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Friday, May 16, 2008

QPR Fans Groups Issue Joint Appeal to Club Over Price Rises

Yesterday, QPR announced a very sizable increase in 2008-2009 season ticket prices. There was a very heated response yesterday and today on the messageboards to the price increases which came only weeks after the club had suggested there would not be such a massive increase. Thus the size of the increase was a surprise even to those with close ties to the club. The club then poured oil on a burning fire by issuing a statement just after hours after the increase been announced, claiming there were "Record Sales." Something that patently the club could not have been in a position to say. Late today, QPR Fans Groups sent a joint letter to the club appealing the decision.

Joint Letter regarding Season Ticker Prices
May 16, 2008
The following letter has been agreed by the groups mentioned below and sent on behalf of these supporters representatives.

Dear Mr. Russell

We are writing on behalf of supporters groups, organisations and websites representing

AKUTRs Fanzine
Friends of QPR
Independent Rs
QPR Loyal Supporters Association
QPR Official Supporters Club
QPRNet Website
QPR1st Supporters Trust
Rivals Website
We Are The Rangers Boys Website

We remain appreciative of Mr Briatore, Mr Ecclestone and Mr Mittal for stepping in and rescuing QPR financially after a very difficult time. Yet we believe that the Board should also appreciate that the loyal supporters and season ticket holders we represent have stood by the Club in good times and bad and have contributed a significant part of their income towards the continuing survival and progression of QPR.

We are therefore extremely disappointed about the recent announcement concerning season ticket price rises and the way this announcement has been handled by the Club. We would not have been surprised if, for example, there was a 10% rise in the price of all tickets, to reflect the fact that as the Investors have contributed greatly to our club we as fans must share in that for the Club to go forward. But some of the rises are far more excessive and unreasonable than that. For example, the whole upper loft, traditionally the home for many longstanding loyal season ticket holders at Home games, has seen a price rise of 50% on adult tickets, from £400 to £600. In addition the tradition loyalty discount made available to season ticket holders who renew (something many clubs do) has been abolished.

Many of our fans have been hit by the current economic circumstances and credit crunch. Many simply cannot afford rises of up to 50%, particular families buying multiple tickets. Many long standing loyal fans will be forced out.

We are also unhappy by the way the Club has announced this decision. In the past the Board of QPR consulted with fans about the prices for season tickets, this time it has just been announced, and announced very late in the day making it even harder for some fans to pay.

In the circumstances we are writing this open letter to the Club to request a meeting with you to review the price rises. We would ask you to listen to our concerns and to reconsider at least some of the steepest rises in prices and abolition of the renewal discount that you have announced. QPR1st shall be advising all our members and supporters not to renew their season tickets until after the meeting.

You can respond to this letter by contacting any of the listed organisations.

Cc Alejandro Agag, Amit Bhiatu, Flavio Briatore, Gianni Paladini, Bernie Ecclestone, Lakshmi Mittal.


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