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Saturday, September 27, 2008

"One QPR" Statement re Price Increases


[One QPR is made up of, QPR LSA, QPR Official Supporters club, QPR 1st, Friends of QPR, Indy R’s.]

We are delighted by the football of the Superhoops so far this season. The victory over Villa on Wednesday was our best performance for years. We welcome the investment into the club, which has brought us exciting football and the hope of a return to the top tier of English football. However, we want all of our fan base to enjoy this success and not to be priced out of Loftus Road.

Price increases in the Loft were only withdrawn after opposition by Derby County and their fans, and the united action of QPR fans groups, with the aid of the Football Supporters’ Association. The Football League told QPR to honour its charter with away fans and to restore prices in the 'away end ' to their original levels. The club could have kept the prices in the Loft at the increased level, but pressure from fans and the coverage in the media thankfully persuaded the board to put prices in the Loft back to their original level. However, increases for other areas of the ground were not withdrawn, we demand that these too be restored to their original levels.

We want Loftus Road to be full every game and a return of the famous Rangers Roar. Let us make our ground a fortress. But to do this we need to fill the ground with fans, not price out our loyal fan base.

The club at our meeting with them on the 23 September, listened to our views and the views of the fans and promised to take those views back to the Board. We urge the board to now withdraw all price increases and match banding.

Printed and published by ONE QPR.
One QPR is made up of, QPR LSA, QPR Official Supporters club, QPR 1st, Friends of QPR, Indy R’s.

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