the shape of the team to make sure they don�t lose and then take it from there. The signing of Loic Remy will certainly improve options and quality up front.

How do you think the rest of the season will go for Rangers?
I really do hope and pray that QPR stay up. Everybody in football loves Harry Redknapp. He is a great manager and if anyone can improve things at Loftus Road, I think Harry can QPR.  

One Year Ago...Chairman Fernandes Talking

Sporting Life - Feb 13, 2012


QPR owner Tony Fernandes has called on his players to hold up their end of the bargain in keeping the club in the Barclays Premier League.

Fernandes last month put his money where his mouth is, splashing out around �15million on Nedum Onuoha, Bobby Zamora and Djibril Cisse, as well as bringing in three others on loan in Federico Macheda, Taye Taiwo and Samba Diakite.

Fernandes, though, is being put through the wringer by his squad that has taken just six points from the last 39 on offer.

That sequence has left QPR in a position where only goal difference separates them from a place in the bottom three, and with 13 matches to save themselves.

They still have to play Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City, with the last three of those fixtures in their final four matches.

Assessing his side's seemingly troubled situation, Fernandes told Press Association Sport: "I always said from day one we would be in a relegation battle and our aim was to avoid relegation.

"Am I coping with the pressure? I'm not loving the pressure, but I'm loving the whole experience.

"I'm doing the best I can, and it's now up to the boys on the pitch and the manager to do what they can.

"We certainly have the players and ability to avoid relegation, but the Premier League is very tough, and only time will tell."

Fernandes certainly voiced his frustration over the weekend in the wake of his side's 3-2 defeat at relegation rivals Blackburn.

Fernandes turned to his Twitter account to let the fans know he was far from happy as he said: "Talent is one thing. Being able to cope with the pressures of talent is key.

"Everyone needs a spine to take the pressures of life. We need a spine in QPR. We need fighters not just talent."

Fernandes makes no apologies for using Twitter, a social media outlet that former boss Neil Warnock suggested had played a part in his own downfall.

Warnock felt Fernandes had read too many comments from fans before the axe was swung on his reign on January 8 after 22 months in charge.

Fernandes effectively went back on remarks made when he took over in the summer that he would not pull the rug from under Warnock's feet and that he would be given all the support he needed.

In his first interview since Warnock's departure and the subsequent appointment of Mark Hughes, Fernandes said: "That was the most difficult time I've encountered as a boss of any of my businesses."

The owner of Caterham F1 and airline AirAsia added: "I liked Neil, and I thought like with any of my employees it would be a long, long, long relationship.

"Sadly I ended up doing the one thing I said I wouldn't do, which is why it was tough.

"I'd rather not go into the reasons why I got rid of him. It was a decision that was made, and we've moved on from it."

Dismissing suggestions that he reacted to Tweets from fans, Fernandes said: "For people who have known me for a long time, my board and I will do what we think is right.

"We're not going to be pressurised by players, fans or anybody. We have to do what we think is right for the club in the long run.

"Like anything, though, I am in the public eye and I love transparency and openness, but there's a limit to what I can say and shouldn't say.

"That's because when you're in the public eye and say something it can affect other people, so you have to balance it."

Fernandes, meanwhile, seemingly has no qualms with another avid Tweeter in QPR captain Joey Barton.

The midfielder has been known for pushing the boundaries with his remarks on Twitter.

But Fernandes said: "Joey reports to the manager, and that's something for the manager and him to decide what's right and wrong."

However Fernandes added: "Again, when you're in the public eye, you have to be sensitive."


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