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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Football Fan Census of Fans in Present Economic Climate

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The Football Fan Census

- The Football Fan Census has a short questionaire. Can be answered here

- If interested, feel free to also (but not instead!) post your answers on the the QPR Report Messageboard Census Question thread

Football Fan Census - Fans/Economic Climate

The survey is just 5 questions long. To participate you have to be registered with the FFC which, if you haven't done previously, you can do at the end of this survey and register the team you support.

Q1. Which of the following football merchandise do you plan to sacrifice (i.e. not purchase where you would normally do so) in the coming six months because of increasing living costs? (tick any that apply)

Replica shirt
Kids' replica kit (incl strip, shorts and socks)
Training jackets and/or trousers
Hat / cap
General branded household goods (e.g. towels, mugs, duvet, posters etc)
Club credit card
None of the above
I don't intend to sacrifice spending on club merchandise

If there are any other items that you would like to mention then please do so below:

Q2. How many fewer AWAY matches do you intend to travel to next season?

Non applicable, I don't go to away matches
I will stop completely
Less than 5 fewer
Between 5 and 10 fewer
Between 11 and 15 fewer
Between 16 and 20 fewer
I won't stop travelling to any away matches next season

Q3. How often would you buy ADDITIONAL matchday tickets if the price of the ticket was linked to the result? e.g. you pay more for your ticket upfront but get a full refund if your team loses.

Very often (10+ games a season)
Often (6-10 games a season)
Sometimes (3-5 games a season)
Rarely (1 or 2 games a season)

Q4. Do you think that footballers should take a wage cut given the current economic climate?

No, but wage caps are a good idea
No, footballers are free to earn as much as they can

Q5. If you would like to make any further comment please do so below:

Football Fan Census Question

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