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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Assessment of QPR's Low Spending on Agents and High Spending re Players

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Dave McIntyre BBC606 - QPR score well in agents' fees report
- The reduction in fees paid directly to agents by QPR is reflected in the latest Football League Agents’ Fees Report.
- The report shows that Rangers committed £40,290 to agents between the start of July and end of December last year, compared to £211,000 during the same period for 2007.
- That may come as a surprise to some given the turnover of players at Loftus Road, which has been huge in recent seasons with more significant transfer activity taking place last year.
- The club – and sporting director Gianni Paladini in particular – has been criticised for their dealings with agents in the past.
- Much of this criticism has been unfair
- More recently, QPR have made it clear that agents will be paid by their player – not the club.
- There was also a new regulation introduced by the Football Association, which prohibited clubs from making one-off payments to players which they could then use to pay their agent's fees.
- The FA suspended this rule during the recent transfer window, so whether this affects Rangers' next six-monthly figure for agents’ fees remains to be seen.
- At present, QPR tell players that payments to their agent must come from them.
- This may then be reflected in the player’s wage demands (given that he will be making a payment to his agent) and affect his salary and/or signing-on fee, although Rangers do have a salary cap in place.

- It means the cost of agents fees is absorbed within the players’ wages rather than paid directly to the agent by the club.
- The figures to really watch out for then are the ones in the annual accounts, which should put a stop to any criticism of the board for not investing heavily in the playing squad.
- Despite their reluctance to pay large transfer fees, Rangers’ 'big spenders' tag, which seems to annoy many fans, is more than justified – and the accounts should reflect this.
- A very large amount has been spent on players, and this has in some ways helped the club limit the amount paid to agents.
-Rangers are now usually able to offer players more money than they can get, or are getting, elsewhere.
- That means it’s usually in a player’s interests to agree to their terms.
- In the past, QPR’s hand was weaker and competition for each player’s signature usually much stronger.
- In theory, that meant they were more reliant on the agent's role in helping them complete a signing.
BBC 606

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