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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

QPR's New Crest: Different Perspectives

QPR's new crest was officially unveiled at the club's last game of the season (WBA at Loftus Road). Fan reaction was mixed. Below a couple of other views:

Patrick Nathanson on European football - Telegraph Blog
Badges of honour -Posted by Patrick Nathanson on 28 May 2008
"A badge is not just a badge. It's a family heirloom." Or so says the Adidas advert for the new Liverpool shirt.
New look: The fesh face of the modern Queens Park Rangers
And for once I actually agree with the marketing men. The problem is that in the year 16 A.S. (anno Sky), clubs are changing their badges faster than Chelsea change managers. And it's almost always for the worst.
Take QPR. I have to disagree with my fellow blogger James Higgs - I think the arabesque twirls of the classy old-school design have been traded in for something that looks like a Hogwart's crest, hurriedly designed by a 13-year-old using Paint Shop.
I was half expecting the new motto to be 'Never tickle a sleeping dragon'.

Chelsea, Aston Villa, Arsenal, Bolton and Man City are amongst those clubs to have changed their emblem in recent years. The fools! Forget managers, championships and FA Cup triumphs, the badge is the true mirror of a club's soul and should not be tinkered with willy-nilly.
Millwall fans know the score, successfully lobbying to get the original rampant lion from the 'Lion Comic' re-sewn onto the shirt. Millwall aren't Millwall without the lion, just as the hammers are a crucial part of West Ham's identity and Luton aren't the same without the hat.
Join the campaign to save the endangered species that is the good old-fashioned club badge and send in your own favourites from around the world.
I've found some real beauties. Hats off to Napier City Rovers of New Zealand for their dolphin balancing on a ball.
Then there's the bizarre effort from the Cypriot side Apep Limassol featuring a dove flying through the air holding an envelope in its mouth.
But for me, top prize goes to Luxembourg's Avenir Beggen for the surreal image of a bearded leprechaun clambering over a giant football. Post

Telegraph/James Higgs - Considerably richer than you
"...The new logo is OK, I suppose, at least it's better than the horrible 80s one we've had for the last 20 years or so. What it looks like isn't the point; it's the symbolic nature of the change that's important. Like it or not, in order for us to reach the Premiership, and sustain membership of it, there have to be changes at every level of the club..."Post

Soccerlens/Ahmed Bilal Queens Park Rangers: New Crest
Queens Park Rangers launched their new club crest on Sunday, 4th May 2008, and is perhaps one of the best ‘redesigns’ done this summer.
Flavio Briatore, Chairman of QPR Holdings Ltd, said: “I am delighted with the design of the new crest, which maintains the Queens Park Rangers tradition of blue and white hoops. I know how important it is to the fans that the hoops remain, and that was always going to be the case.”

Briatore explained the rationale behind the new crest, adding: “This is a period of huge transformation at QPR.
“This new crest is stylish, thrilling and authentic and signifies the start of what we hope will become the most successful period in the Club’s history.”
Apart from the PR speak, the crest itself is quite striking although the one downside is the plain / ordinary way the club’s name is printed in the center - it takes the shine away from the rest of the crest.

New QPR Crest:

Old QPR Crest:


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