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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rodney Marsh Remembers His QPR Debut...Ephraim Flourishing

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Rodney Marsh QPR Debut
As noted earlier today on QPR Report: Forty-Three years ago today, March 19, 1966,Rodney Marsh began his QPR Career.
- Just signed from Fulham, Marsh made his debut away to Peterborough. Drew 1-1 and didn't score.The team for Marsh's debut: Peter Springett -Langley, Hunt Sibley Watson - Lazarus, Keen, Roger Morgan, Allen, Collins Marsh.
- In response to a (QPR Report) query today on his blog about whether he remembered his debut, Rodney Marsh responded:
- "Remember it very well. I was useless! QPR were in the third division and it was my first game outside of the top league. As a twenty one year old it took me time to adjust!"
[Looking back, don't think it took Marsh very long at all to adjust and to flourish!]

BBC - Ephraim not getting carried away
-Ephraim joined QPR from West Ham in January last year
Hogan Ephraim has vowed to keep his feet on the ground after Paulo Sousa tipped him for international honours.
The QPR forward, who qualifies to play for England, Nigeria and the Republic of Ireland, was praised by coach Sousa after his team's win against Swansea.
Ephraim, 20, said: "It makes me very proud that he said that.
"But I won't let it go to my head, because I know if I have a bad game on Saturday he'll be the first one telling me how bad I was."
Ephraim has spent much of his Rangers career so far as a winger, but has mostly played through the middle under Sousa.
“He isn’t a winger. For me he has played in the middle and this is his role," Sousa insisted.
"Hogan can play fantastically there and he is a player for the national team in my opinion.
“He has made a lot of progress in the last month and I don’t have a doubt he is a player who can progress a lot more. He can be a much better player than he is at this moment.”
Ephraim added: “It’s nice to hear that and I do appreciate it, but I’ve just got to keep performing and see what happens.
"For him (Sousa) to say that about me is really nice because the man has played the game at the very highest level and with him in charge I feel I can only flourish.
“The manager feels I play best through the middle and I’ve put in some good performances so I’m happy there, although I’ll play anywhere if I’m performing.” BBC

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