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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today's Teams: QPR vs Ipwswich - Camp Starts. Cook Returns. And no Place in the 16 For the New Signing

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Teams: QPR vs Ipwswich
QPR: Camp, Delaney, Mahon, Hall, Leigertwood, Routledge, Gorkss, Connolly, Cook, Miller, Di Carmine. - Subs: Stewart, Blackstock, Balanta, Alberti, Helguson.

Ipswich Town: R. Wright, D. Wright, McAuley, Bruce, Miller, Counago, Norris, Civelli, Stead, Quinn, Thatcher. - Subs: Supple, Garvan, Lisbie, Balkestein, Walters.

- If Interested in Old QPR Memories....QPR Nostalgia Photos - Regularly Updated

- Micky Adams Out at Brighton
- Video Brazilians Trying to Rival QPR's China Brawl
- Portsmouth Let Kids Damage the FA Cup - Interesting Interview with Sam Allardyce (given that in the summer, Allardyce was linked to QPR as Manager)
- Everton Forced Switch Game Days Due to BNP Rally- Flashback: QPR vs Ipswich1968: QPR's First-Ever Division One Win

Vital Football QPR on the QPR v Chelsea Game
- "...In 1970, Chelsea and QPR were drawn to face each other in the FA Cup quarter-finals. Chelsea's Alan Hudson described it as a 'fantastic draw', due to the rivalry between the two clubs. To add further spice, QPR were fielding two former Chelsea players, Terry Venables and Barry Bridges, as well as their star striker, Rodney Marsh.
- In an entertaining match, despite the poor pitch, Chelsea were 2-0 up within eight minutes thanks to Peter Osgood and David Webb, with a twice-taken Venables penalty putting Rangers back in contention. As Rangers threatened to equalise, Osgood scored twice more to complete his hat-trick and put the result beyond doubt, before Bridges grabbed a late consolation for his side. Chelsea would ultimately go on to win the cup that season." Vital Football QPR

Repost From Yesterday Football Fan Census - FOOTBALL FAN SURVEY
- The survey is just 6 questions long. To participate you have to be registered with the FFC which, if you haven't done previously, you can do at the end of this survey and register the team you support.

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