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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Joint QPR Fan Groups Protest Supposedly Planned

As posted: According to another board poster this is the collective initiative of the combination of QPR fan groups and QPR websites as "One QPR"

***Agreed Protest***
From QPR 1st

Following discussion between representatives of the main fans groups, organisations and messageboards within the QPR Community, it has been agreed that we should call for ten minutes silence at the start of the Derby match.
This Silence will be symbolic of where our club is heading if fans continue to be priced out. At the end of the ten minute silence, we urge everyone to get behind our team at full volume, again to demonstrate the difference between a full stadium and an empty one.
Should QPR score in that 10-minute period, all fans will be encouraged to celebrate per normal but we hope they will return to silence after play commences for the rest of the ten minutes.
This is not a protest against our Board of Directors and certainly not against our squad but against a policy which we believe is misguided and harmful to our Club and its reputation.
We will be meeting with Ali Russell on Tuesday in the hope that common sense will prevail and this protest will be unnecessary. Nevertheless if he continues to refuse to offer any concessions or guarantees on behalf of the Board then the protest will continue as planned.
We would ask all fans to join in this protest and hopefully encourage a r on a policy which will eventually ensure that for the majority of the exisiting fan base going to matches becomes a luxury that we and our families can no longer afford.

Follow up from QPR1st The production of leaflets will be at personal expense although I will discuss with the rest of the trust management team whether the trust will donate from its own 'rainy day' fund. (You will remember this was discussed at our AGM)
We will require a team of volunteers to give out the leaflets. Please let us know if you can help out by contacting any of the main supporters groups.
Only one representative from each supporters group have been invited to attend the meeting on Tuesday. The trust will of course report back on the meeting as I am sure other groups will.
As chairman of the supporters trust, please forgive me for keep refering to QPR1st but please also appreciate this protest is not just about QPR1st but is also supported by the LSA, the OSC, Indys, WATRBs to name but some of the groups who are involved." [As posted on WeAreTheRangersBoys]

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