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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Critique: Briatore's Managerial Selections

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HatchetMan/The Mail - For a man who wants QPR to be a success, Briatore is picking some very ordinary managers
- Flavio Briatore must like sacking managers at QPR. Why else does he keep appointing candidates who have only a slim chance of success?
- Luigi De Canio, Iain Dowie, Paulo Sousa and now Jim Magilton. They may not be the world's worst bosses, but they don't exactly spell guaranteed promotion either.
- If it is actually the case that Briatore wants to pick the team himself he should not appoint a manager at all. But if, as he claims, that is not the case, something has got to give.
- Rangers are supposed to be an upwardly mobile club and, even if they are restricted by the fact that potential managers know they won't get time to do the job properly, it is about time they went for a big hitter.
- They have spent a lot of money on players if the turnover of their squad is anything to go by and the executive facilities at Loftus Road certainly have all the trimmings. The only thing that is missing is a dominant figure with football know-how and a plan - Daily Mail

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