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Saturday, February 14, 2009

QPR's Paulo Sousa Interviewed Again

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PAULO SOUSA The coach of Qpr exclusively interviewed in London by calciomercato.it - Web Translation!
- - Courtesy of QPR Italia - QPR Italia -Web Translation

- LONDON (England) - There's more than a piece of Italy in the return of Qpr.. If the club Briatore can still dream of returning soon, Premier League, the substance responsible mainly Paulo Sousa, Portuguese, yes, but with a football made in Italy. The coach Lusitano, in leading the company to Loftus Road from November, has now to convince fans and the company, sending the winning mentality that was in the blood. " And here to find out near the secrets, curiosities and future projects of training in London, Calciomercato.it decided to meet at the field of training of Qpr, the former midfielder bianconero.

- So Paulo, Briatore has strongly desired and watch the results, we can say that the choice was very apt.
- "Yes, after talking with him, I strongly Flavio wanted. There was an understanding of thoughts and goals and my ideas have been closer to her. Then, fortunately, we start well, bringing a different mentality. With time we have become a difficult team to beat, which also takes far fewer goals. The teams now have more serious difficulties to fight in thirteen matches and we lost only one.

- You are now ninth in the standings, according to you there are still opportunities in this season to enter the play offs.
- "Take over in mid season is not easy, but we started to have confidence in our methods. The rationale of being close to the play off is very important and we believe."

- The mentality of winning and your Briatore, was immediately sent to players.
- "This means that the players and the companies are happy and the best thing for a coach is being said by players who are growing as a player and as a person, a great stimulus to a young technician like me. The British culture then have the winning mentality. I have always won and it is not something difficult to convey why I have this in your blood. One of the things that have changed is that now not won out, the beginning was normal for them to lose, so before we started not to lose and then win. Now draw creates sadness because the players have understood that you can beat and win all the matches. "

- Submitting Briatore president of football?
- "Flavio is a very ambitious person, with a lot of grit and wants to win: something very important. This is a company that has a very important story, a strong past and I want to be part of this history of this team and I want to future people will remember me."

- As in Italy, where you dress the shirt of Juventus and Inter. .... - - Two teams now in the fight for the championship .... "But in reality I do not doubt for a rose that has and why Jose is certainly a winner in Italy will win the 'Inter. Quaresma? It' a good player and is not easy to find a good player with his characteristics. Chelsea has lost an outsider and now can have more space, take confidence slowly. It has a great card to play in England. "

- While in the Champions League, see this comparison as Italy-England?
- "The Italian team in recent years have grown a lot and you can fly. There is a parity considering the two games. All the Italian teams can win as well as those of England. The Italian team are strong in terms of tactics, but training with British foreign technicians have managed to improve from this point of view, then combining the quality of the game to that player. So lots of very balanced. "

- The challenge with Brazil but it was clearly lost and I am referring to the friendly match dell''Emirates Stadium '.
- "They are two different teams that play differently. L 'Italia needs to be at most because it's a formation that spends a lot in terms of mental and physical and to express themselves better should be at 100 percent. The Brazilians, on the contrary play much more with the ball possession and are aggressive. I like much the work he is doing Dunga, has changed the team focusing on global Elano.Al but will be different. " Eleonora Trotta
Web Translation
- QPR Italia in Italian

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