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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The London Football Report 2009: QPR

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Football Fan Census - The London Football Report 2009
- The Evening Standard's London Football Report 2009, in association with The Football Fans Census. Have your say on how your club is run and the big issues in the annual London football report.Complete the 10-question survey, it only takes a couple of minutes.
Continue »" Football Fan Census

- [Note: These are the questions. To take the survey, go here]

Football Fan Census - The London Football Report 2009
- To participate in this survey you have to be registered with the FFC which, if you haven't done previously, you can do at the end of this survey and register the team you support.
- Q1. How do you rate the performance of your club's current/most recent manager this season?
Very good Good Ok Bad Very bad

Q2. How do you rate the performance of your club's owner/chairman/board this season?
Very good Good Ok Bad Very bad

Q3. How do rate the performance of referees in your club's matches this season?
Very good Good Ok Bad Very bad

Q4. Given their salaries, have your club's players provided value for money this season?
Yes No Undecided

Q5. Including ticket, transport, merchandise and refreshment costs, how much on average does it cost you, as an individual, to watch a home game? £0 - £20 £21 - £40 £41 - £60 £61 - £80 £81 - £100 £101 - £150
£151 - £200 £201 - £250 £251 - £500 £501 - £750 £750 + Non applicable

Q6. Will the price of tickets at your club put you off going to games or renewing your season-ticket next season?
Yes, I am not renewing my season ticket
Yes, I will be going to fewer games
No, but I believe ticket prices are too high

Q7. Have you witnessed any football hooliganism and/or racism at your club's matches this season?
Yes, both racism and hooliganism
Yes, racism
Yes, hooliganism

Q8. How many times this season do you recall an incident when you believe a player from your club has deliberately taken a dive to win a free-kick or penalty?
None 1 to 5 times 6 to 10 times 11 to 20 times More than 20 times

Q9. On which TV channel do you prefer watching football?
BBC ITV Sky Setanta Another

Q10. Which other English club do you dislike the most?
Please select... Email address - Census

Previous London Football Fan Census Results for QPR
- 2008 London Football Fan Census Findings: QPR
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Also Another Census: English Club Football Fan Survey
- This study in being conducted in partnership with the University of Teeside.
Please tell us a little bit about the relationship you have with your English football club. Many thanks for your support The FFC Team Continue » _ Go to fill in: "English Club Football Fan Survey"

Posted Yesterday: Barnet Want Jake Cole and the Problem With QPR "It's a difficult one at QPR, you never know if to go through the manager or the chairman"

Eurosport - Bees optimistic of Cole deal
- Barnet are hopeful of signing QPR goalkeeper Jake Cole following a successful loan spell with the club.
- The 23-year-old made 10 appearances for the Bees at the end of the recent League Two campaign as manager Ian Hendon looked for a permanent replacement for club stalwart Lee Harrison who is serving as his assistant.
- And Harrison admits that the club are aiming to bring Cole back to Underhill, with Hendon already entering negotiations with the player.
- "It's a difficult one at QPR, you never know if to go through the manager or the chairman," he told PA Sport. "Jake Cole is definitely one of the ones we'll be looking at.
- "Ian has already spoken to him and his agent about coming here. He's played 10 games here already and it's not so hard to introduce him to the squad.
"He did ever so well during that time but he's got to sort out the financial side and whether he's happy to come here
." Report

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