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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New QPR Message Board - QPR Report Messageboard

QPR Report Message Board

After several years of QPR Report, a sister QPR Report Message Board was "launched" this week. For those interested, the board can be viewed at QPR Report Messageboard.

The sole focus of the QPR Report Messageboard is QPR matters, on and off the field; present and past; as well as possibly a limited focus on broader Football ("soccer!") concerns. Nothing else.

QPR Report Messageboard is open to all QPR supporters. Its operating premise is that supporting QPR is what we all have in common and is the reason for why people are on the board. There is no "official" message board perspective regarding QPR matters. Critics, skeptics, defenders, and boosters; and everyone in between, are all very welcome to participate. It is anticipated - or at least hoped - that this will be a forum bereft of ad-hominem attacks and slurs; where other peoples' perspectives will be tolerated, if not always agreed with; and where people actually live out the well-worn cliche: "To disagree without being disagreeable."

- QPR Report Message Board.

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